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It was necessary to urgently and urgently lose a few pounds on the eve of the solemn event. Of all the emergency methods, obtained on the Internet, attracted vinegar wrapping. There are several variations of procedures, I chose the French courtesan, promising a plumb up to three kilograms in one session. The essence of the method was that before starting the procedure, you need to drink five or six glasses of hot water with lemon a few hours before bedtime. For each glass – juice 1 citrus. Drinks at intervals of half an hour. After the last one is drunk, the wrapping session is followed directly. Traditional – you need to wrap a cloth moistened in apple cider vinegar, wrap the film on top and lay at least two, and preferably three hours. Feelings, I must say, disgusting. The body burns, sweats, thirst torments, and it is impossible to drink. Acetic evaporation brought to the migraine with its aroma. In addition, from the drunk lemon water, a terrible grind, the feeling that the teeth crumble right in the mouth. And the language is like sandpaper. Barely held out for a couple of hours, she already looked like a squeezed lemon. Somehow got out of the stinky cocoon, washed and fell and fell to sleep. In the morning I got up with a terrible sushnyak and a headache, as if, on the eve, I hadn’t performed a beauty procedure, but I had a bottle out of the whiskey. But, for the sake of justice I will say – the promised 3 kilos of weight and 2 cm of volumes like a cow licked. However, once again this torture can be solved only as a last resort.

Slimming wrap reviewsFor vinegar wraps, I bought 6% vinegar in the store and diluted it in half with water to make 3%. Many do not know about it and therefore get burns on the skin. I read a lot of information about vinegar wrapping and chose the best way. At first, I rubbed problem areas on my legs, where cellulite was, I rubbed it strongly to disperse blood in my legs and thighs. Then I dabbed vinegar with natural fabric and wrapped my problem areas, and then wrapped it with food film on top. In this guise, I was doing fitness exercises to sweat well. This method helps to fight excess fat on the legs, thighs and abdomen. However, it is very hard for me to withstand the smell of vinegar, because I don’t really like this smell and if I hold it for more than 30 minutes, it burns my skin very much. The first time I even had redness on my legs. But in the evening passed. Feelings of the general condition, of course, are not the best, firstly fatigue, and secondly, unpleasant sensations due to a mixture of vinegar and sweat. I did such wraps 2 times a week for 2 months and I can say that cellulite has become less noticeable, but still such procedures are difficult for me personally in physical terms.

I tried apple cider vinegar wraps on myself. I did not complete the course (15 procedures), but only 8, but even as a result of this amount, I had the impression that the procedure was not at all effective. I put vinegar on my skin, wrapped it with cling film and went to do my household chores. For the first time I stood only 30 minutes, I was more afraid. I did not notice the promised strong removal of water. I thought that with me the sweat would just roll in hail, but this was not. Therefore, the next time I kept an hour or more with vinegar wraps. The maximum that I reached was a small moisture of the skin, there was no even talk of excessive sweating. In general, I did 8 procedures in a day and decided that I no longer want it, because the method is not effective. Lost kilogram, I can not even consider losing weight. I decided to read, maybe somewhere I made a mistake. It turns out that apple cider vinegar wraps are effective only when people are actively involved in sports and eat right. But with this lifestyle you can easily lose weight without vinegar, I think.

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