Blond with green eyes

So it is the same person

One minute and all life

takay dobray skazka pro krasavizy i zydovije

Blond with green eyes

Of course, all this mess started not now. Here, but not now. It is not a problem. You can even say what’s the most important events

It is not clear, agree? So, we will get out of this web. So.

It happens, as we have already mentioned, not now, but seven years ago. Yes, perhaps seven years …

Evening. Lilac twilight hang over Manhattan. From the open doors of restaurants and restaurants. Taxis and limousines All these office managers, secretaries, sales consultants, promoters and headhunters … they are all transformed in the evening. Business suits, grinning, wolfrobes, iff U Sil ies Vel Sil nd Sp nd Sil Sil Sil Sil Sil, Sil always always always always always always always always always always always Fur coats in New York at any time of the year. Even when there is an extreme need for water, it is an extreme amount of heat.

But it is not about heat, especially since it is heat. In the midst of the rainforest and the lily of the valley.

She is draped in greenish silk (in other words, she has a bathrobe on her head). Mary Lou Jennings, nineteen, white, medium height, physique … well, in normal, physique. It could be better – in the opinion of Mary Lou herself.

Blond with green eyes

Under the turquoise blue eyes and a pair of reddish hair Cheekbones – a little tall. The nose is a little horny. However, it is always the most pleasant. It is a lot of fun. If you’re after a baby, you can’t be a rival. It is not a problem.

In the tiny living room, Mary Loupithe is a soft sofa, strewn with pillows, pads and very tiny dumochkami. A bowl of fruit juice and a box of sangria. It is a TV and a video recorder, it is already on the screen. Mary Lou watched, endlessly.

Have you guessed it? Well, yes, Mary Lou is a romantic person.

These films were loved by women. Romantic melodramas filled with charm and light mystery. These films have always been courageous, and the heroines, respectively, are feminine; Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey! heard a lot about the movie “Halloween”. It is a woman who has fallen …

Mary Lou is waiting for the Beautiful Prince. In principle, this is not news. Anyway, all the women are in the world. And her hair on horseback.

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