Slimming menu

We are what we eat.

Anyway, but getting rid of extra pounds and centimeters can only be done in one way: start really, not in words, watch your diet.

And to get things off the ground, add a bit of movement.

Menu for weight loss at home: changing our outlook on life

It is not necessary to hang a lock on the refrigerator. It is enough to slightly change the usual stereotypes. This is often enough for a home-made menu to lose weight.

It is important to keep in mind that there is no one recipe at all.. For weight loss, many parameters matter:

• rate of metabolic processes;

• the presence of chronic diseases;

• state of the body (for example, the postpartum or postoperative period, hormonal disorders, the monthly cycle, etc.).

But there are still common moments.. For a start, you need only a little, just 100-200 calories, to reduce the amount of food eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pay attention: it is necessary to reduce the caloric content, and not the usual volume of servings (although this is not enough without it).

What is meant? Let’s say you like to eat scrambled eggs for breakfast with sausage. If instead of sausage we take low-calorie ham from chicken breast (and even better – boiled, cooled and thinly sliced ​​chicken breast), instead of two eggs, three or four proteins, the portion volume will not change, but the calorie content will be two or three times lower. Especially if you fry all this not on a generous portion of fat, but delicately spread a drop of oil on the surface of the pan.

The same approach should be applied for lunch and dinner. Instead of fatty cabbage soup or saltwort, start cooking meat soup, light vegetable soup in chicken broth, vegetable soup made from cabbage, zucchini, new potatoes, carrots and other gifts of nature. Fiber cellulose saturates for a long time, cleans the intestines, has a mass of beneficial properties and low calorie content. That is why there is no need to refuse to eat or eat soup from a bowl.

For the second, you can leave the usual dishes, reducing them to the widow and replacing the second half with vegetables – fresh, stewed or cooked on the grill.

Dinner should be the easiest meal. The main secret is to get enough. If you eat a piece of lettuce or an apple, by nine o’clock the hunger pangs will declare themselves in full voice. Therefore, the ideal dinner is a light, but good saturating protein plus a portion of plant fiber, that is, vegetables or fruits.

If you take these principles into service, you can quite simply invent yourself a menu for losing weight at home. Himself a nutritionist – it is fashionable today. And most importantly – effectively and very interesting.

Menu for weight loss at home for one day

So, the main rule – to give up dietary suffering, start losing weight without effort, sacrifice and feats. You can start with an interesting task: to create a menu for weight loss at home for one day.

Breakfast: boiled egg, fresh vegetable salad, sandwich from rye or bran bread with soft cottage cheese or a slice of ham.

Dinner: Mushroom soup in chicken or vegetable broth with a spoon of light sour cream, steam cutlet and two boats of buckwheat porridge.

Dinner: fresh vegetable salad with a slice of sea fish cooked in a grill pan.

But what about snacks? Tea time, second breakfasts and late dinners? If you are accustomed to a five-or six-power supply, you do not need to abandon such a fractional mode. Suffice it to reduce the amount of meat protein and carbohydrate foods (pasta, potatoes, rice, and other cereals as side dishes).

Natural sweets are ideal for snacking (for example, dried dates, dried apricots, prunes, dried apple slices) and unroasted unsalted nuts. At lunch you can drink green tea with five or six nuts and one or two dates.

The second breakfast may consist of one fruit (in extreme cases, you can eat two fruits of the same type). Mixing fruits sweet and sour is not worth it if there are problems with digestion. You can eat cottage cheese or a slice of cheese.

Slimming menu

What sways late dinner, then an hour before bedtime does not hurt either a cup of yogurt or a jar of natural yogurt. Harm menu for weight loss at home unsweetened dairy products just will not bring.

Menu for weight loss at home: products-helpers

Losing weight is a very exciting exercise. But in two blows, three parables such cases are not solved: it will take not three days or two weeks to lose weight. Therefore, you need to know exactly what products are sure to help create an effective menu for losing weight at home, and which ones should be abandoned.

First of all, you need to understand: all groups of products to the body are vital. Therefore, be sure to include in the diet of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and fats.

1. Protein group: fish, chicken, veal, rabbit, egg, dried (unsalted and roasted) nuts, dairy products, cottage cheese are ideal for weight loss. You should be more careful with cheese, but you shouldn’t completely abandon it.

2. Carbohydrates: while losing weight, so-called long carbohydrates are permissible. These are macaroni from durum wheat, grits (gray ones are especially good), boiled (by no means fried) potatoes.

3. Plant fiber: any vegetables, fruits in fresh, baked, boiled form.

4. Fats: vegetable oils are allowed (olive, flaxseed, sunflower, buckwheat). There is no complete ban on butter, but its amount will have to be significantly reduced, if possible using no more than two or three times a week.

Completely abandon the need to have white bread, muffins, cookies, confectionery products of industrial production. No trans fats or store sauces (complete rejection of margarine, ketchup). Under the ban, killer products: fatty meats, smoked meats, lard, sugar.

Menu for weight loss at home for a week

If you have a serious mood for a smooth calm weight loss, you can think of a menu for weight loss at home for a week. This is very convenient if you buy the right foods in advance and know exactly what and when you can eat.

Slimming menu


• Breakfast: half of the usual portions of oatmeal on the water, but with a piece of butter, a sandwich with cheese (you can put butter not in the porridge, but on the sandwich). Drink to your taste.

Dinner: a portion of chicken noodles with two rye crackers, two spoons of mashed potatoes with a slice of baked breast.

Dinner: steamed frozen vegetables, chicken breast.

Breakfast: two boiled eggs, two lettuce leaves, an apple salad, a jar of natural yogurt.

Dinner: mushroom soup in chicken broth, a small wholegrain flour cake with pumpkin.

Dinner: A slice of steam salmon with a serving of fresh vegetables.

Breakfast: 150 grams of cottage cheese with a spoon of sour cream and any fruit. Slice of whole grain bread with curd cheese.

Dinner: vegetable soup with crackers or a slice of rye bread.

Dinner: vegetable salad, a sandwich from a slice of salted salmon on a piece of bran or whole grain bread.

Breakfast: buckwheat porridge (you can add fried mushrooms or onion in it), natural sweetness to tea.

Dinner: Fish baked in foil and boiled rice with a portion of any vegetable salad.

Dinner: curd cheese curds or a portion of fresh curd with sour cream. Rye creeps curd paste.

Breakfast: Steamed oatmeal with a few nuts or a small amount of dried fruit. Sandwich with cheese.

Dinner: vegetable soup with sour cream, red meat steak with grilled vegetables.

Dinner: white fish stewed in white wine with a salad of fresh vegetables.

Breakfast: croutons on eggs and milk from two slices of whole grain or bran bread.

Dinner: cream soup of broccoli, grilled carrots with boiled chicken breast.

Dinner: chicken roll with cheese and herbs, baked vegetables.


Breakfast: smoothies made from whole milk, banana, pear, two spoons of oatmeal.

Dinner: a piece of baked fish, warm salad of green boiled beans with an egg.

Dinner: Baked apples stuffed with cottage cheese, honey and cinnamon.

Menu for weight loss at home: important tricks

Start your day with a glass of water. Well, if it is quite hot, but not burning water. It will wash the digestive tract, start the processes of metabolism and the work of the intestines. In general, the water regime for weight loss is very important. Sometimes in order to "push" the frozen fat burning process, it is enough to increase the amount of water you drink. Say, if you are used to drinking one and a half liters per day, add another two or three glasses and be surprised at the result.

After the water you need to wait for about half an hour. This time is ideal to devote to breathing exercises, which very effectively complements the menu for weight loss at home, or do any exercises.

After the body gets used to healthy food, you need to reduce the size of servings. It is very important. The golden rule of losing weight: do not overeat, that is, do not get enough to dump. It is enough to get up from the table at the moment when it seems that you can eat a little more for complete happiness. This “little bit” is, as a rule, the very little thing that does not allow you to lose weight. Gradually, the body will get used to the natural amounts of food, and will not have to overeat.

Do not necessarily give up chocolate. Every two or three weeks you can eat a strip of this delicacy, but every day you can not do this. And in general, you need to treat yourself more strictly, not to allow disruptions and frequent violations. Otherwise, the menu for weight loss at home will not bring results.

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