Sweet diet

Slimming up to 2 kg in 3 days. Average daily caloric intake is 530 Kcal.

Love sweets, but are overweight and think that you cannot see a beautiful figure until you get rid of your passion? According to the developers of the sweet diet, you are mistaken. This diet is short-term, its duration is only three days. But if you need to throw not 2-3 kilograms before any event, but to lose weight more significantly, you just need to turn to it several times, taking breaks.

Requirements sweet diet

Note that the love of sweets in true sweet teeth is like alcohol or drug addiction. Of course, the first does not cause such social condemnation as the other two. But for sweets to refuse sweets is often as difficult as for people suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction from their addictions.

In addition to the unattractive figure, craving for sweets often provokes a host of other troubles. Lovers of sweet life lurk, not to mention diabetes, problems with the pancreas and gastrointestinal tract, deterioration of the teeth and gums, vitamin depletion, dysbiosis, skin problems.

Also, excessive consumption of sweets can lead to emotional instability, increased nervousness, aggressiveness, muscle fatigue, anemia, and reduced quality of vision. A direct link has been established between the excessive presence of sugar in the diet and a malfunction of the cardiovascular system. Sugar can cause a shortage of thiamine, and a decrease in the amount of this substance leads to dystrophy of the heart muscle and a host of health complications. And extravascular fluid accumulation, which is also triggered by sugar with excessive weight, can even lead to cardiac arrest! And these are just the main problems.

Often the reason that people can not refuse sugar, is that this white product causes a feeling of false hunger. The man seemed to have just eaten something sweet, and quite calorie, and he again wants to eat. As scientists have found out, when sugar is consumed in the brain, free radicals are released, which interfere with the normal functioning of brain cells and provoke a feeling of hunger at a time when you are actually full. So they cheat the body.

There is another reason that can cause a sense of false hunger. When consumed sweet in the body there is a sharp jump in glucose. But just as quickly thereafter, if you do not eat sweets, the level of glucose drops sharply. Because of what you and pulls to the refrigerator. To eat in such a state is much easier than if you were just hungry, not communicating with sweet things before.

To calm down the craving for sweets will help honey and fruits, which are part of the basis of this diet. One day you can even treat yourself to ice cream.

Meals – three meals a day, the intervals between breakfast, lunch and dinner are about the same. Before bed, try not to eat at least three hours. Snacking on a sweet diet is not desirable. If it is difficult to survive time before eating, try to kill hunger with tea, slightly sweetened with honey. It usually works. Fruits are allowed any. But it is better to stop more often your choice on apples, citrus, and not on starchy fruits such as bananas. From vegetables you can do everything except potatoes. It is also not recommended to lean on legumes. Salting vegetable salads is allowed, but slightly. If you can for a short-term diet, completely abandon the salty food – very good. To add flavor to the salad, as in tea, you can add a little fresh lemon juice.

By the way, high-calorie and harmful sweets and in non-dietary time replace more useful and containing fewer calories. Enter in the diet more fruits, dried fruits (in particular, raisins, prunes, dates). A substitute for sugar in tea and other hot drinks can serve as jam (ideally – without sugar) or honey.

Of the purchased sweets the most low-calorie and marmalade and marshmallows are more useful. You can also leave in the diet a little dark chocolate. The rest of the sweet products probably will not bring either health or shape anything useful. If you want something from the forbidden products, it is not necessary to eliminate them from your life completely and irrevocably. This is fraught with stress and, as a result, a breakdown, because of which you can gain even more extra pounds.

Sweet diet menu

Day 1 Breakfast: green tea with lemon and honey (1 teaspoon); 2-3 favorite fruits. Lunch: 50 grams of cheese (preferably low fat); coffee or tea of ​​any kind in which jam or honey is added (2 tsp). Dinner: 150 grams of lean meat or fish broth; 200-300 g of fruit salad.

Sweet diet

Day 2 Breakfast: boiled egg; green tea with 1 tsp. honey and a slice of lemon. Lunch: 50 g low-fat hard cheese; Vegetable Salad; and for dessert a portion of popsicles. The recipe for ice cream is as follows. Just mash the pulp of one or more of your favorite fruits and send them in a freezer in a container to freeze. Then mix. Repeat the stirring 2-3 times, and after another solidification, the delicacy is ready for use. The advantages of this ice cream include the fact that it is absolutely not fat, low-calorie, budget, but at the same time, many have to taste and only benefit the body. If you can not cook a treat yourself, you can use and store, in a pinch. Then it is recommended to opt for frozen juice or low-fat ice cream. If you do not like ice cream, replace it with a few slices of chocolate. It is advisable to choose a dark with a high percentage of cocoa content. He helps to repel cravings for harmful sweets, and much more useful than his white or dairy fellows. Dinner: boiled or baked vegetables, which can be consumed while holding rye bread; green tea with 1 tsp. honey and a slice of lemon.

Day 3 Breakfast: boiled egg; tea or coffee with 1 tsp. favorite fruit jam. Lunch: low-fat cottage cheese in an amount of up to 150 g; An apple of medium size plus tea or coffee, in which you can add a little honey or jam. Dinner: 100 g serving of baked or boiled fish; vegetable salad and green tea with 1 tsp. honey and a slice of lemon.

Contraindications sweet diet

Such a diet without consultation with an experienced specialist is contraindicated for those who have had gastritis, colitis, a stomach ulcer or diabetes mellitus.

However, a visit to the doctor before the diet course probably will not hurt everyone else to make sure that such a diet will only benefit.

The merits of a sweet diet

  1. Despite the rather tangible reduction in caloric intake, which helps to achieve and weight loss, such food supports energy balance.
  2. A person remains vigorous and full of strength, can easily go in for sports and does not face an apathetic, and even more depressive, state (which, alas, happens when interacting with other diet technicians).
  3. Also to the advantages we attribute the fact that the body does not have to face an acute shortage of useful elements.
  4. But, of course, to continue the diet longer than the specified period is not worth it. Nevertheless, the menu of the three-day diet does not include all the substances necessary for the body. If you do not stop this food on time, problems can begin.

Disadvantages of a sweet diet

After a sweet diet, you will not be able to be proud for a long time about the result obtained and the transformed figure, if you are not extremely responsible with your diet. In many respects, it’s not the excess weight that is lost, but the liquid, which, with any excesses, can just as quickly and simply return, returning the former forms to you, respectively.

Repeated sweet diet

Since the sweet diet is short and looks more like fasting days, it can be done quite often if it is well tolerated. If you need to lose weight by more than a couple of kilograms, go to her again, but after at least 7-10 days, or when you need to adjust the figure a little more. So you can achieve quite tangible results. The good thing is that weight loss occurs gradually, step by step, without causing serious stress to the body and giving respite between diet runs.

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