Slimming with activated carbon

Slimming with activated carbon is a new way to lose weight, which uses the unique features and mechanisms of action of this drug. Activated charcoal for weight loss was used a long time ago by our grandmothers, but then was forgotten.

Today, the universal possibilities possessed by activated carbon are again being used to treat diseases of the stomach and digestive tract, as well as for weight loss. Such popularity of the drug is due not only to its low price and its availability, but also to its environmentally friendly composition, which chemicals do not have. Let us consider in more detail the features of the structure of activated carbon.

The unique properties possessed by activated carbon for weight loss are determined by its composition, which has a porous structure. Due to the presence of the porous surface of the tablet, the contact area of ​​the pores with intraintestinal toxins increases, which makes it possible to neutralize a large number of poisons, the weight of which far exceeds the weight of the tablet itself.

Applications of activated carbon are unlimited, it is used both in medicine and in everyday life. In medical conditions, coal is used to treat disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, toxicosis, hepatitis, infectious diseases, poisoning of the digestive tract. In domestic conditions used in cases of overeating or intoxication. So, for a long time, people who often have to go to feasts, where there are a lot of goodies and drinks, in order to avoid negative consequences, drink 6-8 tablets of activated carbon before the celebration, and do not suffer from any hangover the next morning.

Ways to lose weight with activated carbon

Activated carbon is used for effective weight loss. There are several ways to lose weight with activated carbon, let’s turn to the two most popular.

The first way to lose weight is to gradually increase the dosage of the drug being taken until the number of tablets taken reaches 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight. The regimen is as follows: all the tablets are drunk once a day, in the morning before meals.

The second method involves taking pills not at once, but during the day. The dosage of the use of activated carbon is divided into three doses and must be drunk one hour before meals. The course "slimming with activated carbon" is not less than ten days, but after a week break, the course can be repeated.

Slimming with activated carbon

Let us turn to the description of the scheme of action of the drug, which contributes to weight loss and maintaining good health and mood. As already mentioned above, activated carbon is a sorbent with a porous surface that absorbs all the negative and poisonous substances that disrupt the normal operation of the body. In addition, thanks to the alternating pores, the surface of the action of activated carbon, after ingestion, increases, and can absorb, not only toxic substances, but also pathogens, excess drugs, water.

Activated carbon is used in the treatment of diarrhea, because it absorbs water and eliminates pain. About such use of coal is written in every medical directory, that’s about the fact that activated carbon is used for weight loss, almost nothing is said.

Although activated carbon – the most natural and environmentally friendly drug, which finds its use in methods for losing weight, also has negative consequences, which are important to consider when taking a cleaning agent.

Slimming with activated carbon

Due to its porous surface, coal neutralizes not only toxic substances, but also low-molecular substances, which are trace elements and vitamins. As a result, the lack of necessary substances can worsen the health condition, which, in turn, contributes to the development of diseases. Therefore, during the cleansing of the body with the help of activated carbon, attention should be paid to vitamin preparations.

Another negative consequence, which has a method of losing weight with activated carbon, is the presence of constipation, because coal binds water well, and the stool does not move well in the intestine without water, which causes difficulties with defecation.

Slimming with activated carbon

Experts recommend the use of coal cleaning, as an additional tool to the main methods of losing weight, to neutralize the decay products. Self-activated weight loss with activated carbon is not effective.

In conclusion, I want to note, before engaging in coal-weight loss, as in any other way of weight-loss, you should always consult a specialist doctor.

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