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Anyone tries to make it cozy, stylish and fashionable. Professional design. One of the powerful techniques is window decoration. The set for the whole living space. What is the current curtain?

How to choose curtains?

If you want to make a fashionable modern curtains.

It is necessary to take into account how many windows there are. In the room, there is no room for furniture. It is a design that will make it possible to decorate your walls.

Fashionable curtains in the living room

We can say that this style is minimalist. Laconic and simple. But this shouldn’t impair the convenience and functionality.

Like any classic, straight to the floor curtains is a win-win option. It will penetrate into all corners. These windows will be located near. The design of the living room.

Layered classic curtains in the dining room

It is better to make a horizontal decorative drapery or lambrequin. It is low and narrow. In modern styles simplicity prevails. And such curtains are no longer decorated with accessories such as brushes. Fringe and other other decor.

In modern interiors are considered the most fashionable curtains – roll. Made from cotton and flax, are perfect for a solid background.

Roman blinds are good for the kitchen or bedroom. It becomes a pleasant decoration for a window.

For the living room blinds. It is a height to the room. It’s not a workout. In the horizontal version, such as curtains are not well protected from light, they are perfectly combined with the designs of white curtains.

Curtains with rings made of plastic or metal. Still popular in various fashionable designs. They are always careful and discreet. This ring is made of thick fabrics are worn. It is a nice addition to a nursery.

Color choices for fashion curtains

Today, plain colors of nature are popular. It is a shade of a darker or lighter. Colors such as: hazelnut, gray blue and various shades of green predominate. White color is also in the trend. It visually adds volume and makes it airy and light.

Hazel eyes

There are strips of light and dark colors of fabrics. If you want to see the color of the room darker

The 80s are ready for the last century. Large colors, geometric shapes.

Pillow for the sofa. The fabric should not be the same tone. The tone will be well combined. It has been given that it has been chosen so that it can be used to make it.

Well-designed windows. It is not only a good look, but it also has to add functionality. You can’t choose a curtain for you to choose from. Redo everything in it. This will help textiles. After all, it can be easily changed. At the same time, your home is greatly transformed miraculously.

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