Computer eyes hurt

The last time we figured out; can you easily remember.

There are some ways to make it. effective method. Further …

How to record music from the Internet

Often, your favorite artists of the network The video is up for the song. Here you can find the track video. It can be unsafe for the computer.

Do not despair: For example, Movavi Screen Recorder. Further …

How to align the text editor

Through the visual editor.

I began to learn how to create a website. Reached writing articles. I can not align with the page. There are no icons for aligning the page. The keyboard shortcuts ctrl + j and ctrl + alt + j Can you help me solve this problem?

What is PWM in monitors and how to save eyes?

In the previous article, you can monitor your eyes. As a continuation, I’m finding your eyes.

Why do my eyes hurt from the monitor?

Probably, you noticed that you can fix eyes or even eyes. It can be a little bit different (it’s not just the laptops, but it’s also the smartphones and tablets).

Computer eyes hurtGet tired and sore.

Academic year calendar for the 2017-2018 academic year in Excel

I am on my own? the 2017/2018 academic year in Excel. Further …

Rules for creating and storing passwords

Today we begin the long-awaited series of lessons on information security. Complex and reliable passwords.

You, of course, have come up with a password for yourself, maybe not even one. # 128578; It is not necessary to read these rules.

Identification, authentication, authorization – what’s the difference?

We need to deal with basic definitions.

Computer eyes hurt

Today between the concepts of these concepts Next …

Information Technology Professions

Often they turn to me?

Especially, it is promising. But what kind of computer people go? Let’s try to figure it out! Further …

An interview with Sergey Menkov

As you know, I like you. There are many interesting people among active commentators on IT lessons, and today I present you an interview with Sergey Menkov.

Sergey Menkov lives in Transbaikalia, has an interesting website dedicated to motivation. What is the most important thing to do?

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