Table 4 diet

Description relevant to

Efficiency: therapeutic effect after 7-10 days

  • Terms: 21 day
  • Cost of products: 1120-1150 rub. in Week
  • General rules

    Let’s see what a medical diet is. Medical nutrition is prescribed for various diseases and is a mandatory method of therapy. In some cases, it is the only or primary method of treatment. The founder of nutrition, M. I. Pevzner, who developed the basics of therapeutic nutrition, wrote that in his absence there is no rational treatment. Each disease is assigned a specific table.

    So, Table No. 4 (Diet No. 4 according to Pevzner) is prescribed for intestinal diseases that occur with diarrhea. The purpose of its appointment in this state is to reduce inflammation, fermentation and putrefaction processes that prevail in this case. It provides intestinal sparing and helps normalize digestion.

    Table 4 diet

    Due to the reduction of fat (up to 70 g) and carbohydrates (250 g) it has a lower energy value. Daily caloric content of 2000 kcal. This maintains a normal protein content (90 g). All kinds of intestinal irritants are significantly limited: mechanical, chemical and thermal.

    Excluded are products that enhance secretion, fermentation and decay processes, stimulants of bile secretion, secretion of gastric juice and pancreas. Meals are cooked or steamed, served in a liquid, semi-liquid or grated state. Very hot and cold dishes are excluded. Salt is allowed in the amount of 8-10 g, the water regime is

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