Eyebrow bump

There is a saying, all the girls below are the same. Nothing like this. Absolutely wrong. Fuck, they are different.

The girl is the devil breaks her hair Men are not worth writing about the female soul. Externally, the girls are sexy, eclecticism, porn, piercing, especially during emancipation. Much has been written about appearance. I want to write about the girls below. The girls between their legs – it is impressive, devilishly interesting, memorable, stunning. And what this male writers are silent. Do not finish. Shy. Or do not know a fig. I vouch for a cunnilingus has never done. Words like this have not been heard. Know all this is not willing. Or just addicted to men. Equate themselves to Plato, or, worse, to William Burroughs. I am not a vagina.

I became interested in girls from below being small. What are they hiding there? What is a miracle? Are they not the same as all boys? Maybe he have them much more? There were no little girls, sisters, nieces. And so, when it comes to relatives, I’ve got to know my cousin Ksenia. Ksyusha, eight years old. It is an adult girl. I tried to catch the Miracle. I was ready to complete my range. But Ksyusha didn’t ask to look. Apparently, she was not interested in my pants. Or I did not offer. And in general, I must say, we never had a talk about male and female pussies. I was in the ass. And she – I do not know where. But the hunt for her sister didn’t stop. A week later I was able to peep when she changed clothes. But I saw only bare ass. Why terribly upset. Because it was an ass. The most common ass, like a mine, like a mocha from a nearby porch, I was lucky to see.

A year later, Moha has independently mastered one amazing thing – "masturbate." He called me to Polyanka. Glade is a deserted football field, it has been followed by an unpretentious football field, it has been followed by hen of mosquitoes and big-eyed dragonflies. Sometimes you can find out how to get drunk people. The “chemists” drank vodka, ate bread, squeezed Galyuha slit, swore at him skillfully. Punks ate port wine, sniffed guitar Often the boys in Polyanka staged wagons. Two teenagers measured their strength, fought, and beat muzzles to each other. It has been shown that it has been shown that it has been shown that it has been shown.

– Well, what! Jackal! Makhacha!? – shouted one bullying teenager to another.

Eyebrow bump

– Wack! I’ll kill you, bychara! – depicting cruelty on his face, shouted by another lad.

And they, with evil faces, clenched little fists, converged on Polyanka. And there was no mercy. And the black crows, feeling the blood circled over Polyanka. And the boys fought more often before the first blood. There I once piled by Leh Fedorov. Korchugan used me there once. I am shook my snot into a fist. Tears themselves rolled out of my eyes. I was ashamed, but I could not help myself. A bright bruise was brewing under his left eye. The lips swelled and burst in two places. After that, my mother would not let me out for two days. For two days I was sitting at home, sculpted plasticine soldiers. One of my soldiers was like Korchugana. The second was “good” and was a bit like me. "Good" certainly won the "villain." Retribution has happened. A week later, Korchugan and I were reconciled, shook hands. Makhache after Korchugan. Anyway! Well! Such as they say, "ce la vie." The first Makhache in our class was Mina. He was the strongest, the most sporty, fed on village milk. It is a wooden one-story house in the village of Central Africa. Mina from a large family. Moreover, as it turned out later, his parents were Baptists. They categorically forbade him to join the pioneers. Hen, As I later found out, the village of Central was inhabited by Baptists. Understand the peace, the peace, the peace and the peace I asked my mother – why? She shrugged and said – such faith. I didn’t let up? They said their god is also Jesus. How so? Mom shrugged. It wasn’t the idea that it wasn’t God’s religion, it’s a social paranoia. What man descended from monkeys. Frankly speaking, it’s a descent from the monkey. I once witnessed their palms at the zoo pooped by their palms, then calleted behind both cheeks. I must say, seeing this, I remembered Darwin with bad words. Although I still did not believe in God. She was brought to her holy day, and I used to disdain. I watched the mother of God, who was in her closet. She requested that the icon be placed in her coffin. I laughed at this even more.

– Why do you need an icon in the coffin? There is no God, Grandma Olya! – I spoke loudly at dinner, – a virgin cannot give birth to a child.

For dinner, grandmother often cooked me sweet milk noodle soup. I decided to make myself a milk noodle soup. Found a recipe online. Bought the best milk and noodles. Cooked for me. Probably the milk was different.

So, I ate soup and got my grandmother:

– Grandma, but there is no God! Christ is nonsense, invention, chukhnya! Ha ha ha!

She never answered that. Only once, having sighed, quietly said:

I grew up and understood.

Let’s go back to Polyanka. Sometimes cows beat their feet, and then they brought displeasure to the young footballers. Glade was a breath of freedom. It was possible to hide it, it was possible to hide it. This is where Moha brought me, stirring up my curiosity.

– I’ll show you right now! – Moha said excitedly on the move, – I’ll show you this!

I asked for a question:

– Tell me what it is? At least approximately …

– You’ll see right now, – Moha smiled, stopping for a second, – right now you will see this! Shake!

He walked on. I hurried after him. And it couldn’t be imagined. If you’re looking out for a shower, circling a week ago over Polyanka? Or maybe … Maybe he found a treasure? Right, damn it! He probably found Kolchak’s treasure, near the Trans-Siberian Railway. Where is this treasure – no one knew. Black diggers from Moscow and other regions. They dug, dug and dug. Tones turned over the earth, clay, sand. Once they found a Mosin rifle with a rotten butt and a human skull. Exhausted, finally disappointed, diggers threw shovels, collected manatki and felled from here. Therefore, our Polyanka is dug over in many places. We, as children, made of dugouts out of these holes. Used as a trenches to play Voynushka. "Fought" for the Reds, imagining Kolchak as an evil, one-eyed, unshaven bandyuk.

– Did you find Kolchak’s gold? – I asked Moha, again grabbing his sleeve shirt.

– Better, Moha answered shortly.

Moha is my childhood friend. We reached the ninth grade. But the peak of our friendship came in elementary school. It was even a jealous of Mohs when he didn’t come after me and dumped it. I was terribly offended when I watched ghosts without me. It was not a question. I didn’t understand how we would live later. How are we going to be without each other? Moha is a person who is closest to me. I could entrust the most secret secret. And now you can see the Miracle, to surprise me.

– Well damn! What is it?

We crossed the football field, crossed the gully. I soiled sneakers in raw clay, said:

Seeing the hill and whispered:

I saw the Miracle. Moha pulled out of the leotard, something large, purple, similar to the Nazi torpedo. Pussy in a standing form, I watched for the first time in my life. Wow! I opened my mouth in surprise.

– Saw ?! – Shining eyes, said Moss.

– Why … is … so? – I asked, crouching next to the Moha, without taking it off the pussy.

Moha, satisfied with the impression made on me, winked, smiled and said:

Eyebrow bump

– Right now, even see this! Shake!

I thought that I could see more than this tight pussy? What could be more unusual than her? And wield a pussy, masturbate. Earthworm, curving, changing shape. She tensed and tilted her head forward, then straightened and frowned. It seemed to him that he had changed his face. I felt sorry for him.

– Do not tear off her skin? – I asked him.

– “No,” said Moha confidently, continuing to wield his hand.

I opened my mouth wide and watched Mocha. It was the most amazing sight in the past year. Better this last year was only a giraffe at the zoo. And suddenly I felt the tension in the trikushki. I felt my pussy springing and growing. I was scared! Yolki-sticks, she came to life and began to move! What was it? And what to do with it? I was scared. Trichos. I tried to cover this business with my hand. And he said to Moha:

– May be enough? Come better in the trash cork collect.

Moha painted on his face, frowned and said:

– Come on! Right now will be the most interesting.

All red from the strain and excitement.

– Right now! Wait, you will see what will happen, he reassured me.

I was afraid of what might happen. What is going to be there? I, as before, won’t keep me away from them. But Moha tried, shook his hand, sought something. Then he was tired of his right hand.

– It’s even better, ”he said,“ as if … ”

But did not finish.

– Like what? – I asked.

Mocha stopped and carefully examined me.

I waved my hands and resisted:

– And what? – Moha did not let up, – show.

– Here’s another! Invented! No, I will not show – I rested.

Moha suddenly laughed:

– Yes, you have nothing there! You have there, probably like a girl!

– Why like a girl!? – I was offended, – and did you see that the girl!?

Moha became serious.

– Saw. I have the same Tanka, sister, older. We have a hole in the bathroom. Tanyuha, when I wash myself, I will go. There is a lot to … Then I cleared …

– Just a hole and a strip? – I asked disappointed.

Moha did not answer my question and laughed:

– A couple of times, she said:

– Cable? – I asked for some reason.

– Well, yes, – answered Mocha. And again, he had a friend, similar to an earthworm, who had clearly wilted her head during that time.

– Well, show me yours, Seryoga! – again turned to me Moss, continuing the monotonous movement.

I thought there was nothing to hide. After all, Moha is my best friend. He could not be telling anyone anything.

– Will it be our secret? – I asked him.

– Yes, yes, answered Moha hastily.

– Let’s swear, I said.

– I swear, ”Moha said, not looking up from his lilac friend.

– I swear too, I said after a pause.

I quickly pulled out my triceks from my tricky little bit. Moha looked at me and said:

– Do it like this. Like me. Jerking off

I shook my head and said emphatically:

– Not. I do not want. It hurts – and I hid the pussy back to the trikushki.

– Come on! Painfully ?! Kayfovo!

I categorically said:

Moha did not let up:

– Fuck up Kayfovo! Better than ice cream.

The last words struck me. Again, I pulled the pussy out of the tricks and asked Moha:

– True? Better than ice cream?

Moha continued to masturbate.

– Of course better. In two, three times! Yes, what three? At ten! A million times better!

I asked in disbelief:

– Yeah, "Moha replied," Right now! Right now! Another bit! Right now!

– What Right now? – I asked with interest.

– Right now, right now! – repeated the same Moss.

Suddenly, Aunt Grunya, Marinka’s mother, Moha’s back. Aunt Grunya worked as a cleaner at our entrance. I stood facing Moss. Because I immediately saw Aunt Grunya. She smiled crookedly and barked in a loud, unpleasant voice:

– Oh, you bastards. Dirty onanists!

Immediately, as she gave her voice, I hid the pussy in tricks, pulled them across. It is a little bit more than a scoop. Moha, not wearing tights, turned to Aunt Grunya and blinded her with his already worthy standing wealth covered with cobwebs of veins. He looked at his eyes, continued the rolls:

– Perverts damn! Eggs you pootryvat!

And we started with flick, rush off without looking. Blew to the lake. Then they turned right to the central, then across the road, and into the poplars. Having come running into the poplars, it was almost immediately broken down. I was laughing. Moha looked at me reproachfully and asked:

– Just like that, ”I replied, still laughing.

I wanted to write about it. And he wrote about the first experience of onanism. Okay Then I will write about You also need girls in school. They are very cool. It’s cooler than ice cream ice cream. We really liked matzo. Then I will tell about it.

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