Face burns 37

Detailed material, interesting material,


"The Shark" by Leo Tolstoy.

Face burns 37

1. To introduce students to the works.

2. Develop speech, observe, ability to analyze what has been read; develop critical thinking.

Equipment: book exhibition

memo, reading, computer, screen, projector, textbook. Native speech. 3 class 1 part "(

1. Organizational moment. Emotional attitude. (On the blackboard image of the sun)

-Smile to each other, wish your neighbor a good lesson. Look at our guests, smile at them. Guys, I’m glad to see you too. Sit down.

2. Check homework.

In the past lesson?

What is interesting about his life you remember? – What family grew up

– How did "Ant brothers?" (Because of the mystery).

Face burns 37

– Read what the secret was?

– How does this characterize the brothers? (sensitive, kind, responsive).

– Well done, carefully read the story.

– I wrote this work? (warmth, tenderness, love for the brothers, pleasant memories).

Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy. At 16 he entered Kazan University, one of the best of the time. He decided to study according to his own plan. His interests were the most diversified. History of music, agriculture, music, drawing, law, medicine, agriculture, agriculture. Throughout his life, Tolstoy replenished his knowledge and was a highly educated person.

I guess my riddle:

In the binoculars I can see the cruel boy

And I will report to the captain.

They know everything perfectly –

It’s dangerous to play with her:

The teeth are knife sharp,

You better not touch her!

A). And you know about sharks.

– Shark looks like.

Face burns 37

– Name its features. Is the shark a danger to humans? – How can you call a shark because of its bloodthirst and insatiability? (Shark is a predator).

Our planet are scary fish, called sharks.

Shark fish is voracious and predatory. Sailors say: "What a wolf on earth is a shark in the sea."

– Now I will tell you about

Africa, the second largest continent after Eurasia. Its area is

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