The most powerful diet

All people dream of being attractive. But few people do anything for this. In most cases, it all ends in one or two attempts to "go on a diet" after which people swim in fat even more. Hence, depression, bad mood, well-being, lack of self-confidence and in the end you yourself do not notice how you say that sport is harmful, and all show stars are able to achieve this with the help of plastics and liposuction, and of course with ordinary people who are good it looks like just “such a constitution,” and maybe even a narrow bone. Is it time to stop muttering such nonsense and taking responsibility for your life in your hands?

Greetings, friends! How to lose weight quickly at home, if you do not know where to start? Today we will deal with this in detail. I am sure that the answer to this question will be interesting not only for the beautiful half of readers of the blog.

Too much noise has now risen around this topic. Almost every girl has the idea that she is fat. Often, it is very reasonable, because indeed many launch themselves – just hard!

And the strangest thing begins when they begin to lose weight. Most go here by: "I want it to be easy, but that the effect was incredible!". SO NOT BEING! This, friends, then you have to do liposuction, which, by and large, useless garbage,

Moreover, some guys do the same thing. They read all sorts of strange recipes, in the style: “Oatmeal on water, with goji berries, for weight loss” in health magazines, which for promotion should be shoved another useless super revolutionary recipe on their pages.

After all, I want to change, but especially no one is eager to move and strain. But guys, if the muscle mass grew so simple, or to lose weight and be in perfect shape would not be difficult, then absolutely everything would be like that. Everyone wants to be attractive, but almost no one wants to do something for it.

I spoke about this in this awesome article, about which I received a lot of feedback on the post, thanks a lot to subscribers and friends.


There are many strange weight loss schemes, as well as misconceptions on this topic. Of the most common misconceptions, I can highlight such:

  • Gym best contributes to weight loss
  • To remove the stomach, you need to download the press
  • To lose weight you need to eat less

We will understand in order. Training with weights in the gym is aimed primarily at building muscle mass. This process is called ANABOLISM (from the Greek. "Rise"). And losing weight is the exact opposite of what is called CATABOLISM.

Fat does not burn, it is oxidized under the action of a large amount of oxygen, therefore, aerobic exercise (running, walking, swimming, cycling)

The gym will run anabolic processes in your body,

Conclusion: for weight loss, it will be most effective to use POWER LOAD in the gym + CARDIO.

In fact, this is not the only reason why two types of load should be used at once. Be sure to read my article on how to build cardio workout for burning fat. Your progress from this will accelerate at times!

Now the next delusion. Most people who are going to lose weight, "give out": "I want to remove the stomach. We need to start pumping the press! ” This is probably the most absurd statement, which we hear from time to time, except perhaps that there are problems with potency from protein.

Maybe I’ll open my eyes to someone now, but the POINT REDUCTION of FAT IS IMPOSSIBLE,

For some reason, people often think so, especially about press cubes. Understand that PRESS IS A MUSCLE! The same muscle, like all the others in your body, why should some special rules apply for it?

About the press, there will be a separate article, as well as my author’s informational product, so do not miss, there will be cool material!

Remember, a little higher, we said that exercising in the gym is not as good as “burning fat” as aerobic exercise (running, swimming, cycling).

You run an hour, and then ate a little and that’s it. What is the point? How, after all, lose weight?

I’ll explain everything now. To lose weight, you must act in the complex. Power adjustment + exercise. Thank you, cap, tell me? OK. And how to do it correctly? Lose minimum muscle, with maximum fat loss? About this next.

How to lose weight fast at home. "Starting point"

Why precisely at home? Because, first of all, it is necessary to configure YOUR POWER. And for this you do not even need to leave the house.

The most powerful diet

Exercise is necessary for the formation of a beautiful body, but you need to start with food.

So, we figured out that one can not do without an increase in physical activity. Now I will tell you how to make your food help you lose weight. Does this seem unreal? It is much more logical to just practically stop eating or eating a couple of times a day, right?

NOT! And this is the most common mistake of most people. We will understand in order.

I said earlier in the articles that if you eat more than you need, then you get fat, if less, you lose weight, if you need it, the weight is unchanged.

But what does this mean: “how much is needed”? This is the so-called "equilibrium point". When you eat that amount of calories, which is necessary for the commission of your life.

How to calculate it, I will write a little lower, but for now let’s figure out what energy expenditures consist in for your body to function normally:

  • Resting energy
  • Energy costs in the active state

The rest is less important. So. The energy of rest, this is the energy that is spent by us at rest. The body constantly consumes energy, even in sleep! It digests food, recovers, controls body temperature, in short, acts independently of your movements, and all this requires energy!

All your physical activity per day is related to energy expenditure in the active state. Moreover, it is not only physical activity in the gym, but also how much you walked per day and other movements that you perform daily.

It’s clear. We now turn to the "point of reference."

To calculate it, you need to do this: distribute your meals 6-7 times a day. You eat, every day, every meal the same meal (not in the sense of constantly eating, for example, eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but every meal, every day the same, the menu will be lower). It is important not to experience starvation. Eat without compulsory restrictions.

This does not mean that you need to eat at every meal. Not. The amount of food consumed you will not change, just you will eat more often and the right food, in small portions. The more often you eat, the faster your metabolism. The less often you eat and large portions, the slower it is.

Every day, weigh and count the total number of calories per day. After a week, add calories for all days and divide by the number of days (7, if a week). This will be your starting point. That is where we will "push" on the way to your weight loss.

It will not be easy. Maybe you will find this too complicated. Understand that in order to become what it was not, you must do what you did not do. Not so complicated and scary as you might think. Learning to leave the comfort zone. Only in this way is a beautiful body built.

"Diet" for weight loss

Why the word "Diet" I put in quotes? Yes, I just do not like this word

I prefer to use the phrase "proper nutrition". And how else can you call food that makes you healthier, more beautiful, and ultimately disciplined? After all, an organism is a chemical station that absorbs everything that you “threw” into it. And the more different infections it enters, the sooner the system will fail.

Now about nutrition. I already wrote an exemplary power scheme in this article. But still, I think it is worth repeating

Food should be cooked in the evening (as I do) for the whole next day and put them in different containers (I put only 2-3 containers and just spread them evenly for the whole day, for 6-7 meals).

This scheme is aimed more at men with average daily energy consumption (1500-2000 kcal per day), but by reducing the amount of food, it is possible to form a diet for girls from the same products.

  • Rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, barley, etc. = 100-250 g.
  • Boiled chicken breast = 400-500 g.
  • Eggs, boiled = 3-5 pcs.
  • Cottage cheese (fat-free) = 200 g
  • Kefir (fat free) = 1 cup

Vegetables (fiber): as you want, without restrictions

Fats: Mostly, Omega-3 (fish oil, can be in capsules)

Water: Drink a lot! 3-4 liters per day! The body should not feel thirsty. Water must be excess.

Approximate power scheme:

  • 07:40: Drank a cup of water
  • 8:00: Ate oatmeal, cheese sandwich, 2 eggs.
  • 10-11 hours: Chicken slice, egg, rice.
  • Lunch: Chicken or meat, rice, vegetables, egg, washed down with milk.
  • After study or work, before training (15-16 hours): vegetables and a couple of eggs, so as not to overload and it was not hard or, even better, drink a protein shake! Deliciously digested and very useful!
  • After training, ate meat, vegetables, a couple of eggs, milk (carbohydrates, such as rice, buckwheat

I remind the SCHEME EXAMPLE! It all depends on your individual "reference point", which we talked about above.

By the way! I think it will be interesting for you to read about protein shakes at home for weight gain and weight loss. There you will learn the essence of these cocktails and in general, whether there are cocktails for weight loss.

As you can see, there is not even talk of fasting here! Why? Very simple! If the body eats little, then it starts saving energy,

Moreover, if you, by your foolishness, decided to start starving, then the organism, after your “breakdown”,

How to apply it:

The most powerful diet

  • Carbohydrates (rice, buckwheat, etc.) try to eat until 6-7 pm,

    We correct and analyze

Above, we calculated the "reference point". After that, another week passed with the same values ​​(ate as much). Weigh. If you lost 1 kg, then everything goes just fine! Fat is burning (

A week later, we repeat the procedure, weigh ourselves in and if you saw that you lost 2-3, or even 4 kg, then it’s too early to rejoice. Everything goes bad! You lose muscle in addition to fat. Then add to your diet about 50-100 g of carbohydrates (rice, barley, buckwheat and

Then after a week you weigh yourself again. If the weight is in place, then this is your "POINT OF BALANCE"! Weight will be unchanged. So you need to reduce your diet by 50-100 g of carbohydrates.

If you see that you are gaining weight, then the "reference point" was chosen incorrectly. Again, reduce the amount of carbohydrates

Weigh yourself every week! Adjust your course. Its food. You should ideally burn about

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