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    Slimming tea has recently gained great popularity. It is a drink based on herbs. Its composition may vary. Slimming tea can be found at the pharmacy or prepared by yourself. Nutritionists claim that such drinks will allow you to say goodbye to 3–5 kg of excess weight in 2–4 weeks.

    How does tea for weight loss

    In fact, the composition of tea for weight loss is nothing that could affect the body’s fat reserves or appetite. Such drinks play the role of a laxative or diuretic with a very strong effect, due to which there is a loss of kilograms. As a result – slimming tea is better to use as a supplement to some diet or proper diet.

    What are the benefits of losing weight on tea

    The herbs that make up this tea stimulate the digestive process well and speed up the metabolism, remove toxins and block the absorption of fat from the intestines. The laxative effect they possess helps to remove all that is superfluous from the body. Among the advantages of losing weight on tea is the availability and a wide range of drinks, allowing you to make a choice for almost every taste.

    What are the disadvantages of tea slimming

    Such teas have a strong laxative effect. Their uncontrolled use can unbalance the intestinal motility so that it will be difficult to manage without these drinks. Among the effects of fanatical slimming tea are hemorrhoids and anal fissures that require surgical treatment.

    Having a laxative effect, slimming teas contribute to the elimination of such important trace elements as potassium, magnesium and calcium. As a result, a person may experience severe muscular weakness, heart rhythm disturbances.

    The effect of the use of tea for weight loss, no doubt there is. However, it is short-term, which can also be attributed to the shortcomings. Of course, all of the above disadvantages are the result of uncontrolled use.

    It should also be noted that there is no need to expect instant results from tea. The effect can be seen only after 2? 3 weeks.

    Types of slimming tea: choose the most effective

    1. Tea "Turboslim"

    One of the most popular slimming tea, which is produced in Russia by the company "Evalar". The manufacturer recommends taking it 2 cups a day, no more. It is not recommended to use it on an empty stomach. Weight will decrease faster if, in parallel with tea, we take other products from the Turboslim line, as well as increase physical activity. The composition of the tea are quite harmless components: green tea, senna, mint, corn silk, garcinia. Tea "Turboslim" is contraindicated in pregnancy, breastfeeding, and nervous disorders. The cost of a pack – 203 UAH.

    2. Tea "Typhoon"

    The drink is made by the Ukrainian company Golden Farm. It also has a laxative effect. However, the manufacturer claims that losing weight is not due to bowel cleansing, but due to the acceleration of metabolism, which is provided by plant bioflavonoids. The composition of "Typhoon" includes lotus petals, senna, extracts of lemongrass, mate and hibiscus. Judging by the numerous reviews, "Typhoon" helps to throw up to 2? 4 kg per month. There is a collection of herbal teas with different flavors. Packing price – 140 rubles, in Ukraine – 34 UAH.

    3. "Monastic tea"

    Recently, this tea has been a great success with those who want to throw a couple of extra pounds. It is created according to the ancient recipe of monks, using this drink to cleanse toxins, maintain tone and lose excess weight, which prevented active labor. The monastic tea consists of seven herbs, selected in a certain proportion. The drink contains mint, chamomile, senna, black elderberry, dandelion, fennel and linden. For a month with it you can lose 2? 5 kg. The price of a pack of 100 g – 290 rubles.

    4. Tea "Pohudin"

    The drink is produced by the Russian company Leovit, which specializes in the production of goods for proper nutrition under the brand "Lose Weight in a Week." In the line of the company there are three types of slimming tea: green, black and hibiscus. "Pohudin" is designed to minimize the negative effects of an unbalanced diet, cleanse the body of fat decomposition products, normalize metabolism, and replenish vitamin deficiencies. Tea has a pleasant taste, it can be drunk both hot and cold. One of the distinguishing features of "Loose weight" is that it includes a complex of vitamins (H, A, C, E, PP, D, B), as well as L-carnitine, spices, inulin, chromium picolinate. Tea provides a loss of up to 10% of the initial weight per month, but only if the diet is observed. Packing price 25 bags – 335 rubles.

    5. Tea "Green Slim"

    Despite the foreign name, tea is produced by the Russian company Fitara. In the composition there are lotus leaves, green tea, senna, tangerine peel, extracts of rhubarb, mate, coleus seeds and hoodia gordon. Tea has many flavors. The manufacturer does not promise miracles and recommends taking "Green Slim" as a means to enhance the effectiveness of the diet. Price – 70? 90 rubles for 30 bags.

    6. Tea “Flying swallow”

    The composition of the drink includes a tea leaf, lingonberry, fiber loofah, cassia seeds, peel of unripe mandarin, pahima coconut (tree fungus). Tea is produced by the Chinese company "Lüshanju". The manufacturer promises that a monthly intake of tea will provide a loss of 2? 4 kg of unnecessary weight. The duration of treatment is no more than two weeks, then a break should follow. The cost of a pack (20 bags) 182 rubles.

    7. Antilipid tea "Tiens"

    This drink belongs to the Chinese company Tiens. It is positioned as a tea to cleanse the body. Its composition of herbs (five-leafed gynostemma, lotus leaves, highlander, multicolor, green tea, cassia tor seeds) perfectly purify the body of toxins and cholesterol. Antilipid tea helps in a month to lose 3–5 or more pounds of weight (depending on the total body mass and slagging of the body). In a pack of 40 bags, the price is 996 rubles or 260 UAH. It is expensive, but the effect is good. Application: brew one bag per liter of boiling water, infuse for 15–20 minutes and drink throughout the day. Do not add sugar!

    What is the best slimming tea?

    As you can see, any slimming tea has a laxative effect. Consequently, they have the same principle of operation. Differences lie in price and composition. Try to find a balance in this ratio. Choose tea at a reasonable price and with natural ingredients in the composition. The main active ingredient in these drinks is senna extract, lotus, so it makes no sense to overpay for other "exotic" ingredients, which, in fact, have no effect on the fat burning process.

    Lose Weight with a Cup of Tea: Best Homemade Recipes

    Unconditional plus homemade tea for weight loss lies in its absolute naturalness. Among the popular ingredients for its preparation are: ginger, green tea, lemon, goji berries, spices and herbs.

    Which green tea is better for losing weight

    1. Tea from ginger and lemon

    This drink helps to stimulate the blood supply, which speeds up the metabolism and affects the burning of fat cells.

    To make it you will need:

    • fresh ginger root;
    • water;
    • lemon.

    Cut a small piece of ginger root into small cubes, cover with water and put on fire. Instead of water, you can use green tea. Bring the drink to a boil and boil for 20 minutes. Cool to a comfortable temperature, add a slice of lemon and drink throughout the day. Honey can be added to taste, but literally one drop.

    2. Herbal Slimming Tea

    To prepare it, stock up:

    • dandelion root;
    • mint leaves;
    • parsley;
    • fennel;
    • buckthorn bark.

    All ingredients can be easily found in the pharmacy. The buckthorn in this recipe acts as a laxative, so it is necessary to take a little more than the rest of the ingredients. Fill the herbs with boiling water and leave for 15 minutes to brew. Strain the drink and consume two cups a day for two weeks.

    3. Tea with cinnamon, anise and honey

    This is one of the delicious and fragrant options for homemade slimming tea. Honey can not be used because it has a lot of calories.

    For tea you will need:

    • one

      4. Tea with dried fruits

    To prepare it, take:

    • 1 l of hot water;
    • one

      Features tea slimming

    Going to lose weight on tea, you must remember that this method is not a panacea for excess weight. It is almost impossible to drop the hated kilograms only on tea, freely seated on the sofa. Tea works only in combination with diet and physical activity. In this case, it will contribute to early weight loss.

    Do not forget about contraindications and side effects. The use of tea for weight loss is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women, as well as those who have any chronic illness. Due to the laxative effect, tea flushes out not only harmful toxins, but also beneficial trace elements from the body, so it should not be drunk during an illness, even against the background of the same harmless cold. Finally, the most important feature of tea slimming – dropped weight can quickly return back, and even with a couple of new kilograms, if you neglect the principles of healthy eating.

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