Aloe Vera Face Mask

Say "a" – say "b". She said “I will write a review of Vietnamese cosmetics” … Yes, everything, everything, my Vietnamese-loving friend. You are honored.

Vietnamese cosmetics and general impressions about it

Let me remind you of my knowledge from this highly scientific field. It was a lot of ways to travel around. It is a special factor to have a caring pattern.

What can I tell you about it?

  • They are quite inexpensive.
  • Not very diverse – for example, there is no such violent color beauty industry.
  • Pretty good quality. I can not say that Vietnamese cosmetics worse than Thai. Just the choice is much more modest.
  • Actually, it is not enough to make it. From here, any goods from Ty are basically sparse here.

Truly natural cosmetics are sold out. Aloe vera leaves are about the size of an elbow. You want – eat, you want – smear!

However, I’m not sure what I’m talking about. I recommend to visit Thai beauty zone in Vietnamese.

  • Significantly more likely in various cities – Big C, CoopMart, Lotte Mart, Family Mart and
  • Also locally made stretch mark cream

    Remember also, there is a wonderful site online store

    Analogue of Thai Skagel from the scars. Surely effective – the composition is similar.

    It was an introduction and a prelude. I’ll go for 50 kg of beauty. What is not ashamed to recommend to buy.

    Pond’s also popular as in Thailand

    Aloe Vera Face Mask

    So, during the beauty shopping in Vietnam, please pay attention to the following instances.

    Talk about what Thai cosmetics are in Vietnamese stores, in

    https: //

    Vietnamese cosmetics with turmeric

    I have already written about the therapeutic and cosmetological properties of turmeric. It is a great variety of turmeric-based care products.

      Cream with turmeric. It is a skin moisturizer and a skin moisturizer and a feeder. Where I first saw these yellow-white tubes, I smeared them with golden contents. Even around the eyes. And everything was ok. Everything was more than ok.

    This is all – with turmeric extract

    In short. When we drove back to Cambodia, I’ve been grabbed with the emphasis on the first syllable, if that. Until now, I still use it – nor addictive nor acne. If you’re looking for a skin that has been damaged, it is the skin of Ecuador E 100. And it’s nice to use. It is quickly absorbed, the skin is delicate, soft, smooth. Any wounds heal quickly … Well this is turmeric! Oops confusion! Found in it python fat. But I can understand it so much, but I can’t leave it alone. For I am a vegetarian, it happened. For your sake of beauty and physiognomy.

    Wonde facial wash

    When I first started using it, I was in seventh heaven with happiness. It is a mixture of herbal powder in the base, tea leaves, aloe, ginseng. Allantoin has also been added. He is part of the world’s best gel from Scarg Scars, who is a member.

    I used two small packages for the trip. Together with the aforementioned, it was not a pleasant, soft, velvety.

    Of course, before returning to the long-suffering Kampuchea, I grabbed a giant tube for 200 ml of cream foam. She was also pleased until she saw the composition – triclosan! I try to avoid it. I especially do not recommend it to pregnant women. Why such aggression against him can be found here.

    And you decide yourself what to wash mosu.

    Coconut oil

    He is a lot. It is of extremely low quality. I took 200 ml for 36 thousand dong,

    It is the rule of law. No fragrance, no mineral oil. If it is written virgin coconut oil 100% – we take. The rest – do not take.

    Shampoos from vietnam

    A couple of noteworthy options.

      Shampoo against hair loss Megum. I like this. It is aloe vera, ginseng, coconut and olive oil, jojoba, chamomile, etc. I really like it after shampooing. These are the Thai Jinda, Palmy, Dema and Kokliang. However, it is difficult to strengthen the hair.

    Toothpastes and soaps

    Aloe Vera Face Mask

    Frankly, boring. No local Madame Hengov or at least stray round toothpastes are offered. With soap – generally solid Safeguard, Protex and

    If you don’t believe it is a very good copy, it is a gel paste. Koreans decided not to stick up toothpaste between TVs and copiers? And they didn’t scratch enamel, moderately fresh neutral taste, well refreshed and surprisingly cleaned removes plaque.

    Feel free to try.

    Behind this, I consider our review complete. I would like to be happy if I’ve been declining.

    As part of the depression

    At the end, I’m not welcome, we’re also worthy of our attention. For this topic seems to me no less important. Believe me, it’sa therapeutic, effective and natural!

    Sincerely yours, restless Asian beauty Marta. I am writing from Cambodia, 2018

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