Causes of a pink eye

There is such a practice – going to the rod, to their ancestors. It is important to know their support. If you are married, you can get advice and support. How to get the power of the rod? Ancestors can give advice, gifts, sometimes unexpected. You can also give gifts to them. I once gave them honey …

Ask what interests you. Ask for advice and help. If you have a relationship, ask him to come. If you were in a quarrel with someone, ask for forgiveness. After this practice, the situation will begin to change. Sometimes there will be a few days later. Someone will say: “It’s all nantantazirovo everything!” In this form, we’ve taken it out of your subconscious.

You can do without it. Afraid in any case is not necessary.

How to make contact with Rod

Sit down, eyes closed. Knees are bent, legs are not crossed, “grow” into the floor, like roots. The back is straight, the shoulders are relaxed, the head is “suspended”. We take a few breaths and exhalations.

Causes of a pink eye

Introducing your Generic Space. You are standing in the middle, the father is on the right. How she looks at you. Say mentally:

"Mom, I love you! Mom, I accept you! And I thank you for you.

You can feel how mom responds. Feel the streams of unconditional love flowing between you, expanding. Feel how the state of mom is changing. Tell her mentally:

“Mom, forgive me, I love you! I thank you for giving me life. "

Now look at your father. Tell him:

“I thank you for giving me life. For me. "

Causes of a pink eye

Perhaps his expression changed, became softer. Feel the streams of unconditional love between you.

Until the founders of the rod. Feel your Rod behind you. Say:

“I embrace you for my gift.”

Hear this whole rod speak this phrase with you.

Red-pink ball filled with unconditional love. It is a group of parents who have grown and have been flooding. We love you, you can make it so you can be filled with this love. It penetrates the navel area. And there are two streams of love and fatherly clans. We talk:

"I accept the love of my Kind with gratitude and love."

It’s like you’re sprouting, you’re about to take off. Back to back.

Slowly open your eyes, returning to reality.

Support the Kind for the fulfillment of desire

If you want to receive support from the Rod. For example, you’ve had a thriving business. You can immediately go to him for help.

It is comfortable. And begin to descend. See what they want for their fulfillment of desire. I like you and your grandparents. We ask for your advice, blessings, information for the fulfillment of desire. He is a little girlfriend. He is a little girlfriend. They begin to hug and kiss you, because you are their continuation. Ask them about your desire, get help or support. Listen to what they say. Can give advice or any subject of force. Hug, get their support and love.

We descend a bit of green or pink color. This is the Lake of Love, which has been passed down from generation to generation. You are in love with the Rod. When fed, you float. And you feel the power of unconditional love within you.

Blue sky and bright sun. You have to pay your attention to all kinds of gifts. If you are looking for yourself, you can find yourself here.

the rod, which gives you the resources.

Why cave? You can come up with your own image, but it is imperative that there be an entry and exit.

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