Eyebrows shape photo

It’s not so much a matter of popular lately. The 90s and the beginnings of the “zeros”: they wore eyebrows “strings”, “ticks” and they all adore them. Whats the shape of the eyebrows!

How the shape of the eyebrows has changed

Angelina jolie

I’m not going to be able to figure out what I’ve been trying to do, but I’m not looking out for a bit longer, but I’m not looking out for a little bit more.

Eyebrows shape photo

And Beyonce had eyebrows that are very harmoniously in a dark lip contour. Fortunately, both are in the past. A bit of a bit

Gwen stephanie

Black eyebrows made the eyes of Gwen Stevani visually smaller. But now it is a beautiful color bend.

Gwyneth paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow was generally lucky! To look good, she’ll only need to throw away the eyes and stop the plucking of her eyebrows mercilessly. Now everything is natural!

Megan fox

It is today that it has been a little more than a dog.

Jennifer lopez

And J. Lo, not only did she shamelessly, but also wore thin grayish eyebrows. Now Lopez has opted for a moderately wide and slightly curved eyebrows. A very noticeable change of the star before the star!

Eyebrows shape photo

Kim kardashian

She didn’t look very well-groomed. As a result, Kim is "combed".

Monica bellucci

He didn’t need to be able to pay attention. Still, the look of the actress and the pointed external tip appeared.

Eyebrows shape photo

Victoria beckham

Victoria Beckham’s ticked eyebrows looked somewhat comical. Beckham.

In her youth, Madonna was not too worried, she was not too worried. Experience

Sarah Jessica Parker

It wasn’t the way to stop pulling it! The actress is a rather correct shade.

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