What foods can not eat when dieting

A detailed list of foods that can not be eaten while losing weight. Watch your diet, do not eat prohibited foods, and then your diet will be productive.

What foods can not eat when dieting

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Slim figure and high-calorie foods are incompatible things. If the body has acquired undesirable volumes and there is dissatisfaction with its appearance, you should think about losing weight. In this regard, a number of questions arise about how to lose weight, which products act favorably on the figure, and which ones are harmful.

In the diet of a woman should be present that is necessary for normal life, physical activity and performance.

Proper nutrition is one of the factors of well-being and lack of nervousness and depression. A woman who watches the figure must deny herself some products.

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The list of ingredients that can not be eaten while losing weight is long. However, among them there are the most dangerous and harmful.

Main list

Candy and other synthetic sweets

Drinks with gas and juice factory production

Cakes, pastries, biscuits, products made of shortbread, custard and puff pastry

Yeast dough pastry

All types of smoked meat products, including meat and fish delicacies

Smoked and semi-smoked sausage

Ground White Rice

Dry preparations of porridges and instant macaroni

Meat-fish preparations, dumplings and dumplings, sausages, etc., with a long shelf life

Dishes cooked in a fast way from convenience foods: hamburgers, cheeseburgers, etc.

Products with a high content of artificial additives: chips, kirieshki and

Animal oils

Oil, recyclable

Fatty pork fat

Potatoes, especially fried

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In each group there are products that pose the greatest danger to the figure, and those that can not cause special harm, if used correctly.

Sweet and flour

People engaged in active mental activity, need to feed the brain with carbohydrates, which are many in sweets. Therefore, sugar is an essential ingredient in their diet. It does not contain vitamins and beneficial micronutrients. But quickly absorbed and goes into the fat mass.

In the confectionery and flour bakery and yeast-free products, in addition to the high content of white sweet product, there are baking powder and yeast. They have a high calorie content. If you eat them all the time, you can break the intestinal microflora.

All these products are made from white flour, produced by grinding wheat. This plant is quite useful components. However, during processing, many of them are lost. But there are carbohydrates that contribute to the creation of a large amount of fat.

The list of flour products that can not be eaten while losing weight include:

  • white bread made from high-grade flour. It is almost completely absent bran masses that improve the digestion and digestibility of all components;
  • cakes and cream cakes. They are high in calories. Creams use sugar, butter, cream and other dairy products with a high content of animal fats;
  • noodles and all kinds of pasta. They are made from high-grade flour, which may not be useful in combination with artificial additives used in these products.

Sugar, yeast, fat, wheat flour actively influence the increase in the volume of the sides, buttocks, and abdomen. If you want to lose weight and subsequently do not gain extra pounds, you should often not eat food with their presence. It is better to completely abandon the use of any baking.

Smoked Salted Fried

Delicious and aromatic meat and fish delicacies undergo complex technological processing. In addition to the main components, sausages and other smoked products contain numerous additives. These are synthetic components. They are responsible for the taste characteristics and safety of products. Improvers and flavors of chemical origin adversely affect the state of the internal organs and contribute to the accumulation of fat.

What foods can not eat when dieting

No less harmful fried foods. In a skillet, healthy ingredients (meat, fish, vegetables) come into contact with boiled oil or animal fat. From this they turn into a mass that does not slow down to be deposited in a dense layer in the most inappropriate places of the female body.

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