Slimming with running

We all understand that sport is a pledge not only for a healthy lifestyle, but also for a beautiful toned body. One of the most effective and versatile sports for weight loss and keeping the body in shape is running. Today we will tell you how to run to lose weight; how to make yourself start to run in the morning and how not to get tired while jogging.

Immediately, we note that you should not expect that you will be able to quickly lose weight in the legs with the help of running. First, you will really lose weight (with regular training and proper nutrition), and then the process of building muscle and legs will begin, on the contrary, it may increase in volume. Running is a way to achieve a healthy toned body, but it doesn’t help you to become super-fit.

Running is a universal sport due to the fact that many muscle groups are involved in the process. What muscles work when running:

  • caviar;
  • intercostal muscles;
  • quadriceps;
  • iliac muscle;
  • gluteus muscles (large, which is the largest human body, medium and small);
  • thigh muscles;
  • abdominal muscles.

Slimming with running

Due to the fact that during the run many muscle groups are involved, this sport is universal and, subject to regular runs, can replace other exercises.

How many calories are burned while running

The statement that the more a person weighs, the faster kilograms go – true. But it is also worth noting that the loss of calories while running and not only depends on metabolism. So, those who have it fast lose more calories, but people with slower metabolism are less fortunate. If we take into account the average figure, then the average woman weighing 70 kg in half an hour of running loses 340 calories, in an hour – 600. In addition, the number of calories burned depends on the type of run.

The main types of running, technique and features

  • Jogging carried out with a low speed – 7-9 km / h. When jogging, the feet are relaxed, many muscles are involved, especially the muscles of the lower limbs and the heart muscle. In addition, jogging is considered the least traumatic.
  • Sprint. Already from the very name it becomes clear that the sprint is a quick run. It is carried out with high speed and for short distances – no more than 400 meters, while the surface must be perfectly flat. Note, the sprint is a powerful power load and contributes to the rapid growth of muscle mass.
  • Interval running is one of the most effective for weight loss. The essence of interval running in the alternation of speed. First you jog, for example, and then use the sprint technique. With the help of interval running you will be able to burn the most calories. In addition, it is the main element of training athletes for marathons. For beginners, interval running is not the best option because of the powerful load on the cardiovascular system. Start with walking, then go jogging, and only then try the interval.
  • It’s snowy in the winter skating course, which is carried out, oddly enough, on skis. In fact, the same run, only with equipment. At the same time you need to keep a balance: taking one foot off the ground, your entire weight should be concentrated on the second, to get a powerful push. A sense of balance – a pledge of the ridge.
  • Engage on a treadmill (orbitreke) to lose weight, you need at least 3 times a week. You should start with a 5-minute walk, then start the run, finish the workout with the same walk. If you want to lose weight quickly and combine running in the gym with a number of other loads, we recommend that you go for a run at the beginning of your workout (but leave your strength to the exercises) and at the end.
  • Special attention deserves boxing run, which, first of all, consists in a combination of different species. For any athlete, and especially for a boxer, endurance is important, which is perfectly produced by interval running and cross-country with weighting. By the way, despite regular exercise, boxers should not assume that you can run a long distance the first time, and even at a fast pace. Do not forget that this is a tremendous load on the cardiovascular system.
  • Running with a lot of weight. First, you should consult with your doctor, it is quite possible that he will recommend you another sport and, one way or another, will tell you where to start. And in most cases it is necessary to begin with stretching and walking. Then you should develop the muscles of the legs on a stationary bike. People with excess weight must first prepare for the run. In the case of neglect of the preparation, you can get injured, and the cardiovascular system can also fail. When it becomes easy for you to exercise on a stationary bike, start alternating walking and jogging.

Running technique

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that any physical activity, including running, should be enjoyable. If every time you are going for a jog, you try to find an excuse or think that this is the most unloved activity in your life, then you have come to the question unconsciously. Think, if necessary, make a list of why you need a run. Motivation plays a crucial role in the process.

If you notice that running is too difficult for you, it is worth analyzing it, it is quite possible that you are doing something wrong. We all understand what running is, but not everyone knows how to run correctly, so that the process is really efficient and, moreover, enjoyable. What to consider and how to run to lose weight?

Slimming with running

  1. If you are a beginner, but seriously decide to do a run, during the first classes you should use the services of a trainer who will tell and show you how to run correctly and give individual recommendations.
  2. Footwear. Sneakers should be designed specifically for running, and not for any other sport. Due to this, the legs will not get tired quickly and hurt while jogging, in addition, the correct footwear minimizes the possibility of injury.
  3. Sportswear. Choose yourself not only comfortable, but also a beautiful tracksuit that will inspire you to go jogging again.
  4. Keep your head straight, your arms should be bent at the elbows, try to land on the heel and then roll on the toe. Observe the rhythm. Do not run too fast to get tired. Breathe in your nose, especially if you run in the park or in the stadium in the winter, and you must also breathe rhythmically.
  5. Do not dwell on the time of day for jogging. Engage when you have time and desire for this, it doesn’t matter whether it is morning or evening. Then the result will not take long.
  6. It is more effective to be engaged not in a hall on a racetrack (anyway, it helps to run), but in a stadium or in a park.
  7. Before you start the main part of the workout – running, you should definitely do a warm-up so as not to get injured during a heavy load.
  8. Start with walking, and eventually you will realize that you want to run – first not more than a kilometer, and then for long distances.
  9. Try to run 5 times a week or at least every other day to see the result as soon as possible.
  10. To lose weight and / or keep your body fit, running alone is not enough, make your diet balanced.
  • Proper nutrition while running

Contrary to the common information that you cannot eat before training, we hasten to inform you that you should not run on an empty stomach. Within 30 minutes after the run, it is imperative to eat protein foods to recuperate. And do not forget that you need to eat 5 times a day in small portions. Due to circumstances, there is not always time to eat so often, and there may be no desire, but believe me, over time this will become a habit and will not be labor.

Please note that if you suffer from cardiovascular diseases, active workouts, including jogging, may end in hospital. Before you begin to engage, we advise you to consult a doctor who will tell you whether you can run and also explain how to do it right for you.

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