Femininity through the eyes of men

Worthy spirits who managed to conquer more than one million men’s hearts and forever became the highlight of the "fragrant arsenal" of a huge number of women, perhaps not so much. What can you do, not every perfume brand is able to provide the market with such perfume, under the lid of which real femininity and tenderness will be clogged. But such a giant as Dolce Gabbana, very pleased with the representatives of the tender sex, creating the Empress perfume, reviews of which are quite common, and at the same time all positive or even admired. Though they are light, they are really unique. If you believe the reviews, many ladies, in whose perfume collections not one decent fragrance is collected, are not able to find an analogue or perfume that would be similar to the "Empress", this is really something special.

Exotic sensuality

If you select an epithet, just one phrase that characterizes the Empress perfume, then most admirers of this “miracle from the world of perfumery” only ask for “tasty tenderness”. It would seem that you will not surprise anyone with flower and fruit fragrances, but the perfume of the Empress (Dolce Gabbana) began to gather feedback around her very actively right from the first day of the presentation. This fragrance is able to open a completely new page of a woman’s life, to reveal her sensuality, timidity, refinement. The aroma is magnetic, but not too intrusive, languid, but not suffocating, light, but not one that you forget about in a second.

The composition, which can not remain indifferent

Spirits of the Empress (customer reviews confirm this) – this is exactly the perfume that “can pour” different shades and notes of its composition. On a cool summer evening, they will play a delicate, graceful melody of fruity freshness on your skin, but under the rays of the tender sun the floral notes will open delicately, a little languid, but thus very attractive to the male heart. In the winter cold, the fragrance will be able to warm its warm shades and gently remind you that warm days are not far off, but in rainy autumn it will open with shades of bright colors that are so lacking during this period.

We analyze the pyramid of flavor

A whole team of real wizards must have worked on the creation of this fragrance, it’s not for nothing that every Empress perfume review – admired and filled with recommendations, you must purchase this perfume for your own collection. There were practically no men or women in the whole world who would remain indifferent to this fragrance, and even if you did not recognize any spirits other than sweet ones before, you still have to “get acquainted” with the “Empress”.

“Bouquet” opens in front of us with such fresh notes of rhubarb, which is interwoven with hints of red currant, that it is simply impossible to miss this fragrance, and besides, the chords of exotic kiwi only enhance the magic. It is this initial lightness that most fans of this eau de toilette like.

Heart notes in a completely different direction: first, a large bud of pink cyclamen is bloomed, surrounded by gentle jasmine petals. The aroma of juicy watermelon has very harmoniously flowed in here, and he does not overshadow the flowers, but only emphasizes their tenderness and fragility.

They will unwind your head and conquer the base notes, which consist of interlacing shades of grapefruit, unsurpassed musk and such seductive sandalwood. The scent trail, though light, has real magnetism.

Such a set of shades very harmoniously coexists, without turning perfume into “fruit salad”, which is important for true connoisseurs of high-quality fragrances.

Femininity through the eyes of men

The perfume of Dolce Gabbana Empress 3, reviews about this can often be found, created for the gentle representatives of the fair sex, who have long understood one simple truth – to become a magnet for male attention, it is not necessary to be too bright. Lightness, languor of the image, which seems to be shrouded in a veil of sophistication – this is the ideal version of the style that is sure to suit a real woman.

Reference packaging

Perfume the Empress reviews around her collected not only thanks to the bright, but at the same time delicate flavor, but also unusual packaging for today. If most brands try to surprise the customer with the intricate shape of the bottle, then Dolce & Gabbana with their graceful lines seem to repeat the old truth – the main thing is what is inside. And under the lid of the bottle there really was lurking real magic …

The simple rectangular shape of the bottle, which acquires a pastel-pink hue due to the toilet water itself, becomes the benchmark for imitators and competitors. A neat cap makes the bottle a little taller, more solid. On the front side there are no superfluous inscriptions, only the brand name and label, which is located closer to the bottom of the bottle.

“I am a luxury myself” – this is what the spirits of the Empress say about their owner. Reviews of such laconic packaging are only positive, because the buyer remembers that he is interested in the aroma, and not the bottle itself.

Why such an interesting name Empress 3

The unsurpassed Dolce Gabbana could not help but add an interesting zest to the product that hits the market under their name. Thus, in the near 2009, a whole new collection, Anthology, opened in front of the eyes of the fans, where each fragrance represented a specific Tarot card. And the third card – L’Imperatrice personifies not so much the representative of the royal family, as the Madam, the real Woman, Love. It is not strange that the presentation presented this particular flavor was entrusted to the inimitable, refined and sophisticated Naomi Campbell.

About persistence

Positive reviews about the perfume of Dolce Gabbana The Empress is also because the customers are quite satisfied with the level of resistance of this fragrance. Since this is toilet water that is best suited for the spring-summer season, it is light enough, not annoying, but at the same time bold. This is the fragrance that you will not hear on your skin, but which will force people passing by you to turn around after a thin, but perceptible train, so charming and special.

If you believe the reviews, putting this fragrance on clothes, you will get a very lasting result – your clothes will emit a favorite smell from several days to a week, depending on the type of fabric of the product. In cold weather, the perfume lasts for about 5 hours on the skin, but when the Empress (perfume) is hot, men’s reviews confirm this, it is clearly felt the next morning.

Who is this fragrance suitable for?

Despite its lightness and playfulness, the spirits of the Empress are suitable not only for young girls who have already felt their femininity, but also for real ladies who do not like too annoying and languid aromas with heavy plumes.

Femininity through the eyes of men

This is also not the kind of perfume that you will love only in spring and summer, it will always be a worthy choice for an evening walk on an autumn evening or a great last accent in creating a glamorous look for a winter party.

The Empress, if you believe the reviews, will never gather dust on the shelf among the scents that the woman just fell out of love, it is impossible to fully understand, because in different weather conditions and on different skin she reveals in a completely new way, and every time is charming!

Copy and original, is the difference so impressive

Many potential buyers who study the responses about this eau de toilette are interested in information about how much a replica (copy) is worse than the original perfume of the Empress. Reviews, price – these are the main quality characteristics for products of this level, because the manufacturer uses only the best ingredients and ingredients to create the original product. Although the price is also influenced by such a thing as brand awareness.

Good replicas of perfume today to find real, including the perfume of the Empress (Dolce Gabbana). Reviews, price – these key characteristics are also worth studying before deciding to make such a purchase, because the quality of the copy will significantly differ from the original in the perfume bouquet itself and in its durability.

Good advice from the buyers themselves – first purchase a perfume probe before you decide to buy a whole bottle. So you can understand how you like this fragrance, how it is revealed on your skin, how well it holds. If you “fall in love” precisely with this smell, then why not indulge yourself with a beautiful bottle of the original fragrance, of which you will be completely sure. The cost of the bottle (100 ml) is on average 3-4 thousand rubles.

Femininity through the eyes of men

Perfect gift

The Empress perfume turned the head of such a large number of women that it is not strange that in the reviews it is called the ideal gift option for a real woman.

I would like to emphasize that this is the option that will please the beloved woman or girl, and the best friend, and even the boss or employee. Such perfumes are able to reveal the face that every woman of the tender sex has – her true femininity, which will not be muffled by excessive frankness, because the main trump card of every lady is her mysteriousness.

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