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Allegorical tale of the Saint-Exupery with the author’s images. Winged phrases and wisdom of the Little Prince are highlighted in color in the text.

Fairy Tale Little Prince to read


I’m asking for an adult. In excuse, this adult is my best friend. And yet: he understands everything, even children’s books. Finally, hungry and cold. And he really needs consolation. I will dedicate it to my boyfriend. After all, all adults remember this. So, I correct the dedication:

LEONU VERTU when he was small

I once saw an amazing picture. In the picture of a huge snake – a boa – swallowed a predatory beast. Here is how it was drawn:

The book said: Boa swallows his victim entirely, without chewing. After that, he can no longer move for six months in a row until he digests the food.

I thought a lot about the adventures of life and the jungle. This was my drawing number 1. That’s what I drew:

I was scary.

– Is the hat terrible? – objected to me. And it was not a hat at all. It was a boa who swallowed an elephant. Then I drew a clearer for adults. They always need to explain everything. Here is my drawing number 2:

Advice advised I abandoned it. Having failed with Figures 1 and 2, I lost faith in myself. It is very difficult to endlessly explain it.

So, I had to choose another profession, and I learned to be a pilot. I circled almost the whole world. And geography, in truth, was very useful to me. I knew how to distinguish China from Arizona at first sight. This is very useful if you go astray at night.

In my lifetime I have met many different serious people. I lived for a long time among adults. I saw them very close. I thought I thought better of them.

When I met him, I could not get it. I really understands something. But they all answered me: This is a hat. And I didn’t talk about boas, jungles, or stars. I applied to their concepts. I’m talking about And the adults were very pleased that they met such a sensible person.

So I lived alone. And six years ago Sahara. Something broke in the engine of my plane. I decided to fix everything myself, even though it was very difficult. I had to fix the motor or die. I would hardly have enough water for a week.

So, on the first night, I fell asleep on the sand in the desert, where there was no shelter. The man, shipwrecked and lost on the middle of the ocean, Imagine my surprise when I was awakened by someone’s thin voice. He said:

– You are welcome. draw me a lamb!

– Draw me a lamb.

I jumped up, struck me just as thunder. Wipe eyes. Began to look around. And I see – there is an extraordinary kid and seriously examines me.

Here I am the best portrait of him, which I managed to draw. But in my drawing, he really was. It’s not my fault. It was not a dream.

So, I looked into this extraordinary phenomenon. Remember, habitation. In the meantime, it’s not worth it. It was impossible to see the desert, far from any habitation.

Finally, speechless returned to me, and I asked:

– But. what are you doing here?

And again he asked quietly and very seriously:

– You are welcome. draw me a lamb.

I didn’t dare to refuse. I thought I’m still in the wilderness of my death. But I couldn’t remember that I couldn’t draw. He replied:

– Does not matter. Draw a lamb.

I’ve been drawing on it outside. And he was very amazed when the baby exclaimed:

– No no! I don’t need an elephant in a boa! Boa is too dangerous, and the elephant is too big. My home is very small. I need a lamb. Draw a lamb.

He carefully looked at my drawing and said:

– No, this lamb is already quite frail. Draw another.

My new friend smiled gently, indulgently.

– You yourself see, "he said," this is not a lamb. This is a big ram. He has horns.

I again painted differently.

But he also refused this picture.

– This one is too old. I need such a lamb to live long.

Then I lost patience – after all

And he said to the kid:

– Here is your box. And in it sits your lamb.

But he was surprised:

– This is what I need! Do you think he eats a lot of grass?

– After all, I have very little at home.

– Enough for him. I give you a very little lamb.

– Not so little. – He said tilting his head and looking at the picture. – Check this out! My lamb fell asleep.

So I met the Little Prince.

Not soon I understood where he came from. I asked for something to ask. Only a little, from random, from the way of dropped words, everything opened up to me. So, when he first saw my plane (I won’t draw a plane, I still can’t handle it), he asked:

– What is this thing?

– This is not a thing. This is a plane. My plane. He is flying.

And I am proudly explained that I can fly. Then the baby exclaimed:

– How! Did you fall from the sky?

– Yes, I replied modestly.

And that little prince laughed loudly, so that annoyed me. Then he added:

– So you came from heaven too. And from what planet?

– Here is the solution to your mysterious appearance here in the desert! – I thought and asked straight away:

– So you got here from another planet?

But he did not answer. He shook his head quietly, looking at the plane.

– Well, you couldn’t fly from far away.

And for a long time I thought about something. Then he took a lamb from his pocket and plunged into this contemplation of this treasure.

You can imagine how much your curiosity flared up. And I tried to find out more:

– Where did you come from, baby? Where is your house? Where do you want to carry a lamb?

He paused in thought, then said:

– It is very good that you can sleep there at night.

– Well, of course. I love you in the afternoon. And a peg.

The little prince frowned.

– Tie? What is this for?

– But after all, if you get to get lost.

Then my friend laughed again merrily:

– But where will he go?

– Who knows where? Everything is straight, straight, wherever they look.

Then the little prince said he said:

– This is nothing, because I have very little space there.

And added not without sadness:

– If you go all right and straight, you will not go far.

So I made another important discovery:

However, this did not surprise me too much. It was clear that there was a lot of it. When an astronomer discovers such a planet, he gives it a number, but just a number. For example, asteroid 3251.

The asteroid B-612 is called asteroid. This asteroid was seen in a telescope only once, in 1909, by a Turkish astronomer.

The astronomer then reported on his astronomical congress. He was dressed in Turkish. Oh, such a people, these adults!

It was a futurous tale. In 1920, the astronomer again reported on his discovery. He agreed to him.

Because of adults. Adults love numbers. You will never ask about the most important thing. They will never say: What is his voice? What games does he like to play? Does he catch butterflies? They ask: How old is he? How many brothers does he have? How much does he weigh? How much does his father earn? And after that they imagine that they have recognized the person. When they say they’re a bit like a house of pink bricks, they’re you can’t imagine this house. They want to say: What a beauty!

Similarly, if they were told: “The Little Prince” was actually existed, and he wanted to have a lamb. If you were a foolish infant. But if you tell them you are not going to bother you? So these people are adults. Do not be angry with them. Children must be very indulgent towards adults.

But we can understand what life is, of course, we laugh at numbers and numbers! I would have been willingly begun this story as a fairy tale. I would like to start like this:

Once upon a time there was a little prince. He really lacked a friend. This is a lot more like the truth.

For I don’t want to read just for fun. It is a heartbeat. For the past six years And I try to tell him in order not to forget him. It is very sad when friends are forgotten. Not everyone had a friend. I’m not interested in numbers, but are not interested. Also because I bought a pencil box. It is not so easy to do it again and again! Of course, I try to convey the similarity as best I can. But I’m not sure. One portrait goes well. For example, it is a small pattern for me, the pattern is a small pattern. And I don’t remember what color his clothes were. I try to draw this way and that, at random, with a sin in half. Finally, I may be mistaken in some important details. But you don’t ask much. My friend never explained anything to me. Maybe he thought I was the same as him. But I, unfortunately, do not have a lamb through the walls of the box. Maybe I’m a bit like adults. I guess I’m getting old.

Every day I learned something about his planet. It came to the word. So, on the third day I learned about the tragedy with the baobabs.

This, too, came from behind the lamb. He asked for some doubts, and he asked:

– Tell me, is it true that sheep eat bushes?

I eat it bushes. But the Little Prince added: “So, do they have a baobabs?”

I objected that it would be a lot of trees, but it would be a lot of trees.

Hearing about elephants, the Little Prince laughed:

– They would put on each other.

And then he said judiciously:

– Baobabs at first, until they grow up, are quite small.

– It’s right. But why does your lamb have little baobabs?

– But how! – He was exclaimed, as if it were the most simple, elementary truths.

And I had to break my head.

Herbs are useful and harmful. It means that there are good seeds, good herbs and harmful seeds. But the seeds are invisible. They sleep deep underground until one of them thinks of waking up. Then it sprouts; he cracks down and stretches to the sun, at first so sweet, harmless. If it is a radish or a rosebush, let it grow on health. But if you recognize it as soon as you recognize it. There are terrible, harmful seeds. These are baobab seeds. Them. And if the baobab is not recognized on time, then you will not get rid of it. He takes possession of the planet. Its roots. And there are many baobabs,

– There is such a hard rule. – I got up, I cleaned myself in the morning, I put up my hair in the order. You should definitely not be aware of the rose bushes: the young sprouts are almost the same. This is a very boring job.

One day he advised me to understand our well.

– It will be useful to them. There can be no harm. You can’t be avoided. I knew one planet, a bummer lived on it. He did not cut three bushes in time.

I drew this planet. I hate reading morals to people. If you’re hit I am restraint. Children! – I say. – Watch out for baobabs! It was never suspected before. It is why I worked so I spent it. Perhaps you ask: The answer is very simple: I tried, but nothing came of it. And it was terribly important and urgent.

O Little Prince! I also understood how you monotonous your life was. For one long time you had only one entertainment – you admired the sunset. When you said:

– I love sunset. Let’s go see how the sun sets.

– Well, have to wait.

– To the sun went down.

Loughed at yourself and said:

– Everything seems to me at home!

And in fact. The sun is setting in France. One could admire the sunset. Unfortunately, France is very, very far away. The chair is a few steps. You just had to want it.

– Once I saw the sunset forty-three times in one day!

And after a while you added:

– You know. when it is very sad, the sun goes down.

– So you saw forty-three sunsets, you were very sad?

But the little prince did not answer.

On the fifth day, I learned again the secret of the Little Prince. He asked unexpectedly, without prefaces

– If a lamb eats bushes, does it eat flowers?

– He eats everything he gets.

– Even those flowers that have thorns?

– Yes, and those with spikes.

– Then why spikes?

I did not know that. I tried to unscrew it. I was uneasy, I was uneasy.

– Why do we need thorns?

But he didn’t have to receive his answer. An unyielding bolt put me out of patience, and I answered at random:

– Just for anger.

There was silence. Then he said:

– I do not believe you! The flowers are weak. And the innocent. And they try to give themselves courage. They think: if they have thorns, they are all afraid.

I did not answer. At that moment, it’s not a good idea even now. The little prince interrupted my thoughts again:

– And you think the flowers.

– No! I think nothing! I answered you the first thing that came to mind. You see, I’m busy with a serious business.

He looked at me in amazement.

He kept looking at me for a while.

– You say like adults! – he said.

I felt ashamed. And he ruthlessly added:

– You are all confused. don’t understand anything!

Yes, he was seriously angry. He shook his head, and the wind ruffled his golden hair.

– I know one planet, there is a gentleman with a purple face. He has never sniffed a flower in his whole life. I never looked at the star. He never loved anyone. And never did anything. He is busy with only one thing: he adds numbers. I am a serious man! I am a serious man! – just like you. And it swells up with pride. But in fact he is not a man. He is a mushroom.

The little prince turned pale with anger.

– Millions of years flowers have thorns. For millions of years, lambs still eat flowers. If you are trying to make it up, why not? Doesn’t it really matter? What is a gentleman with a purple face? If I’m not on my own, I’m not sure what it’s all about. Think you are not important

He blushed deeply. Then he spoke again.

– There are no lines of water and you are happy. And you say to yourself: But if you’ve gone out at once! And this, in your opinion, is not important!

He could no longer speak. He suddenly burst into tears. It got dark. I quit my job. I forgot to think about the bolt and the hammer, about thirst and death. There was a crying on the planet. I took it. I told him: The flower that you love, nothing threatens. I’ll draw your muzzle muzzle. I’ll draw armor for your flower. I. I don’t know what to tell him. I felt awkward and awkward. Escaping me. After all, she is so mysterious and uncharted, this country of tears.

Very soon I recognized this flower better. It has always been a lot of petals. They opened up in the evening. It was not necessary to take a look at the sprouts. Suddenly is this some kind of new baobab? But the bush quickly stopped reaching high, and a bud appeared on it. The little prince had never seen such a premonition. It was preening. She carefully picked up the paint. She dressed up slowly, one after another. She didn’t want to come in, like some poppy. She wanted to appear in all the splendor of her beauty. Yes, it was a terrible flirt! Mysterious preparations lasted day after day. Then the petals opened.

And the beauty, who put so much work, preparing for this minute, said, yawning:

– Oh, I woke to the violence. I beg your pardon. I’m still completely disheveled.

The little prince couldn’t help delight:

– How beautiful you are!

– Yes true? – there was a quiet answer. “And notice, I was born with the sun.”

It’s a little bit different, of course, it’s not true that you’ve seen a breath away!

And she soon noticed:

– It seems it’s time to have breakfast. Take care of me.

The little prince was very embarrassed, found the water with spring water.

It was completely exhausted. She had four thorns, and once she told him:

– Let the tigers come, I’m not afraid of their claws!

– “There are no tigers on my planet,” retorted the Little Prince. – And then, tigers do not eat grass.

– “I am not grass,” the flower is quietly remarked.

– No, tigers are not terrible to me, but I am terribly afraid of drafts. You do not have a screen?

– The plant, and is afraid of drafts. very strange. – thought the little prince. – What is a difficult character this flower has.

– When evening comes, cover me with a cap. It’s too cold here. Very uncomfortable planet. Where I come from.

She did not finish. After all, it was still a grain. She could not know anything about other worlds. It is easy to catch you! It was embarrassed, then it could be guilty before her:

– I wanted to listen to you!

Then she coughed harder: let him torture his conscience!

But he was glad to serve you, but he soon arose in his heart. It wasn’t been unhappy.

– In vain I listened to her, – he trustingly told me once. -. Breathe their scent. I could not rejoice in it. This talk of claws and tigers. They should have moved me, and I got angry.

And he admitted:

– I did not understand anything then! It was necessary to judge not by words, but by deeds. She gave me her fragrance, illuminated my life. I should not have run. For these pitiful tricks and tricks Flowers are so inconsistent! But I was too young, I still didn’t know how to love.

As I understood it, he decided to travel with migratory birds.

On the last morning, he tidied up his planet more diligently. He carefully cleaned the active volcanoes. He had two active volcanoes. Breakfast in the morning. In addition, he had another extinct volcano. But, he said, anything can be happen! Therefore, he cleared and extinct volcano, too. When you carefully clean the volcanoes, they burn evenly and quietly, without any eruptions. A volcanic eruption is like a fire in a chimney when soot ignites there. Of course, we, people on Earth, are too small and can not clean our volcanoes. That is why they give us so much trouble.

Then the little prince, not the sadness, tore out the last shoots of baobabs. He thought he would never return. He was extraordinary pleasure. It is a flower that has been going to cover it.

– Goodbye, he said.

Belle did not answer.

– Goodbye, repeated the little prince.

She coughed. But not from a cold.

– I was stupid, she finally said. – Forgive me. And try to be happy.

And not a word of reproach. The little prince was very surprised. He froze, confused, with a glass cap in his hands. Where does this quiet tenderness come from?

– Yes, yes, I love you, he heard. “My fault you didn’t know that.” Yes, it does not matter. But you were as stupid as me. Try to be happy. Leave the cap, I don’t need it anymore.

– I’m not so cold. Night freshness will do me good. After all, I – a flower.

– But animals, insects.

– Should I endure two or three caterpillars, if I want to get acquainted with butterflies. They are probably pretty. And then who will visit me? You will be far away. And I am not afraid of big animals. I also have claws.

And she showed her four spikes in her mind. Then she added:

– Do not pull it, it is unbearable! I decided to leave – so go.

She didn’t want to see her cry. It was a very proud flower.

Asteroids 325, 326, 327, 328, 329 and 330 were the closest to the planet of Little Prince. He decided to visit him.

On the first asteroid lived the king. Dressed in a purple and ermine, he sat on a throne, very simple and yet majestic.

– Ah, here is the subject! exclaimed the king, seeing the Little Prince.

– How did he recognize me? – thought the little prince. – After all, he sees me for the first time!

He didn’t know what he thought about.

– He would be terribly proud.

But he didn’t feel like he could sit down somewhere, but he didn’t really want to see the planet. I had to stand, and he was so tired. And suddenly he yawned.

– Etiquette doesn’t allow yawning in the presence of the monarch, said the king. – I forbid you to yawn.

– I am unintentionally, – replied the Little Prince, very embarrassed. – i’m not sleeping at all.

– Well, then, I command you to yawn, ”said the king. – For many years I have not seen anyone yawn. I’m curious about it. So yawn! That is my order.

– But I’m shy. I can not do it anymore. said the little prince, and blushed deeply.

– Um, um. Then. then I command you to yawn, then.

The king is confused and seems even angry.

Indeed, it’s unquestioning. Disobedience, he would not have tolerated. It was an absolute monarch. But he was very kind

– If I’m guilty

– Can I sit down? – timidly asked the little prince.

– I command: sit down! – answered the king and majestically picked up one floor of his ermine mantle.

But the little prince was perplexed. The planet is so tiny. Where is the reign?

– Your Majesty, let me ask you.

– I command: ask! – Hastily said the king.

– Your majesty. Where is your kingdom?

– Everywhere – just answered the king.

The king led his hand, pointing modestly to his planet, as well as the planets and stars.

– And all this is yours? said the Little Prince.

– Yes, the king replied.

It is a sovereign monarch.

– And the stars obey you? – asked the little prince.

– Of course, the king is replied. – Stars obey instantly. I do not tolerate disobedience.

The little prince was delighted. I wish he had such power! He didn’t really admire the sunset before the day! Then he was asked again, remembering his abandoned planet, and, picking up courage,

– I want to look at the sunset. Please do mercy, command the sun to set.

– If I order, I’m not sure, I’m not going to

– You, Your Majesty, The Little Prince answered without a moment’s hesitation.

– That’s right, the king confirmed. – From each one must ask what he can give. Power, above all, should be reasonable. If you lead people to throw themselves into the sea, they will make a revolution. I have the right to demand obedience, because my decrees are reasonable.

– What about the sunset? – recalled the little prince:

– It will be your sunset. I will demand that the sun go down. This is a wisdom of the ruler.

– And when will the conditions be favorable? – inquired the little prince.

– Hm, hm, – answered the king, thumbing through a thick calendar. – It will be. um um today forty minutes in the evening. It will be fulfilled.

The little prince yawned. It is a pity when you want it! And, in truth, he was already bored.

– I have to go, he said to the king. – I have nothing to do here.

– Stay! – he said he wanted to be with him. – Stay, I will appoint you Minister.

– But there is no one here to judge!

– Who knows, the king objected. “I haven’t seen all of my kingdom yet.” I’m very old, I’m not old.

The little prince leaned over the planet.

– But I already looked! he exclaimed. – There is no one there either.

– Then judge yourself, said the king. – This is the hardest. It is much harder to judge yourself than others. If you can judge yourself correctly, then you are truly wise.

– I can judge myself anywhere, the Little Prince said. “There’s no reason for me to stay with you.”

– Um, um. said the king. “It seems to me that my life is on my planet.” I can hear her scrubbing at night. You could judge this old rat. From death to death. Her life will depend on you. But then it will be necessary to pardon her. She is one of us.

– “I don’t like to make death sentences,” said the Little Prince. – In general, I have to go.

– No, it’s not time, the king is objected.

I like it up.

– If it was carried out implicitly, "he said, you could give me a prudent command. ”For example, the command line for a single minute. It seems to be the most favorable.

He didn’t answer, he sighed and set off.

– I appoint you as ambassador! – Hastily shouted after him the king.

If you want to find out what you’re looking for.

– Strange people, these adults, continuing to his way.

An ambitious man lived on the second planet.

– Oh, here comes the admirer! – He is exclaimed, even from a distance seeing the Little Prince.

After all, conceited people imagine that everyone admires them.

– Good afternoon, said the little prince. – What is your funny hat.

– This is to bow out, – explained the ambitious. – To bow out when they greet me. Unfortunately, no one looks in here.

– Is that so? – said the Little Prince: he didn’t understand anything.

– Clap your hands, ”the ambitious told him.

The little prince clapped his hands. The ambitious man raised his hat and modestly bowed.

– Thought the little prince. And he began to clap again. And his ambitious man.

The little prince was bored.

– And what should be done? – he asked.

But the ambitious did not hear. Vain people are deaf to everything except praise.

– Are you really my enthusiastic admirer? he asked the little prince.

– And how is it to read?

– I am more beautiful.

– Why, there is no one else on your planet!

– Well, give me pleasure, still admire me!

– “I admire,” he said, “With the slight shrug of his shoulders,”

And he escaped from the ambitious.

– Indeed, adults are starting off.

On the next planet there was a drunkard. The little prince stayed with him for a short time, but after that he became very unhappy.

When it comes to this planet

– What are you doing? – asked the little prince.

– I drink, the drunk darkly answered.

– What to forget? – asked the little prince. He felt sorry for the drunkard.

– I want to forget that I am ashamed – confessed drunkard and hung his head.

– Why are you ashamed? – asked the little prince. Help the poor fellow.

– It is a shame to drink! can be achieved from him.

And the little prince went on, confused and bewildered.

– Yes, really, adults, he thought, continuing to his way.

The fourth planet belonged to a business man. He didn’t even raise his head.

– Good day, the Little Prince told him. – Your cigarette has gone out.

– Three yes two – five. Five and seven – twelve. Twelve and three – fifteen. Good day. Fifteen and seven – twenty two. Twenty-two, six – twenty-eight. Once a match strike. Twenty-six and five – thirty-one. Phew! So, therefore, five hundred and one hundred six hundred and twenty-two thousand seven hundred and thirty-one.

– Five hundred million of what?

– BUT? Are you still here? Five hundred million. I do not know what. I have so much work! I am a serious man, I do not mind talking! Two and five – seven.

– Five hundred million of what? – repeated the little prince:

Business man raised his head.

– For fifty-four years, I have been disturbed only for three times. For the first time, twenty-two years ago, He made a terrible noise, and I then made four mistakes in addition. The second time, eleven years ago, I had an attack of rheumatism. From a sedentary lifestyle. I have no time to walk around. I am a serious man. Third time. here he is! So, therefore, five hundred million.

The business man understood that he had to answer for him.

– Five hundred million of these little things that are sometimes visible in the air.

– This is what, flies?

– No, so small, shiny.

– No. You can look at them, and dream. And I’m a serious man. I have no time to dream.

– Five hundred million stars? What are you doing?

– Five hundred one million six hundred twenty-two thousand seven hundred thirty-one. I am a serious person, I love accuracy.

– What are you doing with all these stars?

– I do nothing. I own them.

– But I have already seen the king who.

– Kings do not own anything. They only reign. This is not the same thing.

– And why do you own the stars?

– To be rich.

– And why be rich?

– To buy more new stars, if someone opens them.

– He thinks, almost like that drunkard, the Little Prince thought.

And he began to ask further:

– And how can you own the stars?

– Stars whose? the businessman asked gruffly.

– So, my, because I first thought of this.

– Is that enough?

– Well, of course. If you find a diamond, it means that it is yours. If you find the island, it is yours. It’s yours. I had my own thoughts, I thought I had to take possession of them.

– “That’s right,” said the little prince. – What are you doing with them?

– Dispose of them, – answered businessman. – I count them and recount. It is very difficult. But I’m a serious man.

However, this little prince was not enough.

– “If I have a silk scarf, I’m there,” he said. – If I have a flower, I can pick it up and take it with me. And you can’t take the stars!

– No, but I can put them in the bank.

– How many stars I have. Then I’m putting it on.

– Funny – thought the little prince. – And even poetic. But not so serious.

It is understood that the Little Prince is understood.

– I have a flower, "he said," and I water it every morning. ”I have three volcanoes, I clean them every week. All three I clean, and extinct too. Anything can happen. I love them. And the stars have no use for you.

But he couldn’t find the answer.

– No, adults are truly amazing, continuing to his way.

The fifth planet was very entertaining. She was the least. It only fit that lantern and lamplighter.

There is no need to understand. But he thought:

Maybe this man is ridiculous. But he is not a ridiculous man, an ambitious man, a businessman and a drunkard. His work still has a point. When he lights up his star or flower And when he ends up falling down asleep. Great job. This is really useful.

He respectfully bowed to the lamplighter.

– Good afternoon, he said. “Why are you putting out the flashlight now?”

– Such a persuasion, answered the lamplighter. – Good day.

– And what is this persuasion?

– Extinguish the lantern. Good evening.

And he again lit up the lantern.

– Why did you light it again?

– Such an agreement, ”repeated the lamplighter.

– I do not understand, – admitted the Little Prince.

– And there is nothing to understand, said the lamplighter. – Persuasion is persuasion. Good day.

And put out the lantern.

Then a red checkered wrinkled sweater from his forehead and said:

– I have a craft. Once it made sense. I put it out again. I had a day to rest, and a night to sleep.

– And then the persuasion changed?

– The persuasion didn’t change, said the lamplighter. – That’s the trouble! My planet rotates remains the same.

– And how now? – asked the little prince.

– Yes, that’s it. I do not have a second respite. Every minute I turn off the flashlight.

– That’s funny! So you have a day lasting just one minute!

– There is nothing amusing here, – said the lamplighter. – We have been talking for a month already.

– Well yes. Thirty minutes. Thirty days. Good evening!

And he again lit the lantern.

He is more prince looked at the lamplighter, and he increasingly liked it. Once again he looked at the sunset. And he wanted to help a friend.

– Listen, he said to the lamplighter. – I know what you want.

– I always want to rest, – said the lamplighter.

After all, you can still be lazy.

– Your planet is so tiny, “The Little Prince Continued,“ You can walk around it in three steps. And you just need to go to the sun all the time. When you want to rest, you just go. And it will be your day.

– Well, the lamplighter. – Most of all I love to sleep.

– Then bad is your business, the little prince is sympathized.

– Bad is my business, – confirmed the lamplighter. – Good day.

And put out the lantern.

Here is a man, the boy, the boy, the man, the drunkard, and the businessman. In my opinion, it is not funny. Maybe because he thinks not only about himself.

The little prince sighed.

I thought I could make friends with someone else, he thought again. – But his planet is very tiny. There is no room for two.

He didn’t regretted this wonderful planet.

The sixth planet was ten times larger than the previous one. Thick books.

– Look! Here comes the traveler! he exclaimed, noticing the little prince.

The little prince He already traveled so much!

– Where are you from? – asked the old man.

– What is this huge book? – asked the little prince. – What are you doing here?

– I am a geographer, – the old man answered.

– What is a geographer?

– This is a scientist who knows where the mountains, rivers, cities and cities are located.

– How interesting! said the little prince. – This is the real deal!

And he looked at the planet geographer. Never before has he seen such a magnificent planet.

– Your planet is very beautiful, ”he said. – Do you have oceans?

– I do not know that, said the geographer.

– Oh oh – disappointedly handed the Little Prince. – Are there mountains?

– I do not know, – repeated the geographer.

– And cities, rivers, deserts?

– And I don’t know that either.

– But you are a geographer!

– “Exactly,” said the old man. – I am a geographer, not a traveler. I am terribly short of travelers. After all, not geographers county, cities, rivers, mountains, seas, oceans and deserts. A geographer is an important person; he has no time to walk around. He does not leave his office. He has received his stories. It is a decent person.

– Why, if the traveler begins to lie, everything in the geography textbooks is messed up. And if he drinks too much – also trouble.

– Because drunkards have double eyes. And where there is actually one mountain, the geographer will mark two.

– I knew one person. A bad traveler would have come out of him, said the Little Prince.

– Very possible. So, if he turns out to be a person, then check his discovery.

– How to check? Go and watch?

– Well no. It is too complicated. Just keep the traveler to submit evidence. For example, if you bring large stones from it.

The geographer suddenly became agitated:

– But you are a traveler himself! You came from afar! Tell me about your planet!

And he opened a book. Travelers’ stories are first written in pencil. After you traveled, you can write his story in ink.

– I am listening to you, – said the geographer.

– “Well, I’m not so interested there,” said the little prince. – I have everything very small. There are three volcanoes. Two act, and one has long gone out. But you never know what can happen.

– Yes, anything can happen, – confirmed the geographer.

– Then, I have a flower.

– Flowers we do not celebrate – said the geographer.

– Why ?! This is the most beautiful!

– Because the flowers are ephemeral.

– How is it ephemeral?

– Books on the geography of the geographer explained. – They never become obsolete. After all, it’s a very rare case. Or that the ocean is dry. We write about things eternal and unchanging.

– But an extinct volcano can wake up, ”the Little Prince interrupted. – What is ephemeral?

– The volcano or action – it doesn’t matter to us geographers, the geographer said. – One thing is important: the mountain. It does not change.

– And what is ephemeral? – he didn’t have to answer, but he didn’t have to,

– This means that

– And my flower should disappear soon?

It has been four thorns. And I threw it on my planet!

This is the first time he regretted the abandoned flower. But courage immediately returned to him.

– Where do you advise me to go? – He asked a geographer.

– Visit planet Earth, – answered the geographer. – She has a good reputation.

But the little prince was set off.

So, the seventh planet was visited. Earth – not an easy planet! It numbers one hundred and eleven kings (including, of course, the Negroes), seven thousand geographers, nine hundred thousand businessmen, seven million drunkards, three hundred million people — a total of two billion adults.

It will be a clear idea that it can be used to make it. eleven people.

If you are looking out. The most precise rhythm, just like in ballet.

The first were the lantern lamp drivers in New Zealand and Australia. Having their lights on, they went to bed. Behind them. Having performed their dance, they also hid behind the scenes. Then came the lamplighters in Russia and in India. Then – in Africa and Europe. Then in South America. Then in North America. It is a dream. Yes it was brilliant.

It is a lamplighter who has been given the cares of the North Pole, and it has been

Sometimes you will inevitably privresh. Talking about the lamps, I have somewhat sinned against the truth. I’m not afraid of it. People do not occupy much space on Earth. If you’re a little bit long, you’re a lot of people. I love you can make it in the Pacific Ocean.

Adults, of course, will not believe you. They imagine that they take up a lot of space. They seem to themselves as majestic as baobabs. And make an exact calculation. They will like it, because they love numbers. You do not waste time on this arithmetic. This is no good. You already believe me.

So, once upon a time He even thought that he had flown. The moon ray stirred.

– Good evening, whats up.

– Good evening, ”replied the snake.

– What planet did i get on?

– To Earth, said the serpent. – To Africa.

– Here is how. Is there no people on Earth?

– This is a desert. In the deserts no one lives. But the earth is big.

Looking up to the sky.

– I thought so thoughtfully. – Probably, then you can find your own again. Look, here is my planet – right above us. But how far it is!

– Beautiful planet, – said the snake. – And what will you do here on Earth?

– I quarreled with my flower, the Little Prince confessed.

– Where are the people? – the Little Prince finally spoke again. – In the desert, all the same lonely.

– Among people, too, lonely, – said the snake.

The little prince looked at her attentively.

– You are a strange creature, ”he said. – No thicker than a finger.

– But I have more power than the king’s finger, ”retorted the serpent.

The little prince smiled.

– Well, are you so powerful? You don’t even have a paw. You can not travel.

– I can carry you further than any ship, ”said the serpent.

And it’s like a golden bracelet.

– “I’m a touch, I’m a touch, I’m come back from where I’ve come,” she said. “But you are clean and come from the star.”

The little prince did not answer.

– I feel sorry for you, ”the snake continued. “It’s tough as granite.” I will be able to help you. I can.

– I understood perfectly, said the Little Prince. “But why don’t you keep talking in riddles all the time?”

– I solve all the riddles, – said the snake. And both fell silent.

The little prince crossed the desert and met no one. For all the time he caught only one flower – a tiny, nondescript flower of three petals.

– Hello, – said the little prince.

– Hello, – answered the flower.

– Where are the people? the little prince asked politely.

A flower once saw a caravan pass by.

– People? Oh yes. They only seem to be six or seven. I saw them many years ago. But where to find them is unknown. They are carried by the wind. They have no roots – this is very inconvenient.

– Goodbye, said the little prince.

– Goodbye, said the flower.

The little prince climbed a high mountain. He had never seen mountains before, except for his three volcanoes, which were knee-deep to him. The extinct volcano He thought: From the mountain to the people of all people. But I saw only rocks, sharp and thin, like needles.

– Good afternoon, he said just in case.

Good day. day. day. echoed

– Who you are? – asked the little prince.

Who you are. who you are. who you are. echoed

– Let’s be friends, I’m all alone, ”he said.

One. one. one. echoed

What a strange planet! – thought the little prince. – Very dry, all in needles and salty. And people lack imagination. They just repeat what you say to them. At home I had a flower,

For a long time the little prince walked through the sands, rocks and snow And all roads lead to people.

– Good afternoon, he said.

Before him was full of roses.

– Good afternoon, the roses said.

It is a little dreaming.

– Who you are? he asked, amazed.

– We are roses, answered the roses.

– Here is how. – said the Little Prince.

And he felt very, very unhappy. He was like a woman. In the garden alone!

How angry they would be if she saw them! – thought the little prince. “She would have been terribly cleared of her throat and pretended to be dying, just not to seem ridiculous.” I was sick, because otherwise I wouldn’t have to go.

And then he thought: I imagined that I had the most common rose. I’ve been knee-high, and I’m not happy. What kind of prince am I after that?

He lay down on the grass and wept.

This is where the Fox appeared.

– Hello, he said.

– Hello, – The Little Prince is answered.

– I am here, – a voice was heard. – Under the apple tree.

– Who are you? – asked the little prince. – How beautiful you are!

– I am the Fox, – said the Fox.

– Come and play with me, – asked the little prince. – I’m so sad.

– I can not play with you, – said the fox. – I’m not tamed.

– Oh, sorry, said the Little Prince.

But, on reflection, he asked:

– And how is it – to tame?

– You’re a stranger, – said Fox. – What are you looking for here?

– Looking for people, – said the Little Prince. – And how is it – to tame?

– People have guns, and they go hunting. It is very uncomfortable! And they breed chickens. Only this they are good. Are you looking for chickens?

– No, said the little prince. – I am looking for friends. And how is it – to tame?

– This is a long-forgotten concept – explained Fox. – It means: create a bond.

– That’s right, – said Fox. “You’re still a little boy for me.” And you don’t need me either. I like it a fox to you, just like a hundred thousand other foxes. But if you tame me, we will need each other. You will be in the whole world. And I will be for you alone in the whole world.

– I begin to understand, – said the Little Prince. – There is one rose. Probably she tamed me.

– Very possible, agreed Fox. – On Earth, that just does not happen.

– It was not on Earth, said the Little Prince.

Fox was very surprised:

– On another planet?

– Are there hunters on that planet?

– How interesting! Are there any chickens?

– There is no perfection in the world! – sighed Fox.

But then he again spoke about the same:

– My life is boring. I hunt for chickens, and people hunt for me. All chickens are all the same. And I live boring. But if you like me, my life will flash like a sun. Your steps, I will distinguish among the thousands of others. Hearing human steps, I always run away and hide. But I will come out of my refuge. And then – look! See, wheat is ripening there in the fields? I do not eat bread. I do not need ears. Wheat fields don’t tell me anything. And this is sad! But you have golden hair. And how wonderful it will be when you tame me! Golden wheat will remind me of you. The wind in the wind.

Fox for a long time. Then he said:

– You are welcome. tame me!

– I would be glad, – the Little Prince answered, – but I have so little time. I still need to learn.

– You can only learn the things that you tame, – said Fox. – People don’t have enough time to learn anything. They buy things ready in stores. But so there are no longer any friends. If you want to have a friend, tame me!

– And what to do? – asked the little prince.

– We must have patience, – answered the Fox. “First, sit down, there’s some distance away, on the grass — like this.” Words only make it difficult to understand each other. But every day, sit a little closer.

Tomorrow the little prince again came to the same place.

– It is better to always come at the same time, – asked the Fox. – Here, for example, if you come at four o’clock, I will feel happy from three o’clock. The happier. At four o’clock I’ll start to worry and worry. I know the price of happiness! And if you come every time you get your heart. It is necessary to observe the rites.

– And what are the rites? – asked the little prince.

– This is also something long forgotten, – explained Fox. – Something that makes it all possible. For example, my hunters have such a rite: on Thursdays they dance with village girls. And what a wonderful day this is! I go for a walk and reach the vineyard itself. It would be the same.

So the little prince tamed the fox. And then came the time of farewell.

– I will cry for you, – Fox sighed.

– You yourself are to blame, – said the little prince. “I didn’t want to hurt you; tame you.

– Yes, of course, – said Fox.

– But you will cry!

– So you feel bad about it.

– No, – said Fox, – I feel good. Remember what I said about the golden ears.

He fell silent. Then he added:

– Go look at the roses again. You will understand it And when you come back, I will reveal to you one secret. This will be my gift to you.

The little prince went to see the roses.

– “You told them.” – You are still nothing. Nobody tamed you, and you tamed nobody. That was before my Fox. Foxes. But it is one of the whole world.

Roses are very embarrassed.

– The little prince went on. – For the sake of you do not want to die. Of course, a pedestrian I love you. It’s her, not you, I watered every day. She, and you not covered with a glass cap. It was blocked by a screen, protecting it from the wind. For her, killed butterflies. I listened how she complained and I listened to her, even when she fell silent. She is mine.

And the little prince returned to Fox.

– Goodbye – he said.

– Goodbye, said the fox. – The heart is sharp-sighted. You can not see the main thing with your eyes.

– The little Prince repeated, to better remember.

– It gave you all your days.

– Because I gave her all my days. – repeated the Little Prince, to better remember.

– People have forgotten this truth, said you, but you’ve forgotten. You are responsible for your rose.

– I am responsible for my rose. – repeated the Little Prince, to better remember.

– Good afternoon, said the little prince.

– Good afternoon, – said the switchman.

– What are you doing? – asked the little prince.

– Sorting passengers, answered the switchman. “I’m sending them in trains for a few people at a time – one train to the left.”

Throwing away the windows, rushing past thunder, and the switchman’s booth all trembled.

– How they are in a hurry! – surprised the little prince. – What are they looking for?

– Even the driver himself doesn’t know this, said the switchman.

Thunder rumbled another fast train.

– Are they already returning? – asked the little prince.

– No, these are different, said the switchman. – This is a counter.

– They were not well where they were before?

– It’s good where we don’t, ”said the switchman.

And the third fast train thundered, flashing.

– They want to catch up with those first? – asked the little prince.

– They do not want anything, said the switchman. – They sleep in the cars or just sit and yawn. Only the children for their windows.

– Only the children, the little prince. It becomes a rule.

– Their happiness, said the switchman.

– Good afternoon, said the little prince.

– Good afternoon, the merchant replied.

He traded the newest pills that quench thirst. You need to drink for a whole week.

– What are you selling them for? – asked the little prince.

– They’re a big time saver, ”the merchant replied. – According to experts, you can save fifty-three minutes a week.

– Three minutes?

If I’ve had a little Prince thought, I’m just going to the spring.

A week has passed since the dealer, and I’m listening to the pill dealer.

– Yes, I used to be a little bit, I couldn’t have to go. the spring.

– The fox I made friends with.

– My dear, I don’t care about Lisa!

– Yes, because you have to die of thirst.

He didn’t understand He replied:

– Well, if you once had a friend, even if you have to die. So I am very glad that I was friends with Fox.

He doesn’t understand how great the danger is. He never experienced neither hunger nor thirst. He has quite a ray of sunshine.

I didn’t say it out loud, just thought. But the little prince looked at me and said:

– I also want to drink. Let’s go find the well.

I am tiredly thirst up But still we set off.

For long hours we walked in silence. Finally it is dark. From thirst I was a little girl. I remembered all the words of the Little Prince, and I asked:

– So you also know what thirst is?

But he did not answer. He said simply:

– Water is needed and the heart.

I did not understand, but said nothing. I knew I shouldn’t question him.

He is tired. Down on the sand. I sat down near. Paused Then he said:

– The stars are very beautiful, because there is a flower, even though it is not visible.

– Yes, of course – I said I was only looking at the wavy sand, lit by the moon.

– And the desert is beautiful. – added the little prince.

It’s true. I always liked the desert. Sitting on a sand dune. I can not see anything. Can not hear anything. And yet the silence seemed to radiate.

– Do you know why the desert is good? – he said. “There are springs somewhere in it.”

I was amazed. Suddenly I understood why sand glitters mysteriously. I was in the old house. Of course, it’s not a rule. If you’re bewitched:

– Yes, I said. If it is a desert, it can be seen with your eyes.

– “I like it,” the Little Prince replied.

I fell asleep. I was excited. It seemed to me that I was carried fragile treasure. It was even more fragile on our Earth. It was just a shell. In the light of the moon, it was a dream. With your eyes.

It is a little tawny lips that it has been twitched to a flower. And I realized he is even more fragile than it seems. Lamps should be protected: a gust of wind can extinguish them.

So I walked. and at dawn came to the well.

– “People get on fast trains, but they don’t understand what they’re looking for,” said the Little Prince. – Therefore, they don’t know peace and rush one way or the other.

All the wells in the Sahara. Us in the sand. And it was a real village well. But there was no village anywhere.

– How strange, ”I said to the Little Prince,“ everything is prepared here, the gate, the bucket, and the rope.

He laughed, touched the rope. And the gate creased as if it were an old weather vane, which had long rusted in the calm.

– Do you hear? said the little prince. – We woke up the well, and he sang.

I was afraid.

– I myself will scoop water, "I said," you cant do it. "

Slowly, I’ve pulled it out and I’m looking out for it. The water was still trembling, and it was still playing.

– “I want to take a sip of this water,” the Little Prince said. – Let me get drunk.

And I understood what he was looking for!

I brought the bucket to his lips. He drank, closing his eyes. It was like the finest feast. This water was not easy. She was born from the gateway of his hands. She was like a gift to the heart. I love you, I love you, I love you.

– There are five thousand roses in one garden. find out what they are looking for.

– They do not find, – I agreed.

– But there is no trace.

– Yes, of course, – I agreed.

And the little prince said:

– But the eyes are blind. You need to look for the heart.

I drank some water. Breathed easily. At dawn, the sand becomes golden, like honey. And from that, too, I was happy. Why would I be sad.

– “You must keep your word,” the Little Prince said softly, sitting down beside me again.

– Remember you promised. muzzle for my lamb. I’m responsible for that flower.

I took out my drawings from my pocket. Prince looked at them and laughed.

– Baobabs you look like cabbage.

And I was proud of my baobabs!

– And your fox has ears. exactly horns! And how long!

And he laughed again.

– You’re unfair, buddy. After all, I never knew how to draw –

– Well, nothing – he reassured me. – Children and so will understand.

And I drew a muzzle for a lamb. My heart sank.

– Do not tell me.

But he did not answer.

– You know, he said, I came to you on Earth. – And shut up. Then he added: – I fell quite close from here .. -. And flushed.

And again, God knows why, it became hard in my soul. Still, I asked:

– If you want, you know? Where did you fall?

The little prince turned redder.

And I added hesitantly:

– Maybe it is because it is a year.

And again he blushed. But it wasn’t a question.

– Trouble me. – I began.

– It’s time you get to work. Go to your car. I will wait for you here. Come back tomorrow night.

However, I didn’t become calmer. I remembered the Fox. When you give yourself tame, then it happens and cry.

Not far from the well, there are ruins of an ancient stone wall. It is a little bit of peace. And heard his voice.

– Do not you remember? – he said. – It was not at all here.

Probably, someone answered him, because he objected:

– Well, yes, it was a day ago.

I walked faster. But nowhere near the wall. Meanwhile, the Little Prince again answered someone:

– Well, of course. You will find my footprints in the sand. And then wait. Tonight I’ll come there.

I couldn’t see anything.

After a short silence, the Little Prince asked:

– Do you have a good poison? You don’t make me suffer for a long time?

I still did not understand.

– Now go away, ”said the Little Prince. – I want to jump down.

Then I lowered my eyes and so jumped! Little girl kites in half a minute.

It is a quietly flown between. Between between between between between between between between between between between between between between between between between between between between between between between between between between between between

I ran to the wall. He was whiter than snow.

– What did you think, baby! – I exclaimed. – Why are you talking to snakes for?

I untied his unchanging golden scarf. He moistened his whiskey. But did not dare to ask anything more. He looked around my neck. I heard his heart beating like a wounded bird. He said:

– I was glad you found your car. Now you can go home.

– How do you know ?!

I managed to fix the plane!

He didn’t answer, he only said:

– And I, too, will be back home today.

Then he added sadly:

– This is much further. and much harder.

Everything was strange. It wasn’t much time for him to go back.

He thoughtfully looked off into the distance.

– I will have your lamb. And a box for the lamb. And a muzzle.

He smiled sadly.

I waited a long time. He seemed to come to his senses.

– You got scared, baby.

Well still would not be frightened! But he laughed softly:

– Tonight I will be much worse.

And again, I had a cold feeling of irreparable misfortune. Surely, will I never hear him laugh again? For me, this laugh is like a spring in the desert.

– Baby, I still want to hear you laugh.

– Tonight is the year. My star will be just above the place where I fell a year ago.

– Listen to the baby

But he did not answer.

– You cant see with your eyes. – he said.

– It’s like a flower. If you like a flower that grows somewhere on the sky at night. All the stars are blooming.

– It is like water. It was a drink. Do you remember? She was very nice.

– At night you look at the stars. My star is very small, I can not show it to you. That’s better. It will be easy for you – one of the stars. And you will love to look at the stars. They will be your friends. And then, I’ll give you something.

– Oh, baby, baby, how I love when you laugh!

– That is my gift. It will be like water.

– Every person has their own stars. To those who wander alone, they point the way. For others, these are just little lights. For scientists, they are a problem to be solved. For my businessman, they are gold. But for those people And you will have very special stars.

– You can’t see where the stars are laughing. You will have stars who know how to laugh!

And he laughed himself.

– And when you are comforted – you can always be comforted. You will always be my friend. You will want to laugh with me. Sometimes you will be pleased. Looking at the sky. And you tell them: Yes, yes, I always laugh, looking at the stars! And they will think you are crazy. Here is what a cruel joke I will play with you.

He laughed again.

– I gave you a whole bunch of laughing bells.

And he laughed again. Then he became serious again:

– You know. this night. better not come.

– I will not leave you.

– You seem to hurt me. It will even appear that I am dying. So it happens. Do not come, do not.

– I will not leave you.

But he was worried about something.

– You see. it’s because of the snake. Suddenly she sting you. Snakes are evil. Someone sting for them is a pleasure.

– I will not leave you.

He suddenly calmed down:

– True, for two she doesn’t have enough poison.

That night I didn’t notice how he left. He slipped out silently. When I finally caught up with him, he walked with a quick, decisive step.

– And it’s you. – he said only.

And he took my hand. But something disturbed him.

– In vain are you coming with me. It will hurt you to look at me. I’m dying, but this is not true.

– You see. it is very far. My body is too heavy. I can’t take it away.

– But this is like dropping an old shell. There is nothing: sad about it.

He lost a little spirit. But still made another effort:

– You know, it will be very nice. I will also look at the stars. Creaky collar. And each will give me a drink.

– Think how fun it is! You will have five hundred million bells, and I will have five hundred million springs.

And here he, too, fell silent because he wept.

– Here we come. Let me take one more step.

And he sat on the sand because he was scared.

Then he said:

– You know. I am responsible for it. And she is so weak! And so innocent. She only has four miserable thorns,

I also sat down because my legs were buckled. He said:

He paused for another minute and stood up. And he took one step only. And I could not move.

Precisely yellow lightning flashed at his feet. He stayed motionless for a moment. Do not cry out. Then he fell – slowly, like a tree falls. Slow and inaudible, because the sand muffles all sounds.

And now six years have passed. I have never told anyone about this. When I returned, I’m comrades again and again. I was sad, but I told them:

– I’m just tired.

And yet I gradually consoled myself. That is, not really. But I didn’t find the body on the sand. Not so hard it was. And at night I like to listen to the stars. Like five hundred million bells.

But what is striking. When I drew a muzzle for a lamb, I forgot about the strap! The little prince will not be able to put it on the lamb. And I ask myself: is there something being done there on his planet? Suddenly a lamb ate a rose?

Sometimes I say to myself: no, of course not! The little prince always watches the lamb. Then I’m happy. And all the stars laugh softly.

And sometimes I say to myself: sometimes you are scattered. Then anything can happen! Suddenly, one evening he secretly got out at night. And then the bells cry.

All this is mysterious and incomprehensible. It is clear that you can’t see it. unfamiliar to us a rose

Take a look at the sky. And ask yourself: is that rose alive or not? Suddenly a lamb ate it? And you will see: everything will be different.

Understand this concept!

This is in my opinion. But I wasn’t the one corner of the desert. Here the Little Prince first appeared on Earth, and then disappeared.

If you want to get to Africa, to the desert. If you happen to pass here, I love you, do not rush, hesitate a little under this star! If he laughs, he will surely guess what he is. Then – I beg you! me in my sadness. Hurry, write to me that he is back.

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