What you need to drink before bedtime to lose weight

Everyone knows about the importance of healthy sleep for the body. Sleep is needed to replenish energy, to restore the body, and therefore people who are deprived of this natural need face serious illnesses, ranging from nervous disorders to heart problems. And no less important, a full 8-hour sleep supports the endocrine system, protecting against hormonal disruptions, which invariably lead to weight gain.

What you need to drink before bedtime to lose weight

It turns out that sleep problems and attempts to sleep for 4-5 hours a day interfere with weight loss and even contribute to weight gain! Moreover, scientists have found a direct relationship of chronic lack of sleep, not only with the development of obesity, but also with diabetes.

Hormonal imbalance and its effect on weight

In our body we produce two hubbubs, which are directly related to sleep and body weight – ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin stimulates the appetite, while leptin, on the contrary, gives the brain a signal of satiety and stimulates the burning of accumulated fat reserves. If a person does not suffer from sleep disorders, these hormones are in balance and do not pose a threat to health, but as soon as insomnia and lack of sleep come to your measured life, problems with body shape and health begin. In the case of an increase in ghrelin production, leptin synthesis is reduced, which is why the so-called “night zhor” occurs.

But ghrelin and leptin are not the only hormones that affect weight gain. The adrenal glands secrete the equally important hormone cortisol, which regulates blood sugar levels, and therefore does not allow the development of diabetes, strengthens the body’s immune defense and controls the accumulation of fat.

As a rule, the level of cortisol increases in the early morning to wake us up, and decreases in the evening, helping us to sleep. In addition, the level of the hormone rises sharply in the event of anxiety and stress, and in a calm atmosphere it gradually returns to normal. However, the modern person is faced with stressful situations almost constantly and even at home, looking at the news, is experiencing stress. It is not surprising that in such a situation cortisol simply does not have time to return to normal and the person does not get enough sleep. Moreover, lack of sleep in itself is a stress for the body, which means that the situation will worsen day by day, and this will affect not only the state of the human nervous system, but also its weight.

What you need to drink before bedtime to lose weightDid you know about this? If not, then urgently review your mode of work and rest, starting to give sleep at least 8 hours a day. True to take, and at one point to change the mode of rest and sleep is not so difficult. But there is a solution!

Drinks come to the rescue, which will help you sleep soundly during the night and even lose weight in your sleep! Do you think this is unrealistic? Here are a few reasons that will convince you otherwise.

Water and weight loss – how it works

To begin, take a look at the water, which has no calories, and therefore is the most useful liquid for weight loss. Water improves health, maintains body tone, and thus stimulates physical activity. And the movement is not only life, but also a beautiful figure. Water activates the lymphatic system, helping to cleanse the body of toxins and slags, and by stimulating the activity of the liver and kidneys, water helps excrete metabolic products from the body, which has a beneficial effect on the state of the figure (and skin). Finally, drinking a glass of water between meals, we get rid of hunger, and therefore do not overeat.

The truth is that “water” works only if it is consumed

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