Slimming motivator

Almost every overweight person wants to lose weight. And most often it starts with the choice of diet. Some have enough willpower to keep it for a long time, and they manage to throw a few pounds. Someone throws, and after a while sits on a new diet. What is the reason for this behavior?

Motivation or whim?

Most often, overweight people are trying to lose weight for a particular occasion: vacation and the sea, wedding, birthday or other celebrations. The motivation for effective weight loss is not an event, but the decision to lose weight is forever. For this, it is best to make a plan and find out what kind of result the person wants to achieve. There is nothing surprising in this: successful people always know their goals and go to them.

Where to begin?

  • Make your plan for losing weight. Write this goal on paper and do not deviate from the course. Note in the diary all your progress. Write down what you have eaten during the day, and then you will see where the diet is broken. Celebrate all your achievements. This will give optimism. Believe in yourself.
  • Adjust to lose weight. For successful weight loss you need the right attitude – this is psychological work with yourself. Configuring yourself, convince yourself of the necessity of this step. And when you believe in yourself and your strength, then at the end of the path you will see the result of the work.
  • Psychological motivator for losing weight – a competent approach. This affects both the strong spirit of the person and the weak. This is the very incentive that people push themselves. Remember that the argument related to punishment will turn you away from the outcome. Emotions, money, self-assertion are best suited as an incentive.
  • The main reason for getting rid of unwanted pounds should be concern about health. Overweight is the cause of diseases of the heart, spine, blood vessels, liver, joints, endocrine disorders. And this is the first step to helpless old age, lower living standards. The more a person is afraid of this, the higher the motivation to monitor weight and health.
  • A good motivator for weight loss is improving the social status of a person. Public specialties related to communication, dictate their own rules of appearance. Getting rid of excess weight, people can find a good job or climb the career ladder.
  • If you are still alone, set a goal of losing weight changes in your personal life. A person who is not burdened with excess weight feels more confident when communicating with the opposite sex. And this makes it possible to quickly find your soul mate.
  • For a family man, a powerful motivator for losing weight is the problem of infertility, especially for women. Overweight girls find it difficult to conceive and bear a child.

Lose weight for yourself!

Deciding to lose weight, determine for whom you are doing this: for yourself or for others. If you only want to surprise your friends, this is in vain. Make from your old photos motivators for losing weight on the refrigerator. Look at them every time you open it. It will give you strength. Believe in yourself, then the struggle with the temptations will be won.

Start taking weight loss for the beginning of a healthy lifestyle, and not as a rejection of your favorite food. Balanced nutrition will improve well-being. Take a picture of yourself at the beginning of a new life and in a month or two. The difference in the images in the photo will help to strengthen in the chosen solution.

Playing sports for weight loss does not bring benefits, but for the sake of health – yes. Set yourself short-term and realistic goals, and when they are fulfilled, your determination will get stronger.

Slimming motivators

1. Choose the reason for which you want to lose weight. Determine if this is really motivation or just a whim.

2. If there is a motive and determination to lose weight, a willingness to change the diet and daily routine, then start losing weight right now, and not on Monday.

3. Change the diet for breakfast. It should be rich in proteins, carbohydrates, microelements. Dinner – light and low-calorie. The last meal is 4 hours before bedtime. At night you can drink kefir.

Slimming motivator

4. Baking, sweets – the main enemies of the figure. Eat them in moderation, do not overeat.

5. Diet – not the only condition for losing weight. There are many of them, and a dietitian will help you find the right one.

6. Active lifestyle and sports are advised by all doctors. This may be a fitness room, and yoga. During yoga classes, calories burn as much as on a stationary bike.

7. An important motivator for losing weight – the rejection of the words I can not. Only your belief in yourself, victory over weaknesses and efforts will help you to get rid of those extra pounds.

8. Decide for yourself that food is designed to satisfy hunger, and not to solve the consequences of trouble. Often, weight problems occur when a person tries to seize stress. The process of eating itself activates other parts of the brain, and the person calms down. Love yourself, your body, feed it with healthy food, not fast food and genetically modified foods.

1. Decide to lose weight not for any event, but forever.

2. Convince yourself that losing weight – taking care of yourself, health, beauty. It is only for you, not for others.

3. Make a plan and follow it strictly.

4. If suddenly broke, threw, do not despair: set new goals and go to them.

5. To avoid disruptions, allow yourself to enjoy your favorite dishes once a week, but only a little.

6. If it is difficult to cope alone, ask for help from loved ones.

7. Understand that looking bad is, first of all, unpleasant for yourself.

Effective motivators

The best motivators for weight loss:

  1. Health. How fast and easy are you taking the stairs? How long can you walk on foot? Do you often suffer from pressure? Do you play active sports?
  2. Self-esteem. How long, looking at the mirror, you were pleased with yourself?
  3. Personal life. Are you alone or not? Is there love in your life, children and the other half?

Motivators for weight loss. Quotes and slogans:

Slimming motivator

  • Want to eat a chocolate bar? Massage your crease!
  • Wanted to eat – drink some water.
  • The body is the luggage that we carry all our life. The heavier the baggage, the shorter the trip.
  • Speed ​​is not important, the main thing is not to stop.
  • Smile a lot, eat right, don’t even think of giving up.
  • Do not allow yourself to give up slack.
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