Soda for weight loss

Few can boast an iron will during losing weight. Frequent breakdowns, accompanied by weight gain, do not allow to achieve the desired results, closer to the body of your dreams. According to reviews losing weight soda diet helps in an extremely short time to get rid of extra pounds, but is baking soda good for losing weight and how to take it?

How soda affects the body

Baking soda or sodium carbonate when taken internally reduces the acidity of the stomach. It does not dissolve in water, in a suspended state it reacts with gastric juice. Drink from water and sodium bicarbonate is often taken with heartburn, high acidity. It helps to eliminate the discomfort that causes these deviations in the work of the gastric mucosa.

Is it possible to lose weight with soda

There are several ways to use baking soda for weight loss: drinks with the addition of sodium carbonate, baths, wraps, enemas. Bath procedures can really save you from a couple of kilograms of weight, but it will not be fat, but excess water in the body, and in the case of enemas – getting rid of accumulated fecal masses. Drinking soda and drinks can harm the stomach. This method is only suitable for people with high acidity. Soda cocktail will ease the symptoms associated with impaired acid-base balance.

Soda for weight loss

How to drink soda for weight loss

Despite all the warnings about the possible harm to the body, mankind has come up with several ways to use drinks with baking soda for weight loss. Sodium carbonate is mixed not only with water. There are combinations with dairy and dairy products. The effect of sodium carbonate is enhanced by the addition of lemon juice. A big role is played by the time of taking soda solutions.

Prepare a drink in a proportion of

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