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Very little time has passed since most of the population of the planet has ceased to experience hunger. And now various weight loss diets are being created and multiplied. Today you can find a diet on any letter of the alphabet, including any products and as fanciful as you like. And each of them shouts: “I am a super effective diet! Try me! ”It’s hard not to get lost in the labyrinth of the menu and dietary instructions, get out of the guidelines for action and isolate, finally, that very diet, the one and only … effective one.

I bet you are reading this article in the hope of getting a specific diet, writing food on Monday, Tuesday and

First of all, we need to determine what characteristics a very effective diet should have:

  1. it should not cause feelings of hunger;
  2. it should not cause health problems;
  3. an effective diet should include all the necessary nutrients and be balanced. With a deficit of macro or microelements, essential amino acids, fatty acids and other elements, the process of weight loss can slow down and even stop;
  4. it should include only your favorite products and should not contain products that you do not tolerate or hate;
  5. an effective diet should teach you a healthier and healthier diet, contributing to the fact that you do not return to your previous way of life and weight after the completion of the diet;
  6. The diet should be supplemented by various methods of speeding up the metabolism for more efficient fat burning.

After carefully reading the described points, you should understand that the most effective diet should be individually compiled, because only this way you can take into account all wishes.

In accordance with these conditions, the most optimal and effective diet for weight loss is a program that involves reducing energy consumption by 300-500 kcal, while simultaneously increasing energy consumption by 300-500 kcal daily. To do this, you need to calculate your individual metabolic rate (for an average woman, it is about 2000-2500 kcal).

The easiest way to reduce calorie intake is to temporarily abandon the regularly consumed high-calorie foods and drinks, such as alcohol, juices, desserts, sweets and flour products, fats and oils.

Follow the rules of a reasonable and effective diet for stable gradual weight loss:

  1. establish a clear meal order: three main meals and 2-3 snacks at regular intervals.
  2. Replace fat-cooked, baked or steam dishes.
  3. Instead of ordinary dairy products, choose low-fat.
  4. Replace a third of the usual portion of vegetables under light dressing.
  5. Do not eat more food at a time than can fit on a medium-sized dish.
  6. Instead of desserts and snacks, eat 1-2 fruits (a piece of melon, half a banana and

The easiest and most effective way to speed up the metabolism is to increase physical activity and build muscle. Follow these guidelines to increase energy consumption:

  1. Daily morning exercises should be mandatory. If you are already engaged, try to expand the complex or complicate it (for example, performing exercises with dumbbells in your hands).
  2. Every day, take a contrast shower – it not only invigorates and improves skin tone, but also helps to speed up the metabolism.
  3. No matter how tense your day schedule is, take at least a half-hour walk into it with a quick step. It is even better if you have to climb part of the way up the hill or up the stairs, carry bags in your hands and complicate the task in other ways.
  4. Forget about the TV and books and go to active forms of recreation: walking, dancing, playing with children, working in the garden. On weekends, try not to sit at home by the fridge – get out into the city (mountains, woods …), go for a walk, bathe, play badminton or ski. Instead of going to the restaurant, plan a visit to a bowling or at least a pool.
  5. Several times a week, go to the gym or work out at home after work. Modern low-cost and compact simulators are available to almost everyone. And it is quite possible to combine classes with evening watching TV programs, listening to music or reading books (depending on your hobbies and type of simulator).
  6. Find a technique of hidden exercises and apply it at work, in transport and in all situations when there is free time. The essence of this technique is simple (you imperceptibly strain the various muscles of the body), and the results are impressive.

The most effective diet forum

These simple and easy rules will help you find the desired shape and save the results for many, many years. The main thing – show patience and constancy, observing your most effective diet in the world for the rest of your life (after reaching the desired weight, you can do yourself some indulgence, as long as they become the exception rather than the rule).

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