Slimming face before and after

Gymnastics for the face (face-building) – this is a special exercise that helps maintain facial muscles in tone. The creator of such a charge is considered a plastic surgeon from Germany – Reinhold Benz. And the American Carol Madgio, who invented a special “aerobics for the face”, continued his work. If you give 20-25 minutes of such training every day, you can prevent aging, get rid of wrinkles and double chin. It is believed that in terms of its effectiveness such gymnastics can replace the popular procedure of plastic surgery – facelift. Also, there is no need for fillers and botox. Another plus – classes in facial gymnastics can be organized at home.

Gymnastics for the face at home – 5 rules for facebuilders

  1. The ideal age to start classes is 25 years. After 30 years, gymnastics should be a mandatory part of facial care.
  2. Gymnastics need to do daily. It is best to do this in the morning.
  3. In facebook building, the main role is played by regularity and effective technique. Before starting a course, select the appropriate course from a well-known coach and follow his rules consistently.
  4. No need from the first days to give increased stress on the muscles of the face. It is better to gradually move from a smaller to a larger amount of exercise.
  5. Face gymnastics should be done with clean hands. Before starting your workout, the skin should be cleansed with a soft tonic.

Home gymnastics for the face of wrinkles, or How to 50 look at 35, photo before and after face-building

  1. Eyelids. The index fingers are closed around the eyebrows. The large ones are placed at the outer edge of the eyes. It turns out girth in the form of points. Eyelids need to close tightly. Then the index fingers between the eyebrows are raised in an upward direction. Big ones also move up, but towards the ears. Exercise should be done about 40 seconds.
  1. Forehead. Thumbs are fixed under the cheekbones. The remaining fingers of the palm are placed above the upper bend of the eyebrows. Eyebrows should be raised up and fingers down to form resistance. This position is fixed for 30 seconds, then the muscles of the face relax.
  1. Lower eyelids. The index fingers are placed under the lower eyelids, at the extreme line of the eyelashes. Then you need to greatly squint and raise your eyes as much as possible upwards. Face stretch forward and shoulders pull back. There should be resistance. Hold in this position for 30 seconds.
  1. Cheeks. The index fingers press on the most prominent part of the cheeks in the center. Lips tightly pressed to the teeth. Now we need to portray the interjection "Fu!" – exactly the one that we pronounce when it is mentioned about something unpleasant. At the same time you need to smile, but only in the middle of the lips, trying not to close them. The fingers should feel the movement of the cheeks. Do the same thing 20 times.
  1. Nose. The nose bridge is wrapped around the index finger and thumb. With the index finger of the second hand, the tip of the nose rises upwards. Pull the upper lip down and hold it in tension for a few seconds. Do gymnastics nose 40 times.
  1. The corners of the lips. Lips tightly bite, pull their corners inward. Forefingers need to massage the skin up and down, without tearing them from the corners of the lips. Massage for 40 seconds. Then, practically without opening the lips, exhale the air and relax the muscles.
  1. Lip volume Use your index fingers to twist the outer edge of the lip under the inner one. Use your fingers to fix the “twisted” lip in the center and press it down well from both sides.
  1. Nasolabial folds. Lips are pressed as tightly as possible to the gums and open in the form of an oval or an elongated letter "O". Index fingers are applied to the corners of the lips. Then the fingers move up to the wings of the nose and descend in the reverse order. Landmark movement – nasolabial fold.
  1. The contour of the face. Open mouth, lower and upper lip tightly pressed to the teeth and wrapped inside. In this position, it is necessary to slowly open and close the jaws five times. Then, holding the mouth closed, slightly raise the chin up. Fix it for a few seconds in this position, relax your muscles.
  1. Neck and chin. Put one hand on your neck and press it a little, the other hand on the wall. Head lift up and smile. After that, with the tongue, reach for the tip of the nose and push off from the wall. Repeat the movement 30 times, keeping everything in the same position. Do the exercise 30 more times, turning your head to the left and 30 more times to the right.

Face Gymnastics by Anastasia Burdyug – 13 exercises against wrinkles

Facial gymnastics with Elena Kovaleva – exercises for youth

Open training with Elena Kovaleva

The course in gymnastics for the face with Anastasia Burdyug on AnySports aroused great interest and even excitement. Anticipating the event, we invited our users to ask questions about the gymnastics of Anastasia herself. Here are the answers to the 9 most interesting questions in the opinion of the coach.

How old do you need to start doing gymnastics for the face? Can she tighten existing wrinkles on her forehead?

You can start to do gymnastics for the face from any age. It all depends on your face. From 18 to 23 years old, this is more likely to prevent future changes. During this period, you can do not constantly, but periodically. As a rule, at this age, skin problems and first wrinkles on the forehead bother. These things are easy to fix with gymnastics. From 23 to 30 classes are needed as prevention. If your face is elastic, wrinkles will be more difficult to form. After 30 it is recommended to do everything.

Is it possible to get rid of already existing wrinkles and deep enough with the help of gymnastics for the face?

Of course, deep wrinkles go harder and longer than small ones. But facial gymnastics allows you to smooth them. The main thing here is not to wait for the result in a few lessons. It is important to do gymnastics for the face for a long time and constantly – and then you will see changes. It is equally important to do the exercises correctly! Very often there are situations when people are engaged for a long time, half a year or more, and there is no result simply because they do the exercises incorrectly. Therefore, if you want a real result, do gymnastics for the face regularly, do not expect miracles after the first lesson and check the correctness of your exercise technique (go to a seminar or purchase an online course).

Is it possible to lift the hanging eyelid at the age of 42 using face gymnastics?

This is one of the most popular questions. Very often, this problem occurs after Botox injections. Yes, you can lift the eyelids, and only with the help of gymnastics exercises for the face. If a muscle joins in the work, over time the hanging eyelid will become smaller. But to a good result you need about six months of regular classes.

When performing exercises, is it worth visualizing the result or should you concentrate on the process and try to get the most out of your face?

It is advisable to do both. Concentration is needed in order to feel the part of the face that works in this or that exercise. And visualization will help bring the result closer and really get it. Imagine your perfect face and continue to do gymnastics for the face.

Start practicing facial gymnastics with a course from Anastasia Burdyug right now. Read more about the course here.

If you have already made injections of fillers in cheekbones and nasogubki when you can start to do?

You can do gymnastics for the face immediately after the injections. This is its plus that it is permissible to combine exercises with such procedures. If you are really engaged, very soon you will realize that you will need less drug and less likely to do it.

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  • How is faceliness useful for business people?

Can doing facial exercises help resolve skin imperfections, perhaps by improving blood circulation: acne, acne, post-acne scars, dry skin, couperose?

Some girls attend gymnastics classes for the face just because of such problems. Thanks to the exercises, blood circulation is improved, the skin of the face becomes more dense and elastic. Because of this, the couperose mesh leaves, the pores are narrowed, acne and pimples go away. I myself got rid of problems with my face thanks to gymnastics.

Is it possible with this gymnastics to restore the young position of the jaws? Last year, I felt as if my jaws were flattened and parted. This is very visible on the lips. The space above the upper lip lengthened, it became difficult to smile with a natural smile, the corners of the mouth crawled down and flew folds appeared near the mouth. I am 51 years old.

Of course, if there is a real problem with the jaws, the dentist will decide this question. But if the problem arose because of the constant over-voltage in the jaw and is associated primarily with this, then gymnastics will help solve this problem. In your case, it is important to learn how to relax the muscles of the jaw and include the muscles of the face during the lesson (As a rule, most of the most have a habit of overstressing the jaw). From the point of view of the nasolabial triangle zone, everything is fixable: you can shorten the distance from the upper lip to the nose, smooth the nasolabial fold and lift the corners of the mouth with the help of special exercises for the face that are in the course.

Is it possible with the help of face-building to correct the natural asymmetry of the face (especially the lowered eyelid)?

Asymmetry is something that almost everyone has. And it is often associated with muscle clamps and mimic habits. Therefore, when you start to do gymnastics for the face, this imbalance will certainly pass. In the beginning, it is possible, on the contrary, to strengthen it, but this is due to the fact that when doing gymnastics, swelling passes, and without it all facial features look brighter. Over time, the face will become more harmonious, and the clips – to pass.

How did facial gymnastics change your inner world, what filled your worldview?

Gymnastics for the face has changed my attitude to myself and the world radically. The realization that your beauty is in your hands gives you a lot of freedom. I stopped being led to marketing gimmicks, began to appreciate the power of my capabilities, became more confident and calmer. According to clients, I also notice: gymnastics has a very strong effect on character, changing externally, people begin to change internally.

Isn’t it a fashion?

As they say, everything new is well forgotten old. In the 60s of the last century, women, especially paying attention to their appearance, corrected the flaws on the face, using a set of exercises for the face.

In the early 2000s, face-building fashion increased again. Published a lot of literature on this subject, but soon the hype subsided. It is all about the character of the woman, the distinguishing features of which are flimsy and inconstancy of desires. Beautiful creatures are waiting for immediate results, and facebook building requires patience and continuous pursuits. Only in this case you will be provided with a result.

The face is literally made up of muscles. But a person uses 10% of their amount. Basically, the process of muscle work is maximally involved during the consumption of food. Low activity of these muscles causes sagging of the skin, its wrinkled and flabbiness. In a relaxed way, the face quickly loses its youth and attractiveness.

In order to avoid many problems with the appearance and exercises for face rejuvenation were invented. They can be carried out at the computer, at the mirror, in the bathroom. They do not require you to have simulators and waste energy.

Do I need an instructor?

Exercises in this method are designed for independent execution. The effect of them is not long in coming. You can try to start with a specific area of ​​the face, and then smoothly go to the development of the remaining zones.

However, the instructor’s advice will not hurt at first. You really need them. Tips will not make common mistakes, as the number of exercises is quite large. And not everyone can fit the anatomical structure of your face. Under the guidance of a specialist, you will learn how to properly perform the exercises, you will be informed about how long this or that type of training can be applied. In addition, Facebook before and after requires certain actions to get the desired result.

What features can be corrected?

Facebook has a beneficial effect on the appearance of the paranasal folds. Under the influence of exercise, you can reduce or increase the size of your cheeks, smooth out wrinkles and correct the shape of your face. Due to complex exercises, the skin acquires youth, its elasticity increases. However, if you seriously intend to improve your appearance, remember that this is not a few exercises, but a whole complex that requires persistence and endurance from you. The number of exercises is about 30. Usually, the first weeks are getting used to performing them under the guidance of a specialist, twice a week you do them yourself without outside intervention. The duration of independent exercise is 10-15 minutes. Include exercise in your daily routine. You can perform them during housework.

Using this method, you are able to correct the most hopeless states, to significantly change genetic defects. Face-to-face facial is similar in effect to Botox injections, but with the only difference that it does not use chemicals that can cause complications and disfigure the face instead of the desired result.

Face facebooking is a gradual return to youth. The technique gives excellent results, has established itself as absolutely safe.

Exercises for nasolabial folds

Let’s talk more specifically how to eliminate excess nasolabial folds. Of course, it is better to do all the exercises from youth, then the exterior will retain its appeal. Time these exercises require little.

Slimming face before and after

  • Fold the lips into a tube and say drawl "yy".
  • Speak loudly and with expression about the vowels A, O, S, U, E, and others.
  • Pull your cheeks to the maximum and hold the air for a few seconds.
  • Open mouth wide, lips should take the form of a circle.
  • With the jaw extended forward, grit your teeth tightly.
  • Pull the cheek inside.
  • Inflate your cheeks one by one.
  • Inflate your cheeks and release the air with short jolts.

All exercises should be repeated 15 times. Do not stop gymnastics, even if your nasolabial folds are in good condition.

We train cheeks

Exercises for the cheeks can be divided into a separate complex.

  • In the morning, start by patting your cheeks and chin with a damp towel twisted into a roller.
  • Imagine that you pronounce the letter O. Press the upper lip to the teeth, fix the index fingers on the upper cheeks in a perpendicular position to the nose, and the big fingers on the outer corners of the eyes. Look up, smiling at the top of the cheeks. The position of the lips do not change. With your thumbs hold the corners of the eyes. This cheek exercise strengthens the upper cheek area.
  • Now proceed to their lower area. We fold our lips on the same principle, but we pull up the corners of the mouth to the lower teeth, as if wrapping them inside. Fingertips make 20 rotational movements in the lower part of the cheeks. We look at the top and strain the lower region of the cheeks. If the exercises are done correctly, then you will feel a little warmth.
  • To strengthen the muscles, we also fold our lips in a way known to us; we must press the upper lip to the teeth. We try to smile, pushing cheeks up 20 times. Extend your last smile, expand the oval of your mouth and imagine that your cheeks rise upwards. At the same time, the arms also move upward, as if pushing them.
  • Exercise for training the sides of the cheeks is that you need to portray the oval mouth, the muscles of the cheeks tightly pressed to the cheekbones. Press your cheeks with your palms and raise your palms to your temples, imagining that your cheeks are moving in the same direction. Exercise your cheeks until you feel muscle pain.
  • Performing exercises for the cheeks, it is important to note that the mandatory final event is relaxation.

Reduce large cheeks

If you are the owner of large cheeks, then their shape can be successfully adjusted:

  • Vigorously turn the neck in different directions 15 times.
  • Lift your head up and try as much as possible to turn it to the left. Stand in this state for about 3 minutes. The same should be done with the right side.
  • Turn your head to the left and up, start moving your lips, imitating chewing food. Relax for 3 minutes and do the same, turning your head to the right.
  • Turn your head to the right, looking up. Lift the lower lip to the upper lip with effort. Fix this state for 3 minutes. Do the same on the left.

We strengthen the oval face

Exercises to tighten the oval face will adjust its contours.

To begin any exercise to tighten the oval face, sit straight. It is necessary to throw back the head, wrap the lower lip by the lower jaw. Mouth portray the oval. The lower jaw should be pushed forward and slightly tightened it up. Remain in this state until the moment you begin to feel pain. Exercises face-lift complement massage and cream.

We train a forehead

Mimic wrinkles form on the forehead of our emotions throughout life. Face-building will help to avoid unpleasant "stripes": exercises for the face. Exercises contribute to their smoothing:

  • We sit down on a hard chair, put a hand on the forehead, higher than the eyebrows. We begin to move the eyebrows, lifting them, then up, then down. The hand impedes these movements.
  • With both index and middle fingers, press down on the nose. Shift eyebrows, portraying discontent. Press down with your fingers.
  • Mentally represent the movement of the ears to the crown. To facilitate the presentation of these sensations, imagine that your glasses slid off your nose, and you try to prevent it by supporting them with your hand.

Eye exercises

The most charming thing that can be in a woman’s face is her eyes. They are said to be the mirror of the soul. Their size and shape are due to the state of the circular muscle. It is she who is responsible for squinting and widening the eyes. It is also necessary to work with this muscle.

  • To create an attractive eye contour, you need to get used to keeping them open wide. It is necessary to fix a similar state for 3 seconds. Then you need to relax.
  • To strengthen the upper eyelid, the following exercise is suggested: we place our index fingers on the bones at the upper corners of the eyes. Skin while stretching should not be. It should only hold. We open and close our eyes, as if overcoming the resistance of your fingers.
  • Put your index fingers on the extreme corner of the eye and begin the pressure of the upper eyelid on the lower eyelid. Feel your muscles. After each pressing, you should relax.
  • Eyes in a closed form, slightly put an index finger and middle finger on the upper eyelid. We make an attempt to raise the eyelids, and the fingers resist.
  • Exercise for the lower eyelid muscles. It removes bags under the eyes. Three fingers are applied to the bone under the eyes, look up and tighten the lower eyelid, closing his eyes.
  • Do the same exercise with your eyes closed, but still look up at the eyes themselves.
  • The same can be done with the head down and eyes closed. The exercise is performed on the same principle as the two above.
  • Exercise to strengthen the lower and upper eyelid. It improves muscle tone. You have to open your mouth, look up and blink very quickly. Do this exercise 3 times a day. Exercise duration 3 minutes.

Conclusion: Facebook Before and After

Regularly performing exercises for the face, women’s testimonies of this, it is possible to achieve quite good results.

But it is necessary to take into account the moment that the type of person, the skin condition of people at the initial stage differ significantly. And if gymnastics brought fast fruit to one person, this does not mean that the same will happen to the other. The experience of women who have decided to fight aging, confirms that it is possible to make their appearance younger by their own efforts without high costs.

I would like to wish everyone success and taut beautiful faces!

Do you play sports? The constant rhetorical question))) I am an amateur or rather a fan of sports and I try to keep myself

Facebook Building – it is not just gymnastics for strengthening low-active facial muscles (more than 50 muscles form 3 main groups – mimic, chewing, neck). A special set of exercises designed to gradually improve the appearance at home. Facebook has a natural lifting effect, helping to tighten the shape of the face, smooth facial wrinkles, remove eye bags and the second chin. Already after 2-3 weeks of regular home exercises for the muscles of the face, pleasant changes in their appearance can be observed: dark circles and bruises around the eyes disappear, the skin color evens out, the puffiness under the eyes disappears.

But for a noticeable rejuvenation, you should intensively engage in face-building for 4-6 months. Many women during this time achieve amazing results and look 10 years younger than their age! The most important thing is to do gymnastics for the muscles of the face for 20-25 minutes a day, carefully studying the technique of performing all the exercises on video lessons that you will find in this material. You can not only get rid of the double chin and tighten the contours of the face, but also to achieve "slimming", make facial features more prominent.

Material Navigation:

☛ at what age it is desirable to engage in face-building.

☛ Secrets of success, it is important to know a beginner in the first place.

☛ what results can be expected by doing facebook building.

Photo: face before and after performing a set of exercises for 5-6 months.

☛ a set of basic exercises for the muscles of the face and neck.

Video: Facebook at home.

– photo: facial muscles


With age, the facial muscles begin to gradually atrophy, and the skin loses its tone. Mimic activity, the process of chewing food does not involve all the facial muscles and therefore there is a need to put additional pressure on all groups with special exercises. It is very desirable to engage in facebooking at least 2-3 times a week, if you find the first signs of skin wilting – noticeable mimic wrinkles appear, the complexion becomes dim, a second chin begins to appear. In some women, these symptoms are observed after 25 years, and after 30 years, not many women can boast of a satisfactory condition of the skin of the face.

After 40-45 years, the blood microcirculation slows down, the muscle tissue does not receive enough oxygen, the activity of the facial muscles decreases. As a result, muscle tone weakens and sagging of the cheeks, the appearance of the second chin and wrinkles are becoming more pronounced. At this age, be engaged in face-building courses (daily for 14 days in a row, then a week break). In addition, nourishing and moisturizing masks, gels for the skin around the eyes, vegetable and essential oils, creams from bags under the eyes must be present in your arsenal of skin care products. It is advisable to use special anti-aging serums, patches for the skin under the eyes 2-3 times a year. It is useful to do a lymphatic drainage facial massage from a specialist at least once every 3 months (or a spoon massage at home). Thus, to extend youth and slow down age-related changes after 40 years, we will use a whole range of anti-aging procedures.


Important: Only the regular execution of face-building exercises (without using the whole complex of anti-aging procedures) helps to significantly improve the appearance of not all women aged 40-45 years.

Choose the right cosmetics for face skin care, use special gels and creams for the skin around the eyes.

Use cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing masks from natural products, use peeling with abrasive particles to exfoliate dead skin particles of the epidermis (coffee scrubs, oatmeal or gommage for delicate skin).

To enhance the lifting effect of face-building, alternate the exercises with facial massage in one course (course – 14 days). But massage (especially lymphatic drainage) is not recommended to be done every day. It is enough to perform these procedures once every 2 days.

Anti-aging course options:

Slimming face before and after

• within 14 days, we do basic (5-7) face-building exercises daily. After a day – honey massage for the face or more active – massage movements with vacuum cans. You can perform these procedures yourself at home by studying the video lessons. Age – after 30-40 years.

• For 14 days we do gymnastics using the technique of Carol Maggio (12-14 exercises). Every two days – Japanese massage zogan (asahi) with lymphatic drainage effect (remove extra intercellular fluid that causes swelling and the appearance of bags under the eyes). And after the full course we take a break (week) and change the asahi to the point massage of shiatsu (stimulate metabolism and microcirculation of blood in the subcutaneous tissues). It is desirable that at least one course be like a specialist in order to master the Japanese massage technique. Age – after 45-50 years.


▪ evens complexion, disappears bruises and swelling under the eyes;

▪ improves the tone of the muscles of the face and skin;

▪ the second chin is reduced, the line of the cheekbones and chin becomes more distinct;

▪ the face contour is tightened, the cheeks gradually become toned and do not look sagging;

▪ nasolabial folds are smoothed;

▪ horizontal wrinkles on the forehead and vertical between the eyebrows are gradually smoothed;

▪ wrinkles disappear around the lips, the contour becomes more distinct, the corners of the lips rise;

▪ mimic wrinkles and ‘crow’s feet’ are smoothed around the eyes.


photo: face before and after regular face-building exercises


These simple exercises for the facial muscles are useful for performing after 30 years at least several times a week. 15-20 minutes before the procedure, make up removal (it is necessary to completely clear the face of cosmetics) and collect the hair with a hairpin, put a mirror in front of you and warm your face, lightly patting the cheeks with your hands.






Put the chin on clenched fists, elbows rest on the table. Open mouth, overcoming resistance. Total – 20 reps.


Raise the head a little, the look is directed upwards. Lower lip as much as possible bulging, strain the muscles of the chin. Counting to 10 relax. Total – 15 reps.


Open mouth, rounding lips in the shape of the letter ‘O’. Tightly press lips to teeth, slightly tightening them inside. We count to five and relax. Total – 20 reps.

After gymnastics for the face, apply a moisturizing, nourishing cream on the face.


Dear friends! If you have already done face-building exercises for the muscles of the face and neck at home, please leave your comments on the results of appearance improvement in the Comments. If you want to place your photos and videos on the site, write us an email: This e- mail address is protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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