Facial pigmentation

HydraFacial is a medical device that refinishes the skin in a dumbrel with help for special conditions and a vacuum in the boundary. Without bolka and without zaschervavaniya. Suitable for all type skin, all year round. The procedure is gold standard in chistota and hygiene on kozhat. Sweeps more …

INTRASYuTICL | Oxygen Mesotherapy

Embraced therapy on Madona Intraceuticals and Australian therapy for hydration on the skin. Serum, coyto se fi rst with oxygen jet, shrinking 95% of hyaluron-kiselina and 5% of multivitamin and antioxidants. Divine Therapy with Apparently Smiled by Efekt. Read more

Facial pigmentation

VENUS LEGASI | Radio Hestoten Lifting Face

The procedure of Venus Legacy activates the natural process on the skin, which koito obsmladyavat viziyat on the face.

  • Blind Finnie Brachki
  • Banner and vitalizira leather
  • Reduced double bradychka
  • Namalyava torbichki around see
  • Contour on face

VENUS VIVA | Face resurfacing

Venus VIVA e-Resurfaces procedure, matching leather texture. It is intended for non-use of kato skin: – Brachki – Pori– Rosacea– Striae and whiteness– Pigmentation and regeneration Read more


The TriBella therapy of the combination of sequential use of the procedure for photo regeneration, face lift and resurfacing on leather texture. TriBella is nay-izcherpatelniyat and effective repudiation for the regeneration of leather on the face. Read more…

Facial pigmentation

LASERNE EPILATION | tribal nekosmyavane

A new generation of laser for conventional deactivation. Bring the bags out for laser epilation! 2. High power diode laser in Bulgaria! 3. For your success, successful ter-tirami cosmos is whole-year! 4. EXCLUSIVELY in NIRVANA with the opportunity to spread out a raincoat! Read more …

CRYOLIPOLYSIS | Liposuction alternative

The only way to evolve evolutational technologies in the medical-aesthetic industry is to succeed only from the most uncomfortable problems, but also to suspend them from the aggravation of violence without a bolt and repetitive period! -8 degrees. 70 min 1 size of the bag! 30

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