The rate of weight gain during pregnancy

Every woman knows that you need to keep track of your weight. And the time of carrying a baby is no exception. In this article I want to tell you what should be the weight gain during pregnancy. About norms, figures and indicators – this can be read in the text below.

All women know that while carrying a baby weight will increase. However, not everyone knows that this should occur according to certain rules. If a woman dramatically gains weight, or it remains almost unchanged for a long period, it is not too good. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to tell what should be the rate of weight gain during pregnancy. It is necessary to know in order to preserve the health of your baby still in the womb.

How weight gain is distributed

It is worth saying that during pregnancy a woman will increase not only the stomach, that is, not only the baby will grow. What else will increase in weight? So, on average, for the entire period of childbearing, a lady should gain about 11-13 kg, which are distributed as follows:

  1. Baby weight: about 3000-3500 g.
  2. The weight of the uterus: about 900 g
  3. Mass of child seats, or afterbirth: 400 g
  4. Amniotic fluid volume will be about 1 liter.
  5. The mammary glands will increase by about a pound.
  6. The volume of circulating blood will increase by 1200.
  7. Fat tissue will increase by about 2 kg.
  8. The mass of tissue fluid will increase by about 2500 g.

First trimester

It is also important to consider what is the rate of weight gain during pregnancy on trimesters. As for the first third of pregnancy, at this time the lady will pick up quite a bit, about 1-2 kg. The exception, of course, can make those women who previously followed a very strict diet, or athletes who during pregnancy simply have to change not only the lifestyle, but also the diet. Why is weight gain so small at this time? So, the baby itself is still very tiny, it still does not require much. Moreover, at this time, most women suffer from toxicosis, so they do not eat much (and the body does not require it yet). The hormonal alteration of the organism of the future mother is also doing its work.

Second trimester

In the second trimester, the rate of weight gain during pregnancy will be significantly higher. And if in the first half of the second part of pregnancy a woman begins to gain weight more actively, in the second half these figures will increase even more. As for the numbers, a woman should add about 250-300 grams per week in this trimester.

Third trimester

The rate of weight gain per week during pregnancy in the third trimester will be almost the same as in the second half of the second trimester. According to the figures, the weight of the future mother should not increase by more than 300 grams weekly. If the scales say otherwise, you need to consult a doctor, this may be an indicator of certain abnormalities in the body of the future mother.

Common numbers

What is the general rate of weight gain during pregnancy? So, on average, for the entire period of carrying a baby, a woman should gain from 10 to 13 kg. If the indicators are in this range, the expectant mother during the pregnancy led the correct lifestyle. If the numbers differ from the average, it may indicate that there are certain problems in the woman’s body (which can also affect the baby).

Weight effect

It should also be said that weight gain during pregnancy is influenced by many different factors.

  1. Age of the woman. The older a woman is when carrying a baby, the more prone she is to overweight.
  2. Initial weight It all depends on the original BMI,

The rate of weight gain during pregnancy

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