The best diets of the world

A world in which every third wants to lose weight, and every second sits on a dietary diet, constantly replenishes its ranks. The desire of people to be slimmer is due to many reasons. Some, looking at their own reflection, understand that they will soon need to expand the doorways, others, tormented by disease, feel the need for less weight, and others, wanting to wear a short skirt, wedge themselves into wide pants and a robe that hides the build. But one thing unites everyone: the desire to lose weight. Each of them has a magazine on the bookshelf, which describes the best diets in the world., that promise to quickly and effectively overcome the fullness. What are these world diets?

The most popular today are the Kremlin, the blood type diet, the diet of Larisa Dolina, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna. Each of these diets, of course, gives its result. However, it is so difficult to determine which of all is most appropriate for a particular case.

Kremlin diet

The best diets of the world

Result: in a week 5 kilograms are dumped. Compared to other fairly light diet. She is rightly one of those recognized as the best diets in the world.. During the day, you need to eat a lot of meat, fish and as little as possible carbohydrates.

If you continue the diet for up to three weeks, then fat burning after the second week is much faster, and the discomfort associated with nutrition, disappears. It is not recommended to adhere to a diet longer than 2 months. If there is pain in the region of the heart muscle or right hypochondrium, then you should stop and consult a doctor for examination of the internal digestive organs and the heart.

Blood type diet

This diet – one of the most common, mainly based on its basis. It is easy enough to stick to it simply. It is only necessary to exclude from the diet adverse products. For example, the first group of blood – meat eaters. These are the people who do not get fat from meat, but at the same time gain weight from the usual non-nutritious cabbage. As a result, the diet for the blood group for a week, you can lose about 8 pounds. To save the result for a long time, you must adhere to the diet menu for at least 4 months.

Diet of Larisa Dolina

The most mysterious diet that the Valley was able to turn from a donut in a short time into a slim diva, and not only variety show. The diet is quite complicated. It allows you to drink kefir for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and is diluted with a small amount of permitted fruit. As a result, about 6 kilograms per week are really lost. But to withstand it, I’m sorry, not everyone can do it.

Marilyn Monroe Diet

The most mysterious person in the world with a gorgeous figure and a mass of fans. She, they say, never watched the slimness of the body, but, at the same time, adhered to one rule that helped slimness. Marilyn’s diet: for breakfast a cupcake, for lunch – sex and a cupcake, dinner – one sex. The most amazing thing is that in case of a lack of a cupcake, Marilyn advised not to go shopping in search of edibles, but to do it by the same … intimate. What is the result of the diet – it is difficult to say. But, looking at the figure of graceful Monroe, I must say that her diet is the most effective.

Madonna’s Diet

Madonna – sex symbol of the present time. She practices yoga a lot and scrupulously watches her figure. Many young pop divas watch her with envy. And not without reason. After all, Madonna adheres to well-designed power for her. She is a 100% vegetarian. But not all vegetable food she consumes. For example, the singer is wary of cabbage, bean. Do not eat many vegetables.

The best diets of the world

Yes, best diets The world is diverse. To withstand them by one force, by others – too hard. But, if the diet helped someone, then it is worth trying it.

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