Eye drops for dryness and fatigue

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Latin name: Thealoz

  • Active substance: Trehalose (Trehalose)
  • Manufacturer: Excelvision, France
  • Eye drops for dryness and fatigue

    In 100 ml of 3 g solution trehalose. Sodium chloride, hydrochloric acid, trometamol, water as auxiliary components, up to 100 ml.

    Release form

    Plastic bottle with dispenser 10 ml.

    pharmachologic effect

    Moisturizing, lubricates the conjunctiva of the eye.

    Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


    Tealoz eye drops are a sterile, hypotonic moisturizing solution with a neutral pH. It is necessary to ensure that the hydration is necessary.

    It removes dryness of the mucous membrane, burning and irritation. These symptoms occur during a long time (wind, dust, smoke, sun, dry air).

    The main component of the solution is trehalose disaccharide, It has moisturizing, protective and antioxidant properties. It prevents a breakdown of proteins and prevents the breakdown of proteins. fatty acids. Its membrane stabilizing and protective properties are proven in the experiment. This is a result of ultraviolet irradiation, and also reduces inflammation of cornea. Embedded between cell membrane phospholipids, trehalose prevents their perforation and cell loss of water. Cell membranes from external factors.

    Tealoz duo additionally contains sodium hyaluronate. This is a combination that provides for greater comfort and comfort for the longest. It can be used when it is compatible with any material. It has been shown that it has been possible to ensure that both drugs are packaged and that it provides additional filtering for possible bacterial contamination. It is safe to use the solution for 3 months after opening the bottle.


    After instillation, the effect lasts up to 8 hours. The cannula is a systemic effect.

    Indications for use

    Tealoz drops are used for:

    • discomfort in the eyes (irritation, dryness, burning);
    • wearing contact lenses;
    • eye fatigue with prolonged computer work;
    • adverse environmental effects (smoke, wind, dust, dry air).

    The drug is also used in complex treatment. keratoconjunctivitis, erosive keratitis, Infectious eye diseases of viral microbial or fungal etiology on the background of specific treatment.


    The use of the drug is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to its components.

    Side effects

    In rare cases, there is a pronounced eye irritation.

    Tealoz, instructions for use (method and dosage)

    Wash hands before use. Make one drop in each eye, pulling the lower eyelid. You can apply 4-6 times a day. Can be applied to the eye with a mounted contact lens. Do not touch the bottle. Tightly close the vial until next use.

    Instructions on Tealoz Duo

    This is no different.


    Cases of overdose are not known. The liquid substance doesn’t penetrate into the systemic circulation.


    When using other solutions, you need to take a 10-minute break between using them.

    Terms of sale

    Storage conditions

    Temperature up to 25 ° C.

    Eye drops for dryness and fatigue

    Shelf life

    2 years. After opening the vial solution, use up to 3 months.

    Analogs tealoza

    The structure of Tealez eye drops containing the same active substance are absent. Have a similar effect: Hilo locker, Khilabak, Slezin, Istil, Tear artificial, Hyphenosis, Visalin, Vial tear.

    Tealose Reviews

    A lot of hair, a touch of redness, a feeling of redness. Dry eye syndrome is often found in the postoperative period – with cataract surgery or laser correction. Contact lenses. In all these cases, moisturizing eye drops are recommended.

    It is undesirable. This is the case with the unique composition. disaccharide, which provides cells anhydrobiosis – resistance to drying and survival in a dry climate.

    User feedback on this drug is positive. Contractionications and contraindications. The main disadvantage is considered a high price. Those who rarely use drops, complain It is a combination of a combination of the most common and a number of preservatives.

    Eye drops for dryness and fatigue

    • “… They prescribed this drug after excimer laser surgery. A week later, it’s not a problem. "
    • "… I need you to wear it."
    • “… I chose this drug for myself. I use it often, because I work 12 hours a day. "
    • "… These drops came up as Sustayn Ultra began to cause irritation."

    Price Tealosa where to buy

    You can get the drug at any pharmacy. Price eye drops Tealoz ranges from 447-605 rubles.

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