How not to wrinkle the forehead

Orlit complex for sight: doctor’s opinion, price, where to buy

For many people, the analyzer deteriorates with age. The condition of the retina worsens, visual acuity is disturbed. Today’s advances in ophthalmology allow to be pathologically surgically cured. However, it is not necessary for manufacturers to supplement it. You can take it out on the basis of calendula extract.

Complex for vision

"Orlit" is a capsule for the treatment of all diseases of vision. The following are the following pathological processes:

  • glaucoma – increase in intraocular pressure;
  • cataract – clouding of the lens;
  • retinal disinsertion – separation of the retina from the choroid;
  • diabetic retinopathy – defeat of the retina on the background of diabetes;
  • retinal dystrophy – degenerative retinal damage leading to reduced visual acuity;
  • dry eye syndrome – reduced production of tears, accompanied by inflammatory processes in the cornea.

How not to wrinkle the forehead

These conditions are given to you only.

It can be used for refractive disorders. In one review, she developed myopia (minus 2 diopters in both eyes), 100% of her eyesight.

Another fake review suggests capsules help to treat inflammatory ophthalmologic diseases, such as conjunctivitis or barley, and is an alternative to antibiotics.

On the official website of Orlita, he admits that during a certain course it allows:

  • protect eyes;
  • improve vision without drugs and operations;
  • reduce intraocular pressure;
  • eliminate the risk of eye disease.

Instructions for use

"Orlit" is very vividly described in advertising. However, it is more than modest.

How not to wrinkle the forehead

Indications: As a source of flavonoids, proanthocyanidins, anthocyanins, zinc, lutein, beta-carotene, zeaxanthin and several vitamins – E, C, B2.

It is assumed that there is a need for a computer vision syndrome. It is manifested by redness of eyes, tearing, diplopia (ghosting). Due to the risk of hemeralopia (night blindness).

Take "Orlit" 1 capsule per day, the course of

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