Squids for weight loss

Gentle squid meat is very useful for the human body. It represents the nutritional value due to the large amount of protein and taurine substance, which reduces the level of harmful cholesterol. In addition, eating squid helps to normalize blood pressure, liver and kidney activity. Of the huge variety of seafood, squid should also be chosen because there are no purine bases in their meat that inhibit metabolic processes.

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Representatives of the deep sea are considered the best dietary product. Their low calorie content – 110 kcal – allows you to use meat in the diet slimming. It is perfectly absorbed by the body, helps to eliminate heavy metal salts and is extremely beneficial for women due to the presence of folic acid. In medical nutrition, mollusc is necessary to improve the functioning of the thyroid gland and to replenish iodine deficiency.

Diet for a week on calamari is considered to be quite rigid in its diet. Not everyone can withstand a strict diet and the rules of this method of losing weight. We already wrote about how to choose squids for cooking in the previous article. Pay attention to their appearance – so you can understand whether they were unfrozen or not. The freshness of the product can be judged by the color of the carcass – it should not be yellow.

Squids for weight loss

Diet menu: squids for weight loss

Duration squid diet is exactly 1 week. For 7 days you can lose weight on 3? 5 kg. To enhance the effect of desirable physical activity (running, swimming, aerobics, brisk walking).

    Breakfast: vegetable salad with squid meat without salt.

Squids for weight loss

Lunch: boiled clam meat + 2 apples.

Dinner: squid boiled + slice of cheese.

Squids for weight loss

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