What can you drink for weight loss


Drinks for weight loss: what to drink when you are on a diet

To lose weight, you need to be careful in the choice of food. Everybody knows this elementary thing. But no less significant is what you drink. Some drinks can contribute to fat burning in a remarkable way, while others contain a huge amount of calories. Let’s see what kind of drinks should be in the diet when you are trying to lose weight, and which ones it is better to forget.

This article will discuss not specially designed products, mixtures or dietary supplements, but those drinks that everyone has at home and that can be easily prepared if you lose weight at home.

The value of slimming fluid

A few simple facts will help to understand the great importance of fluids for the body, especially during the period of active weight loss.

1. Biochemical processes in the body occur only in the presence of water. When it is not enough, metabolic processes slow down, fat accumulates.

2. The more fluid is consumed, the more it is excreted from the body. And with the water go slags, toxins, in the process of metabolism fats are split.

3. With an insufficient amount of fluid, the body begins to accumulate it. It is these deposits that create swelling, give the figure obesity.

4. A fifth of the daily calories eaten comes from drinks. This means that you should also treat drinks as carefully as you should eat: you should choose those that contain few calories, speed up the metabolism, reduce appetite.

The effect of slimming drinks is to cleanse the body and speed up the metabolism. With minimal effort and without any restrictions, drinks help you to restore a beautiful figure.

Healthy drinks for weight loss


Water – the cheapest, affordable and incredibly effective means of losing weight. There are no calories in water, it has a positive effect on metabolism, dulls appetite, cleanses the body of harmful substances. Nutritionists recommend drinking a glass of water before eating. This will help avoid overeating and give a feeling of satiety.

At least 8 glasses of pure water should be consumed per day (more on the daily water rate). If you drink cold water, the body will have to spend on its heated up its energy reserves. And this albeit small, but spent calories. General rules for drinking water are listed at the end of this article.

Tea: green, black and herbal

Tea is a healthy drink that can be drunk freely (but without sugar). Especially recommended to drink green tea, which does not contain calories, improves immunity, is an excellent fat burner and acts as a cleaner for the body, improving its ability to eliminate toxins.

Herbal teas also have zero calorie, accelerate digestion and help to lose weight. But it is necessary to prepare tea from herbs only after having studied its properties and after consulting with a doctor, since many decoctions have diuretic, choleretic and other specific healing properties.


Despite the widespread belief that coffee is strictly contraindicated for people who want to lose weight, this is not entirely true. You can drink coffee, but of course without sugar and milk. Black coffee contains a small amount of calories, is rich in antioxidants, energizes and speeds up metabolism. So these few calories consumed will be quickly burned.

To enhance the effect in coffee, you can add cinnamon (at the tip of the knife) – it reduces appetite and regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates, speeds up metabolism slightly.

Fruit and vegetable juices

Natural juices contain many nutrients and vitamins, help to clean the body. Vegetable juices are less calorie than fruit, so if possible, drink vegetable juices.

When choosing a juice, make sure that it is natural and without added sugar. Avoid nectars and juice drinks that add sweeteners and preservatives. The best option would be freshly squeezed juices. It is better to give preference to juices with pulp,

In addition to helping to lose weight, natural juices perform many other useful functions: – Apple provides the body with vitamins A, B, C, calcium, potassium, – Grapefruit is a powerful fat burner, – Cranberry juice strengthens blood vessels, cleanses the body from alcohol and nicotine, fights infections, – apricot provides with vitamins A, B, C, K and phosphorus, – beetroot – with vitamin C, calcium, iron, – cabbage juice cleanses toxins and improves digestion, – tomato well satisfies hunger, gives a feeling of saturation, – carrot also veins in the fight against extra pounds, it can be cooked with celery.

Lemon Drinks

Lemon is known for its ability to burn excess weight. It contains antioxidants that regulate blood sugar levels and reduce hunger. People who consume lemon juice or plain water with lemon lose weight faster because vitamin C speeds up metabolism. The only thing that must be borne in mind is that citric acid has a destructive effect on the walls of the stomach, and therefore it should be used carefully (it is best to dilute with plenty of water). Various teas with lemon, honey and ginger are good at losing weight.

Ginger Drinks

The fat burning properties of ginger have long been known. But recently he has become one of the most popular products for weight loss. Ginger protects the body from colds and viruses, has a firming effect, contains vitamins of group B, vitamin C, and many useful trace elements. Ginger improves the digestive system, thus contributing to weight loss.

What can you drink for weight loss

Finely chopped or grated ginger is added to tea and other slimming beverages. The easiest recipe for ginger tea: pour boiled water over grated / sliced ​​ginger, let it brew, add lemon and honey. It is best to drink it several times a day before eating.

Kefir and milk drinks

Low-fat kefir – another great drink for weight loss. It reduces appetite, improves digestion, protects the stomach. If spices are added to kefir (ginger, cinnamon, red pepper), they will additionally burn off extra fat. Kefir is well suited as snacking between meals.

At home, you can prepare a variety of sour-milk shakes for weight loss. As a base, use kefir, skim milk, ryazhenka. For taste and color (and as a source of vitamins) add fresh fruits, berries, vegetables, greens (dill, parsley, celery, cucumber) or bran. A glass of such a cocktail before a meal will protect against overeating, and in the evening it can replace dinner.

Milk contains many beneficial substances, especially calcium and potassium. It helps get rid of hunger. But keep in mind that milk contains complex carbohydrates, and is slowly digested.

What not to drink while losing weight

Carbonated drinks

What can you drink for weight loss

What should really be avoided is various carbonated drinks. They contain a huge amount of carbohydrates, sugar, food additives and dyes. Carbonated drinks only increase thirst and are one of the causes of the appearance of cellulite. Even if your life is impossible without soda, you need to replace it with other drinks, such as juices or mineral water.


Be careful with the use of alcohol, because most alcoholic beverages are not only harmful to health, they also contain many calories. The most high-calorie liqueurs and cocktails. They contain a lot of sugar, which dehydrates the cells of the liver and brain, enhances the growth of fungi. In addition to directly alcohol, a huge amount of calories contains a snack, imperceptibly absorbed with alcohol.

Rules for the use of liquids

And finally, we list a few general rules, regarding drinking liquids: – drink at least 2 liters of fluid per day (mostly clean water), – drink a glass of water before breakfast (it helps the body to wash the inside, wash out toxins, prepare the digestive system for breakfast), – drink BEFORE food and not before than an hour AFTER, – tea and coffee to drink without sugar, milk and other additives (and of course without cookies and other sweets), – between breakfast and lunch, you can drink a cup of green tea, – during tea time you can drink a glass of juice, – last liquid intake – in 2-3 hours sleep to avoid any swelling – before bedtime can drink a glass of kefir.

The value of drinks for weight loss is difficult to overestimate. But still remember that the effect of them will be noticeable only with the right diet. And only physical exercises can create beautiful outlines of a figure.

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