Glare in the eyes

Let it be a joyful attitude, Health will be all worth it. And constantly – luck and pruh, And optimism, and strength of mind. I wish to sing songs, not to lose heart, not to tire, For us to always serve as an example. Today is a drink, only in moderation. life – only pleasure. Good luck, dad. Happy Birthday!

Glare in the eyes

Today is papin’s birthday. I want to congratulate you. Good luck, happiness, mood. I wish you sincerely love!

You are my hero from a children’s fairy tale — Reliable, brave, naughty. Yesterday you rolled a wheelchair yesterday — now we are walking with the whole family.

For years, dad, don’t look. For us you are always the best! Let all the sadness behind Be left, like clouds in the sky.

Health let them not let you down And will be strong for all years. In all affairs – always lucky. And at home – sunny weather!

Congratulations, Dad, happy birthday! And I wish that day after day The best mood was, That it brought luck to the house.

The most dear you and beloved, Be healthy and be happy always. Let this day a unique star shines for you!

Father, I congratulate you on your birthday! Let life give you luck, luck. I wish you good health. And it never failed. Let me have more reasons to laugh, In work, in business, I wish you success.

Let over the years at the temples of gray hairs be the Most Important, the forces would not go away. The main things, the health would not weaken, And the soul still sang.

After all, it does not matter how old, When the soul radiates light. For me you are always young. Happy birthday, daddy dear!

Happy birthday congratulationsI wish you, So that joy and luckWe were in your destiny, So that you were not lucky, As a hero from newspapers, So that you, my dear father, Lived in the world for many years, So that money did not run out, Like glasses of brandy So that your dreams come true, And love was full of house!

I congratulate you, daddy, Happy birthday to another. Years pass, and you live, I do not believe my eyes, until gray hair.

I really want you to stay, As I was in my childhood with gold: Carefree and young, handsome, Full of strength and ideas, well done.

I know it does not happen in life, And the gray hair does not spoil you, Just a little sad that time Surely takes a year.

Be healthy and calm, Dad. Live for many more years. I wish you a lot of new plans, starts, tops and victories.

Take care of each other with your mother And do not quarrel over trifles, And let the "important circumstances" Do not interfere with dreams come true.

Let year after year speeds up the pace, And on the temples the hairs have crept, But for me you are always young, You have funny wrinkles to face.

I will take off the fatigue of your hands at times, And from the heart I will kiss so firmly, You are the best dad in the world with us, Can’t describe my great love.

And now years from the shoulders off, Let youth bring birth, May God grant you kindness, And ask for nothing for it.

Be a daredevil, fun as always, Smiles to everyone, without exception, Problems, this is nonsense, do not give them important meaning.

Keep yourself, do not indulge with health, And know that dreams are accomplished, Love your family, desperately kiss, And conquer the highest peaks!

For a bright childhood, for the path to becoming, Where you helped me step by step, For affection and severity, reliability and strength You sincerely say “thank you” to you.

I wish you longevity, health. Warm up with care, participation, love, And good spirits, and the will to win! You are the most wonderful dad in the world!

Today is not an ordinary day — you were born into the world. My closest person, You are not more expensive.

My dad is the dearest and the best on earth, Thank you for everything, You give me life all my life!

Be happy, dad, dear, Successful be, love. In all ways, all over the earthBe the Lord keep!

You’re the best dad, no doubt, I will say, not melting: "Daddy, dear and dear, I love you so much!".

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