The most effective diet for the month

Anyone who knows at least a little about proper nutrition and effective ways to lose weight, knows for sure: it is simply impossible to get rid of extra pounds in a few days. Therefore, we recommend that you resolutely pass by catchy headlines in the style “Sensational way of losing weight: fat goes away in 2 days!”. Familiar, is not it? Advertising banners, made in a similar way, on the Internet today are just innumerable. But all this is nothing more than fiction.

The most effective diet for the month

In fairness it should be noted that express diets actually help to get rid of a couple of extra pounds. In some cases, their observance would be quite appropriate, but not always. In particular, such diets are suitable for those who just want to put themselves in shape a little on the eve of some important day, when you need to look stunning and look good in a new dress. In other cases, express diets can be completely forgotten, as they provide only temporary results – after a couple of days, the weight that was dropped will come back.

In addition, diets designed for 3-4-5 days are not able to somehow affect the subcutaneous fat layer. Weight loss occurs due to the fact that the body comes out excess fluid and harmful accumulation.

The most effective diet for the monthIf you are aiming to get rid of the fat itself, and not just become lighter for a couple of kilograms, then you should consider other variations of diets, which course is designed for at least a month. It is one of those that we describe in more detail in this article. According to the many reviews losing weight, this is the most effective diet for a month.

Diet and menu rules

So, first of all you must follow a number of rules:

  • control your weight, record changes daily;
  • do not deviate from the intended diet course;
  • in parallel, take vitamin and mineral complexes;
  • eliminate sugar from your diet;
  • Limit the store food in the menu as much as possible – try to cook everything yourself;
  • cook foods or steam them – these are the most harmless for the figure cooking methods;
  • diet food should not have too rich taste, but should be as useful as possible – the use of such products does not provoke overeating;
  • drink at least
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