Weight loss on cereals

Sitting on cereals one day will clean the intestines, and more – can disrupt the gastrointestinal

The main nuances of power

The basis of nutrition is cereals without salt and oil. In unlimited quantities, with any frequency. In the evening – also possible. It is necessary to exclude from the diet fish, meat, bakery products, seafood, sugar, sweets, potatoes, butter, chocolate. Porridges are allowed on milk. You can also add to the diet fresh vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, honey, nuts, vegetable oil. For the best effect of the diet before the start of the diet is not bad to hold a cleansing enema.

The effect of diet on the body

Due to the fiber in their composition, cereals clean the intestines from toxins and slags, which normalizes digestion and metabolism. As a result, a person not only heals, but also gets a slimming effect from cereals.

At the same time, such a diet is not exhausting, as it is saturated with complex carbohydrates, which for a long time give a feeling of satiety.

Only a week of such a diet promises weight loss up to 10 kg.

Weight loss on cereals

Fruits and vegetables enhance the cleansing effect of the diet due to fiber.

And in detail


  • Karina Deineko, nutritionist fitness center Tsarsky City Resort

Weight loss on cereals

Diet on cereals – one of the few that can be called low-hazard to health. However, these dangers exist.

Nutrition alone cereals defective: it does not provide the entire spectrum of nutrients and in the amount that the body needs daily. And so it is proposed to eat at least a week.

In addition, if a person has digestive problems (of any nature), then the likelihood of constipation is high, as the cereals are rich in starch. For this reason, the diet is also contraindicated for the elderly: their intestinal peristalsis slows down physiologically with age.

Weight loss on cereals

If there are no problems with the gastrointestinal tract, cereals will clear the intestines: absorb toxins and excess fluid, and the weight will decrease due to the removal of excess fluid (provided that salt and other products are not used).

At the same time, in order for the liquid to go away, it is necessary to drink water between doses of cereal – about

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