How to get rid of a burn on the face

Every person wants to have a beautiful skin. And when he has various scars or scars, I want to get rid of them faster. One of the most effective drugs for this is Contratubex. It helps to get rid of the marks and acne marks. But not everyone, he fits, besides his price for quite high. Therefore, many are looking for cheaper counterpart Kontraktubeksa. It is advisable to consult a doctor.

How to get rid of a burn on the face

Features of Kontraktubex

Brown gel is often prescribed by doctors to restore and regenerate the skin. It is effective for getting rid of such problems:

How to get rid of a burn on the face

  • scars; scars;
  • stretch marks after pregnancy;
  • traces of acne or burns;
  • contracture of tendons after injuries.

In addition, this drug relieves inflammation, relieves itching and makes the skin more elastic. It is usually well tolerated, but in some cases, allergic reactions may occur. It is much more cost-effective. But it must be prescribed by a doctor. And in fact, there are no complete gel. This is due to the special composition of the drug. Active ingredients are onion extract, sodium heparin and allantoin.

Analogs Kontraktubeksa cheaper

Drugs with a similar composition does not exist. But there are a glimpse of this effect and are also effective against scars. They contain the same active ingredients as Contractubex. Cheap analogues in Russia can be found such:

    Venitan Forte is close to the action for Contractubex, as it contains sodium heparin and allantoin.

All of these drugs have a different composition and action. It is impossible to use Contractubex.

Analogs are cheap – reviews about them

People are different. Even on the gel Kontraktubeks reviews rather contradictory. I think that they’re away from money in vain. Although there are still some contract appointments. Cheap scant for fresh scars.

Camelox: gel

This drug is the best analog of Kontraktubeks cheaper. It costs about 250 rubles, and the effect is almost the same. This is due to a similar composition of these gels. Camelox also contains allantoin and onion extract. But it also contains aloe and rosemary essential oil. They enhance the regenerating effect of the gel. If you are getting rid of acne. It is the most effective against fresh scars. It is better to choose another drug.

Venitan forte from scars

Basically, this is a lower level of water treatment. But it is also effective for healing wounds, as well as for sucking scars. The substance of the substance is heparin, allantoin and dexpanthenol.

How to get rid of a burn on the face

Dolobene cream

This drug has much more contraindications than the rest. This is due to the presence of dimethyl sulfoxide in its composition. It can be easily absorbed into the tissue.

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