Cats with beautiful eyes

Photos and breed names

Photos and brief description

Cat breed savannah

This is an expensive breed of cats that have been bred. Without deception is not enough. A flock of scammers is circling around this breed. It is worth noting that you can’t make it and you can’t get it.

Ragdoll cat breed

Ragdolls are large cats with luxurious hair. They need to pay attention and communication.

Cornish rex cats

Cornish Rex – affectionate and peaceful breed of cats. They have short curly and soft coat.

Thai cat

Thai cat has a number of characteristics. Thanks to the selection, it was possible to improve the data. There are several variations of these cats, each of which has its own characteristics. There are no differences between the cat breed and the cat.

Cats with beautiful eyes

Siamese cat

Siamese are different from other cat breeds. They are graceful, graceful, intelligent and in most cases. Warmth to others.

Balinese cat

Balinese cats were obtained from Siamese. This is affectionate, loyal pets who adore attention. Balinese are easy to learn, but boredom spoils things in the house. These pets are suitable for single people or family. Balinese get along with others.

Not all wild cats are dangerous to humans. There are creatures that are superior to domestic murok. A caracal is a clever predator and a man’s friend. Translation of the breed name from the Türkic language – “black ear”. Kitty loving owner.

Predatory animal with aggressive appearance, Pallas cat or Manul – a true majestic beast. And, nevertheless, there are fans of extreme exotic who keep in their house.

What does not exist? In 2006, Pets were introduced to their breeds. Two years later, the bitter truth was revealed …

American bobtail

A distinctive feature of American Bobtails or Yankibob cats is the short tail. Long hair, animal resembles a wild one. Bobtails are active cats, cheerful owners, attached to their owners.

Kuril bobtail

Cats of the Kuril Bobtail breed are distinguished by their unusual appearance. The peculiarity of which is the short fluffy tail. Despite the fact that for some centuries, the breed has been inhabited by the Kuril Islands.

Somali cat breed

Somali cat breed is young. She received official recognition in the 20th century. Her ancestors are considered Abyssinian cats. And the homeland is the United States of America. Always ready to be close to the owner.

Cats with beautiful eyes

The unusualness of Sphinx cats attracts attention. Lack of wool, smooth skin add-on, animals are popular with creative people. In the United States, bald kittens in the late twentieth century. The names of the first Russian bald animals – Pelmen and Nefertiti.

Burmese cat breed

Burmese cat (since 1989 – Myanmar), located in the west of the Indochina peninsula. Breeds belong to the semi-long-haired cats, have a hair of “Persians” and have a color resembling the mask of “Siamese”.

Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora is a type of domestic cat breed. The species was created in Ankara Zoo. The breed was bred with Europe and America. The official registration of the Turkish Angora is dated 1973.

Wildlife in Africa For the price of such a car is jewelry A leather sofa while relaxing. In the form of predator wakes up at the cute kitty.

Neva Masquerade cat breed

Neva Masquerade cat breed can be easily recognized over the other members of the cat family. Beauty combined with the characteristics of nature and nature makes it popular among owners and breeders.

Russian blue breed

Russian Blue is a popular breed of domestic short-haired cats. It is successfully bred not only at home, in Russia, but also in Europe. Most in the Czech Republic, Sweden and Slovakia.

Reed cat breed

It is one of the modern breeds of the last century. He was bred by domestic and wild cat. This is a rare breed, but it is a gaining popularity. Cats have received a lot of color.

Cats with beautiful eyes

Their paws are 2 times shorter. Stunted cats are a lively temperament and friendly disposition, are physically unpretentious in care.

Persian cat breed

Cats are famous for their long hair, flattened face, soft, pliable character. They are completely dependent on the person.

Scottish Fold cat breed

Large round eyes and large round eyes. Kittens are born with a straight auricle. The Fatal Breeds From some parents can get kittens with both straight and curving shells.

Scottish Straight Cats

He was a cat in 2004, they harmoniously combine charming and docile nature. Animals do not suffer from hereditary pathologies, do not require diet and complex care.

Burmese cat breed

This is the first thing that catches their most beautifully, mysterious, slightly slanting eyes, precious stones, and shiny, silk-like wool. But these breed advantages are not exhausted. You can imagine these exotic beauties. This is the secret of the breed.

Abyssinian cat

African predator with a tender, playful disposition. Care, attention and intimacy with the owner, increased attention.

Maine Coons are 3 – 4 times stately peace and peace-loving character. Before you buy a kitten, you’re interested in the cattenos

Oriental cat breed

At first glance, this long-legged and thin cat with ears, "locators" looks ridiculous. However, it’s clear how to get a clever dog, affectionate, like a devotional dog.

Bengal cat

The Bengal breed appeared in the 80s of the XX century when crossing wild leopard and domestic cats. The nature of the breed has to be taken into account.

British cat

The British are true aristocrats, cat "ladies and gentlemen." They are distinguished by exquisite manners. Today’s article is about these cats.

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