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    In my version, I just sat on vegetables and cottage cheese for 3 weeks. Calorie was about 1000 calories. Lost about 8 kg. Meat and sweets did not consume.

    Alesya, this is how you got a practically Protasov diet, where only cottage cheese and vegetables are allowed. I tried it, I liked it – quite an effective diet, but it is good in summer or autumn, when a lot of greenery and vegetables are not as expensive as spring.

    Great diet. I sat on it for almost a month in the summer and lost 10 kilograms. Nothing returned back, and it seems not going to pah pah pah. And most importantly, I didn’t spend a single penny on it, since we have our own large garden with a large assortment of vegetables – choose how much you like! But I did not dilute it with cottage cheese, but with boiled turkey breast, seasoned with lemon juice. Very tasty)))

    Vegetable diet is one of the most benign and effective. In the gym, they told about the method of using only cucumbers and tomatoes, literally a week, throws off up to 10 kilograms. The most important thing is that this method does not cause fainting and disorders of the stomach.

    Veronica, it seems to me, some kind of nonsense was told to you, a diet on some cucumbers and tomatoes is not very useful for the organism, the more it looks like a mono-diet. And even more so, I do not advise people who go to the gym to stick with this diet. In order to be engaged in the hall, carbohydrates are needed, there are not so many of them in vegetables, and I will happen to fainting to love!

    Yes, it is still too early for such a diet – it will hit the wallet a lot. But in the summer of 3 weeks and the truth, you can lose an average of 5-7 kg. I sit on a vegetable diet before the opening of the swimming season, I am pleased with the results. And well tolerated.

    I sit right now on a diet on vegetables. I will write about the results if I do not lose the link to this site.

    As promised, I write a review. So, I sat for a long time, about a month on a vegetable diet. August was over, I weighed and was stunned – I dropped only 3 kg, although I ate like some kind of vegan, I always went hungry, you do not eat these vegetables. I made a conclusion for myself – the vegetable diet is not effective, hungry and unbalanced. It’s good that at least the summer was hot, I don’t feel like eating (although I still wanted to :-)). I’d rather sit on some kind of kremlevka.

    And this diet helped me lose weight. I also ate almost all the vegetables in the summer. Hunger did not feel much, if anything – a vegetable garden near by, you can get a cucumber to eat. True, several times violated the diet – a trip to barbecue and other summer entertainment. But in general, I am satisfied – minus 5 kg, the stomach is gone and lightness has appeared in the whole body. Who likes vegetables – try

    A good diet and unlike many others – is also useful. If you eat one kind of product, then in any organism, some vitamins will not be enough, and here – the full complex. In winter, of course, it is expensive. Yes, in the winter and you will not find good vegetables, all imported, and certainly with some chemicals. It is necessary in the summer, at the dacha, or at least buying vegetables at the grandmothers market))

    I do not believe that you can lose weight on vegetables. How can you live without MEAT? or meat products. I’ll be forced to eat vegetables the whole day so as not to suck in my stomach – in the end I will recover even more)

    I read – what a horror. what kind of crazy people still exist. They even argue reluctant because uporotyh

    I sat and would sit on it so that they would not speak there, because personally it helps me! Usually I take it in the spring or summer, when the vegetables are full of natural. I buy from grandmothers who grow them in the garden. The only thing I try not to sit on it for more than 5 days, because I understand that the body needs protein. But with the vegetables, the body really cleans up and the weight goes away!

    Slimming vegetables

    I love the vegetable diet very much, it comes easier to me than others. The most important weight is thrown off well, the work of the intestines is getting better. And in general, it affects the beauty – I and the skin becomes cleaner, hair-nails grow well. But this is only if their vegetables, relatives. On cucumbers and tomatoes from Turkey and Egypt, which are plastic to the taste of this will not, from them, in my opinion only harm. So girls, in the summer, press vegetables, not buns and sausage, and you will be slim and beautiful.

    From such a diet, first reset the kg 5, and then 10 rack. Plus, and ruin your health.

    Yes, it is a very good diet, especially in summer and in the country. In the summer you will not eat much in the heat, and vegetables from the garden are tastier, you can cook a lot of delicious steamed dishes and noticeably lose weight.

    In the summer before the swimming season I sit on such a diet. Full of vegetables, I do not want to eat. I drink vitamins in pills, and 5-7 kg go with a bang.

    How many people – so many opinions. And personally, I consider myself one of those who periodically diet. And it is the vegetable – the most gentle. And for the body and for the nerves. True, I can’t live without meat at all, so I still add boiled chicken breast to the diet. And then, when all thoughts are busy eating, then diet – to no avail. 1 week – minus 3 kg.

    The most favorite diet. And the main thing is the combination of the pleasant with the useful, the vegetables really love and the volumes go away.

    I liked the diet. Vegetables very much in any form. Also diet diluted with boiled fish and boiled chicken breast. The result was pleased. Sbromsila 6 kg, I hope not return))

    I think this is one of the best diets. In any case, in the summer you can "sit" on it without problems.

    I tried to stay on this diet, but I can’t live without meat. Some vegetables are not enough for me, I was mad at them, there was no mood!

    My favorite diet! I love fresh vegetables, salads and besides the healthy I lost 4 kg in two weeks.

    I love vegetables and meat for me is not a panacea, but I still cannot sit on it for more than a week. Begins weakness, fatigue. But in the vegetable week I lose 1-2 kg. For me, this is a record! Vegetables were eaten both raw and stewed or boiled. I especially like vegetable stews, I can eat it all day long! I recommend this diet, but as in any diet willpower is needed!

    This is probably the most effective diet, where you have seen fat vegetarians? She herself sat on it at one time, dropped 5 kg (from 55 to 50), but could not long without meat. It’s hard to be a meat-eater.

    Slimming vegetables

    For me, there are only pluses in it, and it’s tasty, I love vegetables, and it’s useful and cheap, which is also important. And really lose weight without harm, only now it’s too hungry for it, you cannot eat potatoes.

    Breakfast: 8 am. To eat in two hours, in small portions, at 18:00 – low-fat cottage cheese, without fruit. For breakfast, you can use what is on the photo – “You can have the same proportion”: Tomato, cucumber, Bulgarian pepper + salt, [BUT salt per day not more than 10 grams.] You can also use pasta – only aldente.

    Girls all

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