Eyes hurt what to do

That pressure on the eyes, doctors often find out from their patients. After all, the problem is triggered by a number of factors. It is an ophthalmologist. The situation doesn’t worsen.

Provoking factors

When it comes to the eyes from the inside, it means that something is wrong with health. Many people have this problem; If your eyes are disturbed in this way.

Pressing pain – a constant companion of visual loads.

In the modern world, the organs of vision have to work beyond measure. Computers, tablets, TVs constantly check our eyes for endurance.

If your eyes hurt After all, pressing pain just does not appear. Maybe it’s the development of some diseases. Long past time behind the monitor. In any case, the clinic should contact. Why can bother a similar symptom?

It may be as follows:

  1. Sinusitis
  2. Osteochondrosis.
  3. Vegetative vascular dystonia (VVD).
  4. Diabetes.
  5. Computer syndrome.

Virtually any eye disease. For example, such complaints come from patients if glaucoma is present. Introococcal pressure. If necessary, apply biomicroscopy.

If an inflammatory process develops, it may also be pressure.

The disease is accompanied by edema, which makes it difficult. Often sore teeth, cheeks and cheekbones. It is easy to eliminate the pain.

When it comes to discomfort, they are not called osteochondrosis. To improve well-being, it is recommended to do a therapeutic massage.

It happens to be positive. Then magnetic resonance imaging can be used. It seems to be a problem with cerebral circulation.

Why does unpleasant symptoms appear in diabetes mellitus? The reasons are pretty simple. The pressure of the small capillaries is broken. Almost every patient suffers from this discomfort.

Monitor for each other. Due to overwork, there is a significant increase in pressure.

Generally speaking, it is expressed in the form:

  • visual fatigue;
  • blurry image;
  • redness;
  • pain discomfort in the head and eyes;
  • nausea;
  • puffiness of the eyelids.

It can be a pressing symptom. Often it provokes a headache.

But it also often becomes the result:

  • alcohol abuse;
  • smoking;
  • general weakness.

How to deal with the problem

You can’t bother writing to all the fatigue. The started problem often turns into a stroke, hypertensive crisis, and even blindness. In any case, determine as much as possible.

When an IRR is detected, it should be noted that the patient has been able to work better. Do not do without vitamin complexes.

If a symptom is interferes with daily activities, it will eliminate

  • a glass of water is taken;
  • lemon juice is added (a few drops);
  • dissolve 1 tsp. sugar (optional).

When your eyes hurt because of the computer, you must refrain from using it for a while. And of course, it is advisable to go to rest before the body sleeps. Moreover, it helps to maintain eye health. There is nothing difficult. First, the eyes should be open, then they are closed. The main thing is not to overwork the muscles.

During charging you need:

  1. Looking from ceiling to floor.
  2. Look to the left, then to the right.
  3. Eyes draw squares, moving clockwise. In this case, you can not hurry.
  4. The previous exercise is repeated in the opposite direction.
  5. As well as squares.

Eyes hurt what to do

Then the doctors will be useful:

  1. From melissa tea is brewed.
  2. Take a bath with the sea salt or herbal decoctions.
  3. At bedtime, drink warm milk, in which honey is added.

Benefit will bring a head massage. This procedure can be done independently. It is necessary that it reaches the collar zone after it should go to rest.

Glaucoma will require sedatives and exercise. The physician will be required. He will prescribe eye drops. They quickly cope with intraocular pressure.

Tips for traditional medicine

Golden whiskers.

For treatment you need:

  • chop the leaves;
  • pour vodka (500 ml);
  • put insist in a dark place (for 12 days).

The tincture must be shaken periodically. It is taken half an hour before eating food in the amount of 30-40 ml.

As a prophylactic, you can use fresh tea brew.

Using a cotton pad, wipe eyes. The image of the image disappears. Chamomile decoction is also useful for wiping.

  • boiling water (1 tbsp.) chamomile (3 tbsp. l.);
  • put minutes on 10 on slow fire;
  • cools, filtered and used for intended purpose.

With various herbal preparations, people have long been treating illnesses. In this case, the combination of lily of the valley and nettle will help.

  • mixed lily of the valley flowers (1 teaspoon) and nettle (
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