Dry chapped lips

It is not only our chocolate bar. It should be noted.

The process of extracting cocoa butter, in contrast, is complicated and time consuming.

The color of the tree undergone is fermented (under other words, fermentation). After these seeds are sorted, cleaned, heat-treated, crushed and eventually they get grains. Then this grains are finely crushed, getting the oil out of the water.

It has been found that natural cocoa butter has been used in cosmetology.

At a temperature not higher than 25-27 ° C, it is not too hot. It is 36 ° C, It is 36 ° C, It is 36 ° C.

Its main percentage is unsaturated and saturated fatty acids. Among them are oleic, stearic, lauric, palmitic, linoleic and arachidic acid. It is important to make it easier for your skin to relax.

The skin of the skin

It is recommended that epidermis with insufficient moisture levels.

It also helps to reduce the amount of skin and elasticity.

It was described as the skin of the skin, the skin, the skin, the skin, the skin, the skin, the skin and the skin. In addition, it has smoothing properties and gives you a good result in a fight against wrinkles.

Cocoa butter is another way to skin around the eyes.

Ideal for the winter season. It will help to protect it from weathering and frostbite. Cocoa butter is used for the same purpose. In particular, it is a balm.

Even this "chocolate" product beauticians advise to use after tanning in the sun or in a solarium. After skin repairing the skin cells.

It helps to eliminate the skin’s skin scaling, scars, and spots after acne.

Using cocoa butter, it is possible to avoid it. In addition, it helps to reduce the effect of even the most sensitive epidermis.

It is particularly quick to penetrate into the skin, penetrating deeply into the skin. Its application is quite simple and, of course, very effective.

Dry chapped lips

How to use cocoa butter

There are many cosmetic products for skin care, which includes cocoa butter. But then we will talk about it in home cosmetology.

It can be cleaned, it can be replaced with skin, it can be wrinkles.

You should be able to keep it in the air.

It is a fact that it can be used to make it.

It is the best way to apply cocoa butter. Moreover, this type of epidermis, with its increased sensitivity.

It can be applied instead of day cream (especially in winter in frosty weather). Then, it’s going to be enough.

It is good to lubricate your face and body before sunbathing. This is not only a contour of the sun. In addition, it will not dry out the skin.

It will help you to taste it.

It can be used for other vegetable oils. It is also necessary to use it around the eyes. Or just gently move the oil piece under the eyes.

Dry chapped lips

It can be diluted in the form of 1: 2 or 1: 3 with olive, almond, peach, sesame or other lighter oil.

It is a little bang for your hair. The same method is recommended to lubricate the chapped, dry and chapped lips.

As for homemade kremovareniya, here and there it’s thicker.

And then you will find some interesting recipes:

How To Apply;

It is a skin care product. It helps to reduce the amount of botox.

It is an effective treatment for skin and skin care.

Toning and protective macadamia nut oil. For skin dry skin in the process of fading.

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