Paleo Diet Menu

Human health for various reasons may deteriorate. Paleo-diet will help bring it back to normal. It implies the rejection of junk food, the inclusion in the diet of only healthy foods.

Following this diet, it will be possible to prevent various diseases, improve the human condition and throw off a few extra pounds. The diet will benefit the whole body.

For which diseases is assigned: autoimmune protocol (AIP)

Nutrition is prescribed for all autoimmune diseases. Their list is quite extensive.

Paleo Diet Menu

The list of the most common autoimmune pathologies for which this diet is prescribed:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis.

Nonspecific ulcerative colitis.

Chronic active hepatitis.

Paleo Diet Menu

These diseases damage cells and tissues of organs, causing damage to the immune system. If the body does not help at this moment, the development of the disease will continue, and the person’s well-being will seriously deteriorate. Proper nutrition, on the contrary, will help restore, stop the development of pathology.

The disease will stop developing, the optimal level of nutrients in the body will be restored.

Basic principles

Before you start following this diet, you should familiarize yourself with its principles:

  • The basis of nutrition are vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.

It is necessary to consume only natural food without sweeteners and food additives.

Significantly improved immune system due to the consumption of berries. They must be included in the menu.

It is recommended to consume vegetable protein, which is contained in hazelnuts and almonds.

  • White sugar at the time of the diet – is prohibited. It is replaced with honey or coconut sugar.
  • Food is prepared in the process of baking, boiling or steaming. Fried food will adversely affect the health, aggravate the patient’s condition.

    Daily caloric intake is 2200-2400 kcal, weight –

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