Baby eye drops

Welcome to the online store of inexpensive glasses and frames Points 500!

There is always a choice!

“Base package”, “Optimal package”, “Package is thinner!”

Have you decided to place an order? Excellent, we offer you frames + lenses and diopters from 500r. When ordering in our online store, we advise you to pay attention to the item "Lens selection package offer"

  • Package "Basic" frame + lenses

The cost of the package "Basic" includes: rim, spectacle lenses, the work of the master in manufacturing.

Quality FSV lenses

  • Package "Optimal" frame + refined lenses with multicoating

Baby eye drops

The cost of the package "Optimal" includes: rim, spectacle lenses, the work of the master in manufacturing.

Eco quality lenses +

  • Package "Thinner!" Rim + refined lenses with multicoating

The package “Thinner!” Includes: rim, sophisticated spectacle lenses, the work of the master of manufacturing.

Quality Hoya lenses

Welcome to the online store of inexpensive glasses and frames Points 500!

Glasses are the easiest and surest way to correct vision. In modern times there are many opticians, offering a variety of devices for improving vision. But often, having seen the prices, the person simply turns around and leaves, because the overestimated cost does not correspond to the material situation of certain groups of people.

Our online store of frames and other optical devices offers high-quality products at reasonable prices. In the catalog you can find any products for people with the highest requirements: branded from well-known manufacturers, children, sunscreen, etc.

Advantages of our portal

Baby eye drops

Unfortunately, many people do not care about their health and refuse to wear glasses because of prejudices that these accessories do not belong to them. Our online store of frames will help you to change this opinion, because in the huge catalog you can find branded glasses that are most suitable for your appearance.

You can even come to the salon yourself and measure any accessory. If there is not enough time or the inability to independently approach us, the employee will bring the goods with delivery to the door, and you can measure the goods in your apartment with convenience and comfort.

There are many reasons to order products on our website. Below is just a small fraction of the advantages, why you should choose our online store of points:

  1. All offered products are stored in our own warehouse. Here we have a huge range of optical devices for eye health. By calling the online store of points, you can be sure that the order will not have to wait long, because we already have all the necessary attributes.
  2. We manufacture products at the lowest prices, because we know how important health is and we strive to make products affordable for everyone. Customer purchases are not a greed for us, we just want all people to have good vision, and therefore we reduce prices as much as possible. If you want to buy glasses cheaply, the choice on our portal is the best option.
  3. Optical accessories should differ not only in convenience and comfort in use, but also beauty. On our website you can buy branded eyeglass frames, the online store provides a huge selection of various products from the manufacturer. In addition, prices are available to everyone, because we work with suppliers directly. To buy branded glasses in an online store at an attractive cost is not a dream, but a reality, because with this approach we increase the possibility of maintaining the cost of production without compromising quality.
  4. To buy glasses cheaply, you do not even need to leave the house. Sitting in a comfortable chair, you simply select the appropriate brand product and report it to our managers.
  5. If you want to buy really high-quality branded spectacle frames, an online store is the best solution. We are a licensed company, on our portal you can familiarize yourself with all the necessary documentation. We have licenses to carry out medical activities and the production of equipment, as well as certificates for products. Cheap – does not mean poor quality. You can see for yourself if you decide to buy branded glasses in an online store.

Details of our company are listed on the site. Here you can also get acquainted with a huge range of products for improving vision. If you appreciate all the advantages, and want to order branded spectacle frames – the online store is always at your service. Leave a request for the goods you like to mail, or call the toll free number, and our staff will immediately contact you, who will answer all your questions in detail.

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