Beaver jet for what

Beaver jet, what is it and where is it used? Traditional medicine for their own purposes uses a variety of tools that accumulate in the body of animals. One of these – beaver musk (jet).

This fluid is produced in the prinal glands. They use it to mark the territory. Today we will try to understand what is iron, what is its usefulness for the human body.

In ancient Russia, the beaver fur coat spoke of significant status. The cost was very high. But even more prized jet, which was used in traditional medicine from various ailments.

It was called the elixir from all diseases. Doctors according to a special recipe prepared the drug, which has not survived to this day. Different countries have their own ways, but the action is the same.

Musk is a great way to relieve inflammation and heal wounds. They use it inwards to enhance immunity, improve the condition of various diseases, treat male problems, and increase potency.

During the military campaigns, the soldiers of Alexander Nevsky used ointments and tinctures of beaver to heal stabbed and cut wounds received in battles. Muscular ointments were treated with purulent cuts.

Representatives of Chinese medicine for a long time supported the health of their leader Mao Zedong, who was ill with diabetes mellitus, tincture of the jet. There is a historical background on how Tsar Ivan the Terrible was wounded at the time of the capture of Kazan.

Healers healed his tincture of the jet. In the time of Peter the Great, they treated colds. The king is a hangover, after a strong drink.

A great lover of women, the poet used this tool to raise potency. The power of this gland was known to very many men of that time. At the beginning of the 20th century, tincture was used to treat mental illness, epilepsy, and depressive states.

The beaver jet has already been in space. On its basis a product was made for astronauts, raising immunity. For people who have fallen into the radiation zone, receiving radiation for cancer, with leukemia, doctors prescribed tincture.

What it is

The iron in which musk is located is located near the anus in special pouches. They have all genders. The animals use this liquid to treat their fur, and the males mark the territory.

Externally, it looks like wet sand. The composition is completely vegetable. Beavers feed on medicinal herbs, processed into the gland, where they accumulate. Mined during the mating season. At this point, the concentration of the jet is the largest.

The composition largely depends on the habitat and how the jet is produced. In the hour of catching beaver, when the animal gets stressed, the liquid loses its properties, the amount decreases.

With instant death the quality of the gland is much better. You should immediately remove the beaver fat, so you can store for a long time.

Also, the gland needs to be dried or dried, after which tinctures and ointments are made of it. Now on farms found a more humane way of extraction, while the animal is not killed.

Beaver stream, what is it? About her tell research scientists around the world. The composition depends largely on the habitat, which consists of the diet of the animal.

There is no one for all. Nutrition has a very important role, in many ways affects the chemical properties. Until now, the individual components of musk have not been fully studied.

There are very complex chemical formulas of oils and fatty acids, which are still poorly understood. At the moment it is known that the liquid contains more than 50 types of various natural substances.

Most of these compounds are used in medicine for the preparation of drugs. The jet found its use in perfumery. Components are used as fixative odors.

The advantage of substances that are part of musk is that they are ideally balanced, they are not affected by high temperatures, they do not lose nutrients.

What helps

The healing properties of the beaver gland are known from ancient times. Fat is also used for treatment. At the time of drying, these two components must be disconnected. Fat quickly ages and changes the properties of the gland.

Pure product in dry or dried form can be stored long enough for the preparation of therapeutic drugs. In the photo you can see the dried gland.

The dried product is used in several versions:

  • The main drug is a tincture of vodka.
  • Dry powder, too, insist on alcohol, taken in this form.
  • It is extremely rare to make ointments, these are hard to find.
  • Candles can be made yourself.

Due to the healing properties of the tincture is needed for such ailments:

Removes inflammatory processes in case of purulent wounds, injuries, cuts. Treats psoriasis, eliminates itching caused by skin rashes.

About antimicrobial properties known for a long time. The use of tincture in diseases caused by various microbes – staphylococcus, streptococcus, Koch’s wand.

Used in inflammation of the lungs, tuberculosis, sinusitis.

Its main action – raising immunity, which helps the body to cope with the disease. Raises defenses in the fight against illness.

Helps with male problems. Used for impotence, erectile dysfunction.

To relieve inflammation of the sexual sphere. A positive effect on the treatment of prostate adenoma. It gives vigor, tones the entire body.

Substances that are part of the water infusion, clean the blood vessels, dissolve blood clots. This action helps with high blood pressure, heart disease, angina, ischemia. It is recommended for diabetes as a prophylactic agent.

It has an antispasmodic effect. Relieves discomfort in the liver and pancreas. Relieves gout condition.

Beaver jet for what

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Arthritis and arthritis are treated by internal and external use.

Nerve pathologies and cancer prevention

Psychological diseases as a sedative in stressful situations, exhaustion. Tincture gives strength, vigor. A feeling of fatigue, working capacity. The drug has no side effects.

Helps to recuperate people who have undergone radiation and chemotherapy. Improves blood composition. The use of beaver jet after strokes and heart attacks promotes rapid recovery.

Preparation of preparations from a stream of a beaver

The pharmacy has a finished tincture of a beaver stream, which can be purchased for use. To prepare different types of preparations from dry powder or dried castoreum.

Tincture made from smoked glands. Natural (100 gr.) Cut into small pieces and pour ½ liter of 40% vodka. Stand in the dark for 14 days.

Can alcohol medical 96%. It is necessary for 100 grams of gland 250 gr. alcohol product. After he insists add 200 grams of distilled water.

For internal use, dry powder can be used. To kill the pungent smell should be taken along with the coffee. Take a sip of the invigorating drink, then take 1 gram of the powder, drink it again.

You can make the most candles for vaginal and anal use. To do this, melt fresh lard. Mix it with spray powder. When freeze to cook small candles.

Beaver jet for what

To make the ointment you need to take 100 grams. fat (beaver), add 50 grams of gland powder. Steam for 5-7 minutes (water bath).

Pour into a dark glass container, cool. Use externally once a day. Spread a thin layer. Not always a lot – this is good.

How to apply

To prevent tincture drink two drops before meals. In the main eating (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

For the treatment of diseases it is necessary to make a three-time intake of tincture, one teaspoon each.

In gynecology and proctology it is necessary to use candles, put them at night. You can also dilute the tincture with water (1: 2), wet the swab and inject it before bedtime. To do within 10 days.

Outwardly can be used for rubbing. Manipulations should be carried out three times.

Instead of tincture use 1 oz. dry powder (like a match head). You can just drink it with water. Put in the crumb of bread and swallow like a pill.

When purulent wounds do for 20 minutes compresses on the affected areas.

Before taking the drug, it is advisable to consult with

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