Strict diet

The benefits and harms of rigid diets for the figure

Methods of fast weight loss are different, but their essence is the same – reducing the volume of the body through restricting the diet. The advantages of short-term diets include obtaining the desired result at low time costs. Hard power regimes are divided into three categories:

  1. Only one product remains in the diet (mono-diet for weight loss).
  2. Liquid menu or restriction of a specific nutrient (low in fat or carbohydrates).
  3. The maximum limit of daily caloric content up to 1000 kcal.

Strict diet

Side effects of every diet for weight loss. Mono-diet restricts the ingestion of essential nutrients in the body, resulting in psychological discomfort and weakness. Liquid nutrition leads to loss of muscle mass and dehydration. Low calorie provokes a decrease in metabolism, so the body begins to accumulate fat reserves.

How to lose weight fast with hard diets 10 kg

Sometimes there are moments when you need to urgently get rid of 10 kilograms. For example, if excess weight threatens health, when planning pregnancy and other circumstances. In this case, come to the aid of express diets for quick weight loss, which are held at home. Experts do not advise to engage in sports during a limited diet so that internal organs do not experience additional stress.

Strict dietEven a super tough diet for weight loss does not help to lose 10 pounds of excess weight in 3 days. The maximum that can be expected in such a short period of time is to throw off 3-5 kilograms. The most effective three-day diet is a diet on fresh juices. It is allowed to squeeze out any fruits and vegetables, except grapes, and drink in any quantity during the day. Especially useful for the body is celery juice and pomegranate. If you have stomach problems, then dilute natural juices with water.

5-7 days

For a week, it is possible to lose 10 kg if you follow the kefir-apple diet. This is a simple diet, in which the body gets a lot of useful trace elements. Minus kefir-apple menu in its imbalance, because there are no carbohydrates. The essence of this diet for weight loss is the daily use of

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