A child’s eye hurts

Anniversary today notable Marks a kindergarten. Everyone to this event is very happy.

I always meet the guard.

Let only the happy laughter sound through the corridors. I wish you follow.

A child's eye hurts

In our kindergarten anniversary, Let’s life give you gifts,

All the time so much luck, So that all of you were happier!

Happy anniversary, our garden, hurray, and we know that!

At kindergarten Jubilee, Get together, as soon as possible, To congratulate your children!

Let the children flourish in the garden, inspire fulfillment. Let them be happy!

Long years of happy life, A lot of warm bright days. So, not once again to mention Loud noisy Jubilee!

Kindergarten today is a holiday. It marks its own important. Our anniversary is weighty – a solemn, great day.

Let it be interesting, Impressions rich.

Our kindergarten is our beautiful.

It will be your favorite!

Let your team be friends, Pupils are happy, positive reigns in work, Waiting for bright rewards!

Honor the workers and the people who love their children!

If you are a little girl, you’ll be up there, Hundreds of your daughters and sons!

If you work, you will not be tired, because your work is very necessary!

Such a wonderful holiday today, Such a wonderful anniversary! And gently loves all children!

We wish him good luck, let him grow big-big! Our garden is the best, not the other! Let it always be like this!

Today we will have fun! Our garden in a hurry.

In kindergarten, a lot of adults, children.

I wish you to flourish, Toddlers are so beautiful Teach and admonish.

If you want, you must be able to make sure that you love it.

Every toddler today is happy, incredibly happy. Jubilee marks our favorite kindergarten.

I wish you prosperity, teachers of all are kind,

For children, Accept as soon as possible Congratulations on the anniversary!

It is a holiday, it’s a holiday, it’s a fun day!

A child's eye hurts

If you’re there, there is no better!

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