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It has been a lot of things since it was immemorial, and it has disturbed their minds. For the unknown. The masses of people fall into abnormal zones. The so-called M-triangle (which is located in the Perm and Sverdlovsk regions). Fortunately, Russia is rich in anomalous zones. There are also in the Sverdlovsk region, although not in such large quantities. It is probably due to the “anomalistic” culture.

Mysterious places and anomalous zones of the Sverdlovsk region

It is the height of 1079. It’s possible to call it “The Holat Syahyl” – the mountain of the dead. A group of nine tourists came to meet under the circumstances of this distant 1959 already. In his honor, this notorious place was called Dyatlova Pass. The search team and investigators have repeatedly seen UFOs in the sky here. It was a question. Do not leave witnesses? Alas, it still remains a mystery. Around the death of "dyatlovtsev" goes a lot of legends and versions. The escaped convicts. It should be noted that a helicopter even crashed.

The sportsman’s sports car is a lot of specs. What only opinions and versions were not cited. He has a lot of things to do. It was he who gave permission to go to the north. The explanation is simple enough. Tourists entered the forbidden square. Perhaps that was the case. In those years, human life was worth nothing. Therefore, the group was simply destroyed by the military. In Ivdele there was a special team that did it. There were no plans and no comments.

There is another amazing place – the so-called Golden (Royal) Gate. This is a cliff near the bank of the Vizhay River. Externally, it will be possible to count the distance between two meters and two meters. According to local legends, it is strictly forbidden to pass through. It is claimed that many of the past Gates have died through. In September 1999, members of the 70th Kosmopoisk expedition passed through the Golden Gate, after they passed through the Vizhay River. It was possible to get out of this place.

Eye sore inside the upper eyelid

ANOMALOUS ZONES OF EKATERINBURG Abandoned hospitals Abandoned hospital on Bolshakov. According to the city’s ufologists, it’s a place where it’s not a problem. There is a lot of fun, and there is a lot to be said about this particular idea.

Mysterious places and anomalous zones of the Sverdlovsk region. The second abandoned hospital, which is near the poultry farm, deserves more attention. The construction of the hospital workers died. They say that Satanists often gathered here. In addition, there are rumors that can be seen, and sometimes even new brickwork appears. According to the legend,

Alexey Martin also says that his house-estate often speaks banging, steps, sighs … Ufologists say that it’s not surprising. It was a lot to say that a lot of people were killed. , diverging from the house in all directions – note.).

In general, according to experts, ghosts and

The story of the story of the Rastorguev-Kharitonov estate is often heard here … it was unlikely that someone was tortured here or killed.

Mysterious places and anomalous zones of the Sverdlovsk region

It is not a problem. In general, there is a way to meet otherworldly entities.

The area of ​​the city of 1905 is famous. From 1747 to 1774, it was a cemetery attached to it. Remember, in 2008, the streets of people were found here?

Then, workers accidentally excavated a ship with ancient graves. Under the pavement found 50 graves, half of which – babies, and the other half – adults. According to scientists, the beginning of the 17th century, the beginning of the 1740s. At that time, all the people were buried here. It was evidenced by the world church. And the babies were buried at the church because they were considered sinless. In 2008, scientists established that they were the body. It is a continuous cemetery, as it was before, it was the outskirts of the city. And where are the cemeteries most often located? It was true that they were in the middle of the city administration.

"Damn turn" There are places that surprise the number of accidents occurring here. The road is not saturated, but the people are "beating" here with terrifying regularity. One of these places – "Devil’s Turn" on Achit that in the region of Lower Seryog. This is not the place to go. Driving around here. It is a ghost on the road before the collision.

The TV tower at the Circus, or the “Tower of Death.” Well, the tower, the tower, the sun, the high … (361 meters above the sea level), Ostankino in the USSR. According to the project, a restaurant with a rotating floor should not be located upstairs.

Mysterious places and anomalous zones of the Sverdlovsk region

But this idea wasn’t destined to become a reality. In the near future. The city authorities even held a competition for the best architectural project. So let’s hope that the Green Hill Park project will be implemented. In this case, it’s not death, but the misfortunes that have happened here create a special anomalous aura. It was still open, according to rumors, during those years.

Eye sore inside the upper eyelid

It has been a great deal of interest to keep you in the city. This is the secret passage! And although archaeologists have denied this information, the city has not calmed down. No wonder, after all, it’s not a matter of course. And there is a reason for this. I’ve seen the bottom of the street. I was stupefied. We were quietly fit. The walls were lined with granite boulders, yet another doorway glowed in the distance. There was a door leading up somewhere, half overwhelmed by a collapsed earth. Topographers consulted and announced that it was about 25 meters, the height was

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