Eyes in eyes palm in palm and it’s forever

Extracurricular event dedicated to the Day of the Unknown Soldier, in order to develop the patriotic education of schoolchildren.


Day of the Unknown Soldier

Presenter 1. Good afternoon, dear friends! In accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation on amending the article

War is scary, it is blood, torment, death. And our great-grandfathers, grandfathers and grandmothers went through all this. Every eighth inhabitant of our country died in the war. Millions of people were shot, strangled in the gas chambers of the Nazi concentration camps. Hundreds of thousands of families did not wait for fathers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters. Many of the dead became unknown soldiers. They remained forever to lie in the Mass graves.

Mass graves … How many are there?

Lot! They are in the field, in the forest, in small farms and in large settlements. Subsequently, on the site of some graves appeared modest obelisks.

Verse-e "On the mass graves do not put crosses …"

On mass graves do not put crosses, And widows do not weep at them, To them someone brings bouquets of flowers, And the Eternal Flame is lit.

Here before – the land reared up, And now – granite slabs. There are no personal destinies here – All destinies are merged into one.

And in the Eternal Flame you see a flaming tank, Burning Russian huts, Burning Smolensk and burning Reichstag, Burning heart of a soldier.

The mass graves do not have tearful widows —There are stronger people who go here, They don’t put crosses on the mass graves. But is that easier?

Lead 2. For us, the Great Patriotic War is not only the past. Many feel her breath now. After all, she abruptly turned the whole life of the country, went into every home, every family. She absorbed millions of people in her flame, brought to the people enormous destruction, suffering and bitterness, which even today are acutely disturbing people’s memory.

Lead 1. We are not here because the date

Like an evil shard, the memory burns in the chest.

To the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

You are on holidays and weekdays come.

He protected you on the battlefield,

Fell, not step back.

And this hero has a name –

Great Army simple soldier.

Sounds the song "Cranes", muses. J. Fraenkel, words by R. Gamzatov.

Pupil 1 (reads). The grave of an unknown soldier at the Kremlin wall, in the Alexander Garden. This is symbolic: he defended the north-western approaches to the capital and as if remained its permanent watchful, its eternal guard.

Who is he? Whose son, brother, father, husband? We do not know his name: he died on the outskirts of Moscow in severe 1941.

Pupil 2 (reads). Here go mothers and fathers, who did not wait for sons and daughters, go widows, go grandchildren, who know their grandfathers only from photographs. And everyone thinks that, perhaps, under this red stone lies his own person.

Eyes in eyes palm in palm and it's forever

An unknown soldier stepped into immortality.

He was buried in a ball of the earth,

And he was only a soldier

Total, friends, soldier simple,

Without titles and awards.

Him like a mausoleum of land –

For a million centuries,

And the Milky Ways are dusting.

Around him from the sides.

On the red slopes of the clouds are sleeping,

Thunder heavy rumble,

Wind run take.

A long time ago the battle was over.

The hands of all friends

Put the guy in the earth,

As if in a mausoleum.

Pupil 2. Bright stars are burning, And in the Kremlin garden Unknown soldier Asleep in plain sight. Above the granite slab Eternal light is negasim. The whole country was an orphan Leaned over him. He did not surrender the machine gun And his cap. Unknown soldier He fell in a fierce battle. Unknown soldier – Someone’s son or brother, He will never come back from war. Bright stars are burning, And in the Kremlin garden Unknown soldier Spit is in sight. We lit him for the light, Under the Kremlin wall, And his grave – All the earth, all the earth.

They do not hug now,

Do not shake their palm.

But rose from the ground

This is a fallen heart

Give up to the end

Its bright flame living.

May each of us feel the strict eyes of the fallen, the purity of their hearts. He will feel responsible to the memory of these people. We must remember the past so that fascism does not happen again. It is our duty to those who gave their lives for their homeland, for you and me.

The war is long over,

Fascists lair is broken,

But our motto always sounds:

"No one is forgotten, and nothing is forgotten."

Let there be no war ever!

Let the calm sleep cities

Eyes in eyes palm in palm and it's forever

Let the sirens shrill howl

Doesn’t sound over my head.

None let the shell be torn,

None scribbling machine,

Let our forests stun

Only birds and children voices.

And may the years pass peacefully.

Let there be no war ever!

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The scenario of the oral magazine on the Day of the Unknown Soldier for grades 1-4 There is no family on earth or in Russia wherever your hero is remembered! (Savochkina D. V. and Averina E. L.) http: //

Class hour dedicated to the Day of the Unknown Soldier.

The symbol of all nameless heroes is a monument to the Unknown

Eyes in eyes palm in palm and it's forever

expanding knowledge of the heroic past of our country, the history of the memorial complex "Tomb of the Unknown Soldier" in Moscow.

This event was dedicated to the Day of the Unknown Soldier. This holiday is celebrated since 2007 by presidential decree. Cognitive activity is interesting, the material is selected in accordance with age.

The class hour is timed to the memorable date of Russia – December 3 – Day of the Unknown

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