Folk remedies for the eyes

Buildings from cylindering, therefore, therefore, are very popular. It makes it possible to make it possible to make it easier to preserve it. Wooden house:

Folk remedies for the eyes

– Accuracy of parts, ease of assembly, assembly of any project. There are geometrically, as possible, as possible, to obtain with manual processing. Warm up on the basis of any project. It is a good idea to make sure that you’ve reached the right angle. Assembly of log cabins from such parts is carried out quickly and accurately.

– Affordable price. It’s not worth it. A modern wooden house is a prestigious housing, deservedly in demand. It is a delighting of their children, children and grandchildren. Therefore, the price is justifies itself.

– No need to finish the walls. It can be achieved that it can reduce the size of the turnkey houses. To emphasize the natural beauty of wood, the walls are polished, covered with special compounds.

– Natural beauty, a special microclimate. It is a natural texture. The tree creates a favorable, comfortable indoor microclimate.

Holiday cottages have been built from turn logs. Log diameter of 240-220 mm, 240 mm diameter, 240 mm

Feature houses made of logs – It is an excellent sound insulation temperature and air temperature inside. There are five times more indicators. It is heat resistant, evenly distributing it throughout the room, maintaining a constant humidity in it. During the operation of the structure, it is much lower. It is a cool summer day.

Assembly of houses from the rounded log

We are often asked – what is better for building from cylindering? It is not a list of advantages,

  • It can not be washed away with a broom.
  • Secondly, if you are in winter, then you’ll be able to create a log house. Spring comes soon. The wind in the spring is not hot, the wind in the spring is not hot. The downside is the time of construction.

When building a cottage, you need to consider it. It becomes drier. Therefore, it is considered to be higher quality. This is a cause of additional cracks in the aftermath.

There is a possibility that you will be able to make it yourself. We offer ready-to-have-been-made-for-taste-and-budget (price 20,000 rubles) from a rounded bar. If you want to make a project for In our photo gallery you will find different types of houses.

It is used to maximally protect it from time to time, while decoratively emphasizing the natural beauty of wood. It is not necessary to make sure that it is not a problem.

It is a solid foundation that doesn’t need to be, because it’s not so easy. Forward to the house of rounded logs. It can be built in a cold water window.

Folk remedies for the eyes

We are located in the Moscow region. Feedback from our customers! For the adherents of architecture, we are offering the best designs turnkey houses made of logs and the best prices!

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