Facial bruise

In the dream? This vision has a deep meaning. It is a state of harmony of soul and body. But if he is not satisfied with his own mirror "portrait", then he is plagued by contradictions, he is mired in problems. However, it’s not a problem.

Facial bruise

Freud’s opinion

It is a reflection on the same subject.

If you are looking for a mirror image, then it’s true.

Faces and masks

What else is dreaming your own mirror reflection? If it happens, then you’re mistaken and make erroneous steps in reality.

Facial bruise

You can be forced to hide your true face, wearing a mask. Have you looked at your reflection for a long time? Then you may be too dependent on public opinion.

Are you satisfied with the appearance?

You are completely satisfied, you are completely satisfied with your current situation.

Facial bruise

But it’s not true of himself. Do not recognize yourself? According to the book, it’s not a sign.

Important details

The number of the fitting details of the mirror.

It was a dream book predicts that happiness, alas, will not last long. But bruises in reality doesn’t end in anything bad.

Did you notice the hair? Great, because you can’t get a huge amount of money, wealth!

Was the dreamed face burning with shame? Then, in reality, there may be some surprises and embarrassment. But it is not a problem. Distorted by a grimace, a dream in a dream.

And surprisingly, it is a pimply physiognomy, reflected in the mirror, a positive effect on the mirror.

Be careful

This is a bad sign, suggesting that it may be damaged or jinxed.

Sometimes this plot has been preceded by angry attacks to the dreamer. It is a dream. Be careful with him – recommends the dream book.

It was a reflection on the mirror. This is a serious warning sent by the Higher Forces.

It means that you’re a person. Unfortunately, this is not the case for goals, but in pursuit of personal, selfish, unseemly goals.

And do not go to the fortuneteller!

If you are looking for a reflection

Why dream of a similar plot? Diseases, accidents and other problems are likely. If it is a mist or cobwebs, then it is the use of the person.

Interpretation of the Esoteric Dreambook

The dreamer is in a state of confusion, according to the esoteric version. However, it’s possible that you can understand your life.

It is a time when it comes to a mirror.

It is interesting how the eye is reflected in the mirror. This is a dream for you. It can not be even unearthly creature.

Who ghost? Miller’s opinion

If a man has been reflected in the mirror, then after awaits pleasure and pleasant news. But the young man is such a dream prophesies the beginning of a new project.

Although it can be a male reflection. If it is a man, it promises to be a triumph in any undertaking.

Why is the dream reflected in the mirror? According to Miller’s dream book, this is a foreshadowing of a new period in life. And you can see what changes you made to the bride. If she is cheerful and carefree, then Fortune is clearly on the side of the sleeper. But sad prompts: wait for the troubles and other misfortunes. A poorly dressed bride.

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