Weight loss program minus 60

More recently, a very effective program for those who want to lose weight, called minus 60; The weight loss system, the table of which contains many different products, so your menu will not be boring and monotonous, and the body will be fully saturated with all the necessary nutrients and vitamins. In addition, this program was tested and tested by many people, and the system inventor herself lost 60 pounds in a year and a half, which made millions of other people who have problems with overweight believe in themselves. This program does not require you to make incredible efforts or bullying your body with excessive hunger and exhaustion. Everything is very balanced, neat and interesting enough, you do not need to be some kind of extraordinary, strong-willed person to precisely carry out a well-thought-out and detailed system, you need to eat properly and follow all recommendations exactly, then everything will work out and kilograms will leave with incredible by speed. It is very important that in the process of compliance with this diet, your body will learn to work in exactly the mode that is correct, it will get rid of accumulated harmful substances, as well as products and nutrients entering the body will begin to digest much more efficiently. Your body learns to work properly, respectively, the recovery will have a permanent effect, and if you keep a healthy lifestyle and then you will always be in shape, and your stomach can easily digest the food that goes into it, which will save a lot of energy for you. . You will feel much better than before, most people note increased muscle tone, vigor and vigor.

Surprisingly, such an effective system appeared completely by chance, it is not a scientific development or the fruit of the hard work of nutritionists of the highest level. The system was created by an ordinary woman who did not have the appropriate education, all she had was 120 kilograms of her own body weight and a huge desire to lose weight. The woman herself has experienced the inconsistency of many diets and other means for losing weight, she constantly broke down and literally depended on delicious food. But once, when her weight reached record levels, she decided that it was time to change and, unexpectedly for herself, found exactly that way.

It is believed that only those people who have enough willpower and perseverance can follow a diet, so it’s impossible to lose weight without these qualities. But what should people who have neither great will power, nor reinforced concrete perseverance do, as most ordinary, ordinary citizens are like that? Diet 60, designed specifically for ordinary people who do not have special qualities, the menu of this system is sweet and floury, you will lose weight naturally, without experiencing a lack of tasty food, as well as not torturing your body with hunger. The author of the diet is Ekaterina Mirimanova, a woman who, by her own example, showed and proved to the world the effectiveness of her diet, now she has millions of followers, and has published many books and tips for losing weight. Surprisingly, this simple woman, who, after giving birth, brought her body to a critical mass of 120 kilograms, managed to achieve ideal forms in just one and a half years, during this period Catherine lost 60 kilograms, hence the name System 60. Currently This system is losing weight many people around the world, many have already achieved excellent results and express great gratitude to the inventor of the system.

Weight loss program minus 60

Catherine herself from childhood loved to eat, all her life she was pursued by extra pounds, with which she tried to fight with various diets, but they all consisted in restricting nutrition and hunger, of course, the woman broke down, started to eat what she wanted and everything repeated round. All the household and psychological problems of Catherine Topil in a huge amount of food, and after giving birth, when hormonal changes worsened, her weight reached a peak of 120 kilograms. It was at that moment that the woman realized that either she would get up and begin to solve her own problems on her own, or get bogged down in them forever. These circumstances marked the beginning of the creation of the “minus 60” system, which influenced the whole future life of Catherine and opened a new, beautiful page in it. Since the inventor of the system is neither a doctor nor a nutritionist, it can be said that the creation of the entire program was based only on her personal experience and was a kind of experiment. In the process of creating a diet, Catherine tried many strategies, techniques and ways of losing weight, carefully filtered all unnecessary and chose only the most effective techniques, and as a result such a system was obtained. The woman has lost 60 kilograms and for ten years her weight has been keeping around 60.

The basic rules of the diet:

  • The first rule. Before you start to lose weight, you should properly tune. The main thing in this diet is the action, which is based on the decision. No need to wait for that moment, you need to take and act. No need to postpone the decision making in the back box, act right now. No need to blame yourself for the pounds you have gained, do not try to lose weight for some event, or in order to please someone. You need to lose weight for only one person – for yourself. Such motivation is fundamental and most effective. And also, the principle works well here: “the person who wants finds a thousand possibilities, and the unwilling one finds a thousand excuses. You must understand that in this endless cycle, consisting of affairs, worries and problems, it is necessary to allocate time for yourself, your health, both emotional and physical, and your figure. You should know your own worth and love yourself, you create your appearance and control your life.
  • The second rule. Change gradually, but constantly, change your habits, including those related to food, you must continuously move to a new life, according to the new rules. You do not need any sudden movements, sudden changes, a healthy diet should come to your diet gradually. You will have to get used to eating food in moderate portions, you will need to take smaller plates. “Minus 60” is a weight loss system, the menu for the week of which should be fully understood by you, you should know what you eat and why. You will need to calculate the most harmful product of all that you use, as a rule, this product is a favorite, you will need to find a replacement for it that will satisfy your taste, but at the same time it will be nutritionally safe. You do not need to wait for an instant result, you just have to make small openings on the road to success and know that you are moving towards success every day. You saved your weight more than one day, so do not hope that he will leave very quickly. Do not focus all your attention on losing weight, you should not build it into a cult, live a full life, without fanaticism. You must learn to feel your body, do not overload it, do everything at a pace that is comfortable for it, if you lose weight through strength, you will not achieve anything, sooner or later, even if you have good will power, a breakdown will occur.
  • The third rule. Look at the clock. You have to keep track of what time food is being taken. Constantly look at the clock before you eat. The main principle of this rule is that you can eat anything up to twelve o’clock in the afternoon, with the exception of milk chocolate, and after twelve, you need to eat food, taking into account certain limits and restrictions. Usually after 12 o’clock in the afternoon people have lunch. In this meal it is necessary to exclude from the diet all fried foods. Grill allowed. If your lunch occurs before fourteen o’clock in the afternoon, then you can add to it no more than one teaspoon of sour cream or, for example, mayonnaise. On the side, you can cook yourself rice, buckwheat porridge or eat vegetables. It is not necessary to add potatoes to soups that you cook in meat broth. If you are cooking a vegetarian soup, then you can add any vegetables and root vegetables, including potatoes. There is also a dessert on the menu, which may consist of various fruits, such as apples, pineapples, prunes, plums, watermelons, kiwi and citrus. The closer the time comes to dinner, the stronger the restrictions on the use of certain products. But you do not have to completely give up on dinner, this is highly undesirable and may adversely affect the work of your body. You can eat meat or rice with vegetables, it is allowed to use dairy products and cottage cheese, you can add fruit to cottage cheese, to taste. The main rule for dinner is that it should take place before 6:00 pm, it is forbidden to eat food after this time.

In her experience, Ekaterina Mirimanova learned the art of losing weight and realized that during the diet you can and even should eat any food, since a complete rejection of any components of the usual diet can lead to increased irritability and the lack of essential nutrients in the body. Such failures, as a rule, cause breakdowns and refusals from those or other diets and weight loss systems. Practicing the Minus 60 system, you will not give up your favorite dishes and products, you will simply use them in the correct order and at the right time. The creator of this system is also criticized by various drugs and dietary supplements that are sold to people under the guise of means for losing weight, as a rule, such drugs do not bring people anything but health problems. The purpose of this system is to help people to improve their lives by normalizing and systematizing the food, which later goes into their lifestyles and makes them beautiful and happy, because few people can boast that they eat everything they want and do not grow stout.

Ten steps on the way to the perfect figure.

  1. It is very important not to skip breakfast, as it is designed so that the metabolic processes in your body can be activated in a timely manner. Do not necessarily make it dense, listen to your body and eat as much as you want. You can restrict cookies with tea or densely fully eat.
  2. Coffee, tea and spirits are not prohibited. If you like to pour a large amount of sugar into tea or coffee, you can replace it with fructose. You can also replace white sugar with brown. Gradually, you can reduce the amount of sugar consumed. Alcoholic drinks are best consumed with dry wine. But it is worth remembering that alcohol abuse has never led to good consequences, know the measure.
  3. If you love chocolate, then you will not have to give it up; it will be enough just to replace milk chocolate with natural bitter. Gradually, you get used to it, and it completely replaces the familiar sweet chocolate.
  4. On the side dish is best to cook buckwheat or rice. At the first stage, it is best to cook white rice, and when you begin to draw into the system minus 60, you can diversify the menu with wild and brown rice.
  5. White bread should be consumed only in the morning, until 12 o’clock in the afternoon. After twelve o’clock in the afternoon, you can eat rye bread croutons or fresh rye bread, about in small quantities.
  6. You can eat potatoes and pasta. But it is best to use these products at the beginning of the day. Ideally – for breakfast. If you eat pasta or potatoes for lunch, then you need to cook and eat them without meat. For dinner, these foods are not recommended.
  7. The system of weight loss Minus 60 Catherine Mirimanova implies the following principle: the earlier you eat dinner, the more effectively you will lose weight. But again, fanaticism is not allowed here. Dinner should not be until 16:30, and completely refuse to eat is unacceptable. If you are accustomed to have late dinner, then you should not drastically change your meal time. Do this gradually, for example, eat dinner thirty minutes earlier than usual, and after another week thirty minutes, and so on. According to reviews of those who practice this system, they found a lot of advantages in early dinners; this turned out to be much nicer and more useful than they could imagine. You will get better sleep, swelling will subside and your well-being will improve.
  8. You need to drink as much as your body requires. Do not go contrary to their feelings and get drunk through force, as many nutritionists advise. This rule applies to salt intake.
  9. It is necessary to take into account the ease of eating and eat reasonable portions.
  10. All that you fry in oil can not be consumed after 12 o’clock in the afternoon. You can boil, simmer, bake, steam and grill.

Combining the system with physical loads

In the process of losing weight using the system of minus 60, you can gradually use fitness as a tool to enhance the effect of losing weight. But do not immediately begin to play sports on the first day, after you started to follow a diet. Here a more delicate approach is more appropriate, first you need to get involved in the process of losing weight, how to get used to the new menu and new nutritional schedule, you should feel comfortable. Only after that, you can diversify your system of losing weight physical loads. Charging can be very simple and easy, without any difficult exercises, especially at the initial stage. The first time will be enough to carry out charging three times a week to join and get used, and then do it more often.

Weight loss program minus 60

Ekaterina Mirimanova herself developed a special set of exercises that helped her lose weight and is now used by many fans of her system. The complex includes such exercises as the bridge, various leg outs, rotation of the hips and buttocks, as well as lifts and leg extensions in the prone position.

Do exercises that are comfortable for you, it is unacceptable to make excessive efforts on yourself, you should not overwork, and also any unpleasant emotions are undesirable, exercise with pleasure. You can choose any time for training, work out when it is convenient for you.

When you lose weight, you will feel that more wrinkles and stretch marks appear on your skin, and she also begins to sag, so you should properly care for her. The inventor of this system of weight loss gives some tips and in this regard:

  • Scrub your skin with ground coffee, especially in those areas that are most susceptible.
  • Massage problem areas with a solution made on the basis of a mummy.
  • Do self-massage, towards the heart.

Weight loss program minus 60

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