Slimming beans reviews

Overweight people are actively beginning to lose extra pounds using various methods. Magic beans – this is one of the most popular tools that many people use for weight loss. Magic beans have a lot of positive feedback, because they are characterized by high efficiency and affordable price.

What are magic beans for weight loss?

Magic beans is the newest tool that effectively fights with excess weight, helps to eliminate toxins and slags from the body, improves skin condition. Diet pills are used at any stage of obesity, they improve metabolic processes, fight fat deposits quickly.

Slimming beans reviews

One package of the drug consists of 36 capsules. Inside there are smaller boxes, each of which has 2 blisters of 9 capsules. The blister itself has a golden hue.

The capsule is like a bean, which is why the product has acquired the name "Magic Beans". The capsules are represented by a porous mustard-colored powder, which contains 500 mg of the active substance. One pack of 36 capsules is designed for one course of weight loss. On average, the amount of weight dropped is up to 20 kg per course.

What is in the beans?

The magic beans contain mineral and vegetable components, which include:

Slimming beans reviews

  • Chitin – animal fiber, which helps cleanse the body of toxins and decomposition products;
  • Garcinia – an element of plant origin. Concerning this component, controversy often arises, because laboratory tests more than once confirm that garcinia does not contribute to weight loss;
  • Sea konvaliya – characterized by choleretic properties, has a positive effect on the work of the cardiovascular system;
  • Cellulose is a plant component that promotes weight loss, saturates during a limited diet, reduces appetite, fights breakdowns;
  • L-carnitine – improves the transportation of fatty acids, increases energy metabolism in the body.

Each component of magic beans for weight loss has a beneficial effect on the body, accelerating the processes of weight loss.

Instructions for use

Before taking the magic beans, you must carefully study the instructions, which allows for correct use to get rid of 20 kg of excess weight. The instruction has the following features:

  • Reception of one capsule should occur 20 minutes before a meal, if 2 capsules are taken – before breakfast and lunch, respectively;
  • Capsules drink only warm water in a volume of 200-220 ml;
  • In the afternoon, it is not recommended to take the remedy, as it promotes wakefulness and will disturb the night’s sleep;
  • During the course of pills, it is worth refusing to take alcohol;
  • The prescribed dosage of 1-2 tablets per day is strictly forbidden to exceed, an increased dose will only lead to side effects.

This instruction will allow you to properly take a course of capsules "Magic beans", to achieve rapid weight loss without visible harm to the body. Any violations in the instructions may entail various consequences.


Chinese beans in tablets is strictly not recommended to take in the presence of contraindications:

  • Pregnant women;
  • At the age of 65;
  • Children under 18;
  • Breastfeeding period;
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Diseases of the urinary system;
  • Heart Disease.

The action of the magic beans will be negative for the body, so its reception should be completely abandoned. There are other ways to lose weight, which in the above conditions and diseases will be safer.

Where to buy and how much are magic beans?

You can buy Magic Bean pills in the online store or from distributors, because such drugs are not sold in a regular pharmacy. The average cost of goods varies in the region of 1200-2500 rubles, depending on the place where the purchase will be made. About the intricacies of choosing the original product, see the video:

Real user reviews

Reviews of those who have lost weight about the Magic Beans tool confirm that they are really effective and give the desired results upon completion of the course. The main thing is to be able to distinguish the original from the fake, choose a quality product that will positively affect the body’s work. Bean-Slimming Reviews are as follows:

I have had extra weight for a long time, I didn’t know how to deal with it. Each month adds 2-4 kg, and urgently needs to do something about it. I decided to try "Magic Beans", I found a distributor who helped me with the delivery of goods. During the course of taking the drug, I dropped 8 kg, everyone’s body is different, so I didn’t even dream about 20 kg, I understand that the manufacturers exaggerate a little. In general, the result is satisfied in full, there are no complaints about the state of health, although there were periodic discomfort.

I decided not to try “Magic Beans” right away, at first I read a lot of reviews myself, which showed that if used correctly, there is a result. As a result, losing weight happened quickly, and noticed a result in the second week. I drank the entire course of 36 tablets, lost 11 kg. Now my weight is 85 kg, and I think I will continue to fight with him. Drinking pills is dangerous further, so I will give preference to diets that normalize my weight, improve metabolic processes. But to the magic bean will be back in a year.

Valentine, 42 years old

I managed to lose 10 kg using the Magic Beans drug. I am very pleased with the result, as I could not imagine that at my age you can lose weight quickly, as in 25 years. While taking the pills, there was sometimes discomfort in the stomach, but tried not to pay attention to it, had already waited for the end of the course. There was no disruption, the drug approached me in full. I will not recommend to anyone, I just silently rejoice that for me the drug turned out to be very useful and efficient.

Svetlana, 35 years old

There was 15 kg of excess weight, there was no desire to dump them with diet or sports, because the process is rather complicated and lengthy. I found “Magic Beans” in the online store and decided to give them preference, since the reviews showed that it really works. For the course took 12 kg, and the remaining 3 kg is almost invisible. It remains only to tighten the skin, do fitness and always be in shape. I decided for myself that I will not return to such messy and dirty food anymore.

When I first read about the Magic Beans tool, I had doubts that this tool worked so effectively. I started to look at the reviews, even got acquainted with one girl who told her story. I think she did not lie for anything. She decided to try the pills herself, remained fully satisfied with the result. Overweight is gone, the condition has improved, I feel much better. I like this way of losing weight, in which you do not need to close your mouth for a whole month and only eat vegetables and greens. Such a weight loss is definitely not for me.

If desired, she was ready to lose weight on various experiments with her health. The drug "Magic Beans" seemed to me completely safe, besides, it has a lot of feedback. Everything is satisfied, so I decided to try. For the course of reception took

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